Vase cannon fodder is pampered by the group again

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Chapter 9.2 “Bai Ziwei can disappear”

Lu Xiao swept a seemingly casual glance at his left hand which was wrapped in a large amount of white gauze and resting on his knee under the table. “Xiao Ci, let me see your injured hand.”

Shen Ci stretched his hand obediently without understanding why, but Lu Xiao didn’t touch it. He just looked at it for a long while with a somewhat darkened gaze.

The injury had been wrapped in seven or eight layers of gauze until it had become a ball. Shen Ci completely didn’t know was good looking about it.

“Does it still hurt?” Lu Xiao suddenly asked.

Shen Ci nodded, “Of course it hurts, but the nurse said it was treated in time and should be fine in about two weeks.”

Lu Xiao responded, “Just rest well at home for these two weeks. I’ve informed the company to give you a leave and any work that can be postponed will be postponed.”

Shen Ci breathed a sigh of relief, “That’s good. I was worried about how to handle some important work.”

Lu Xiao continued, “If you’re still angry, Bai Ziwei can disappear.”

Shen Ci: “…..”

What did he just hear? Did Lu Xiao just say something extremely terrifying in the tone of ‘what’s for dinner tonight’?

He quickly waved his hands, “No, no, no, no, definitely no!”

Sure enough, his small cannon fodder acts were incomparable to the moves of a true villainous boss. Feeling numb, his brain run quickly, “Little uncle, my small injury isn’t worth that much of a fuss right?”

Lu Xiao’s face was light, “To eliminate future problems.”

Shen Ci: “….”

Shen Ci racked his brain and even wanted to tell Lu Xiao the truth that ‘this world is a novel’, but on second thought, if Lu Xiao knew that his mission was to be a villainous boss, he might really become more aggressive in a rightly way….

It was too difficult. Shen Ci didn’t know how to convince Lu Xiao not to confront the protagonist’s halo, so he could only start making a fuss on the spot, “I don’t care! Anyway you’re not allowed to touch Bai Ziwei! I’ll just accept my bad luck, okay?”

Even if he was seen as a white lotus, Shen Ci was determined. Not provoking the male lead was the most important thing.

Lu Xiao remained silent, his eyes dark. Shen Ci screamed inside. He hasn’t already done something right?


Unexpectedly, Lu Xiao agreed straightforwardly.

Shen Ci trusted that Lu Xiao would not break his promise and would keep his word, so he was slightly relieved.

The next day, Shen Ci was forced to rest at home. He wasn’t allowed to work or go out and the family’s bodyguards were stationed at every exit of the house.

After just one day, Shen Ci had developed a form of PTSD from the home rest and was completely broken.

Stuck at home with nothing to do but watch TV and play games, and with everyone in the house busy with their own affairs, Shen Ci walked around the house aimlessly in his boredom. He had walked so much that several patches of the lawn were trampled bare.

Then tired of collecting his parents’ hair and having nothing to do, he finally ended grabbing work from the aunties in the house.

After the aunties complained to Mother Shen, he was finally released and allowed to leave the house before the end of the two weeks!

Feeling liberated, Shen Ci was overjoyed and immediately dashed to his childhood friend’s house with the little bottle containing the hair he had collected.

“Oh my God! I’m amazed by this technique! Give brother a cappuccino.”

“Hahahaha, I’m gonna die laughing, Shuo Ge is so good at skateboarding but so bad at gaming!”

“Ge, why don’t you try playing with your hands instead of your feet!”

“I’m just here to see Shuo Ge’s handsome face collapse hahahahaha…”

On Qinggua Live Streaming platform, the number one room on the hourly chart was filled with laughter and banter, comments flying across the screen like snowflakes, almost obscuring the live stream.

But it didn’t matter, most people were there for the small box on the lower right corner showing the live action of the anchor.

The anchor was a handsome young man with delicate eyebrows and eyes, his sun-kissed skin giving him a wild charm. His expression was serious and fierce, as if he had been messed with by some website’s shoddy products section.

Wei Shuo, whose fingers were pressing the keyboard feverishly watched as the word ‘fail’ gradually appeared on the screen. He slapped the keyboard in frustration, “Stupid game, it’s not fun at all!”

Pop ups immediately started flooding in wildly: “Don’t hit the keyboard” “Stop playing and just chat, sing, or dance” “Ge, don’t curse the game, curse me instead”…

Wei Shuo took a sip of water and leaned back in his computer chair, satisfied with the lively atmosphere in the live room. He was just about to chat and mock his fans to relax, when his phone that was upside down started buzzing.

Annoyed, he muttered, “Who dares to disturb me?”

Without even looking at the caller ID, he picked up the phone with an arrogant expression, “Hello?”

“Shuo Shuo, I’m at your door! Open up.”

Wei Shuo’s face looked as if he had seen a ghost. He looked at the caller ID on his phone, his eyes nearly popping out.


He had only managed to say one word before the call was ended. Wei Shuo held his phone with a dazed expression.

The pop ups had long since blown up because of the call he had just received, everyone guessing who the caller was.

“Seems like Shuo Ge got scared, has his girlfriend come to check on him?”

“Nonsense, Shuo Ge is my husband! It must be a call from my mother-in-law!”

“He’s flustered, he’s flustered… Husband, say something!”

Wei Shuo looked at the rapid stream of pop ups, his tone a bit anxious, “You guys shouldn’t talk nonsense! We’ll chat next time, the little ancestor is already waiting outside my door!”

The pop ups became even crazier, so he simply turned off the live stream, pulled off his headset, and hurriedly went downstairs to open the door.

Even after opening the door and meeting the visitor, Wei Shuo was still confused.

Why did Shen Ci, who had a big fight with him a month ago and had been giving him the cold shoulder ever since, suddenly show up in high spirits?

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