Vase cannon fodder is pampered by the group again

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Chapter 14.1 The movie emperor has also entered the live stream room

“Bai Ziwei, when did you become like this? The company is really disappointed in you!”

“Never mind disregarding the company’s interests, you’re even giving up on your own career? Why did you just vanish at that crucial moment?”

“If you keep acting like this, Yunxiao really can’t accommodate you anymore!”

Bai Ziwei shook off the unpleasant memories of being scolded by his agent, Sister Qing and stared at the gradually decreasing number of viewers in the live stream room, deep in thought.

Shen Ci had taken a break from work because of injuries, rejecting all offers for a week while he had no opportunities left at all- the TV drama auditions that were arranged for him a while ago had all been inexplicably cancelled.

In the original novel, the protagonist at this point had a plethora of opportunities to choose from, but now, he not only had no opportunities, he also had many stains on his reputation.

Staying at home, he had noticed Shen Ci’s live stream plans and was considering competing with him.

Shen Ci was merely a vase, so he predicted he wouldn’t say anything good during the live stream. He was certain he would beat Shen Ci in terms of popularity.

“Of course my skin is great. You guys are pulling all-nighters all the time, so your skin can’t compare with mine that’s well-taken care of, haha…”

“You’re asking for skincare product recommendations? Although genes are most important, this serum really helped me a lot. Everyone, go buy it!”

Boasting, Bai Ziwei poked his cheek in front of the camera to demonstrate the smoothness and elasticity of his skin, took the opportunity to promote the product he previously endorsed and sat back waiting for praises.

“Your beauty filter is way too high, your face is all blurred out, it’s like a snake’s face, can’t even see how good your skin is…”

“I’ve been fooled. Honestly, it seems like this product is only good for hydrating?”

“Watching a live stream to relax, but got dissed for having bad skin, is this how you sell products as a streamer? Bye!”

“Girls, let’s go watch Shen Ci and Wei Shuo’s live stream next door! They’re both handsome and fun!”

Bai Ziwei: “…”

Shen Ci, Shen Ci, Shen Ci again!

Thinking of him, Bai Ziwei felt a tightness in his chest.

How could this minor character be even more malicious than in the original novel! The plot had inexplicably changed time and time again. As the protagonist, he was constantly suppressed and bullied by this villainous extra, which was unbearably frustrating for Bai Ziwei.

In this situation, he couldn’t compromise any more. He had to fight back! He had to nip this malicious pain in the bud.

What was so good about the original character’s saintly and innocent personality? He couldn’t stand being bullied every day, especially now.

With the protagonist’s halo on him, why not just take everything that was rightfully his and reduce the frustration?

Besides, now almost all characters from the original work had become quite hostile, none of them treating him kindly.

So Bai Ziwei quickly came to terms with his situation- wasn’t this essentially like switching to a script of counterattack and revenge? He was fully capable of building his career and snatching his lover by his own efforts!

Today, he had tried live streaming. Initially, quite a few people came to watch because of his popularity and good looks and after an afternoon of hard work, the heat finally began to slowly climb to the top.

But as soon as Shen Ci started his live stream, he was knocked off the top spot!

Infuriated, he racked his brain for ways to regain his popularity.

The way Shen Ci and Wei Shuo were dissing each other was like a stand-up comedy show, the pop up screen comments filled with one “hahaha” after another.

Time flew by as they joked around and soon they reached their destination.

“Handsome boys and pretty girls, I’m going to end the live stream here. I’ll join Shen Xiao Ci’s live stream in a while. Bye!”

Wei Shuo winked at the camera, turned off his live stream, and immediately opened the car door, heading to where Shen Ci’s car was parked.

“Knock knock knock!”

Shen Ci jumped, then laughed when he saw Wei Shuo knocking on the car window: “You got here really fast.”

Putting on his sunglasses and hat, he got out of the car and positioned his phone camera on a selfie stick to include both of them in the live stream.

It was now seven in the evening. Although it was getting dark, the lights at the entrance of the amusement park were bright, making the video clear.

The number of viewers in the live stream kept increasing, with a large number of Wei Shuo’s fans pouring in.

Draping his arm around Shen Ci’s shoulder, Wei Shuo started greeting the audience in Shen Ci’s live stream: “Good evening, everyone! If you’re tired of watching Ci Bao’er, come and see me. My live stream room is always open for you!”

Shen Ci pinched Wei Shuo’s waist: “You’re stealing fans openly!”

Wei Shuo’s live stream assistant swiftly took over the phone, freeing up Shen Ci’s hand to play around with Wei Shuo, but Wei Shuo captured him and tickled him until Shen Ci was gasping for breath and begging for mercy.

“Big brother, I was wrong, I was wrong! Haha, stop it..”

“Hmph, if I don’t teach you a lesson, you’ll be out of control!”

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