Vase cannon fodder is pampered by the group again

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Chapter 31.2

Editor: Jodi

It was still early when Shen Ci arrived. The company’s employees had just finished clocking in and weren’t particularly busy yet, and having been in the headlines for family issues these past days, most of them recognized Shen Ci as soon as they saw him. This was the youngest son of the boss.

The employees exchanged glances, surprised to see that he had actually come to the office.

After seeing the news a few days ago, they all thought that the boss’s family was just acting out of a momentary anger in their decision. Unexpectedly they actually rejected their biological son and chose Shen Ci as the heir.

Shen Ci was wearing a suit that had been sent to him by his brother, tailored perfectly, making the little young master look even more refined and aristocratic.

And as he passed by, he smiled warmly at everyone, making all the employees who had become used to Father Shen and Shen Bie’s daily scolding and roaring feel flattered by this treatment.

This….. how did he look like a vice president, he was more like a mascot!

The moment Shen Ci was out of their sight, the employees started to slack off.

“Does this confirm it then? How much must the boss like Shen Ci to disown his own son?”

“Didn’t you see the posts by those celebrities online? It was full of details. That Bai Ziwei is really bad, vain, selfish and malicious. If it were me, I wouldn’t dare keep such a son at home either. Who knows what else he would be plotting?”

“The Little Young Master looks so soft and easy to bully. How could Bai Ziwei bear to hurt him!”

“The experience of having my idol as my boss is so strange! Can I still call him ‘cub’ in the future, woo woo….”


Pushing open the door of the CEO’s office, Shen Ci finally breathed a sigh of relief.

Then flopped unceremoniously onto the sofa. Father Shen, who was busy with documents couldn’t help but laugh: “Just this and you’re tired? How about you come and try getting involved in the actual work?”

Shen Ci shook his head hurriedly: “Please no! Dad, spare me…”

Just showing his face to the employees and his face had almost become stiff from laughing. If he still had to accept their surprised or inquisitive looks….. this was far more exhausting than acting or filming commercials!

Smiling helplessly, Father Shen shook his head, not forcing him.

Since Shen Ci didn’t like it, then that was that. After all….. he had another son whom he could squeeze and exploit freely.

Shen Bie who was driving on the road suddenly felt a chill run down his spine.

He kept on feeling that he was about to be unlucky again.

The rain grew heavier, and winter rain always seemed particularly chilling.

Shao Jinhuan stepped out with a black umbrella, casually pressing his car remote. The unassuming black car parked outside the villa flashed its lights and unlocked with a “beep”.

He was holding a paper bag, protecting it carefully from the rain as he walked towards the car under the umbrella.

It was a scarf he had taken a long time to knit. The thought of personally wrapping Xiao Ci in something warm that he made caused a slightly gentle smile to appear on his lips.

Then lifting his head unconsciously, he saw a figure in white that was drenched and without an umbrella, standing near the rear of the car.

It was Bai Ziwei.

He was dressed thinly, his hair soaked completely, seeming to be shivering, looking pitiful.

Bai Ziwei raised his head, and it wasn’t known whether it was tears or rain on his face.

“Shao Ge…” Bai Ziwei’s voice was scattered by the sound of the pouring rain, and so Shao Jinhuan could only see his mouth moving.

He stepped closer then heard Bai Ziwei’s disjointed words: “…I don’t dare go home, there are so many people waiting outside my door.”

“And lawyers are calling me, I’m, I’m really scared…”

“Please, Shao Ge, I’m begging you, can you help me? You’re all I have left.”

He wailed: “I promise I’ll go far away and never come back to bother you, please…”

Watching the junior he had once admired and cared for, Shao Jinhuan’s brows furrowed.

Bai Ziwei had changed too much. He was once kind and gentle, so how could he harm Shen Ci now without the expression on his face changing and then frame others?

Was it because he found out that he was the real heir of the Shen family?

By now, Shao Jinhuan couldn’t trust him anymore. Any vague affection he might have had was long gone.

Shao Jinhuan sighed: “I can’t forgive you on behalf of Xiao Ci.”

He opened the car door, placed the paper bag in the passenger seat and set the open umbrella on the ground gently, leaving it for him.

“This is all I can give you.”

Then he got into the car and drove away, leaving no trace behind.

Bai Ziwei fell to his knees with a thud. Even the main protagonist gong of the original story had turned against him decisively. He was completely without any way now.

Hugging the umbrella, he wept silently.

Shen Ci couldn’t stay at the company for long because Wei Shuo was waiting for him. But the result? He had been thinking too much. Wei Shuo was enjoying himself thoroughly as he played games in the lounge and even he got roped into playing several rounds with him.

Finally, Wei Shuo let him go magnanimously, escorting him cheerfully to the underground parking lot.

“If there’s nothing wrong with you then hurry up and get discharged from the hospital soon so I can take you out in a couple of days to play, to make up for your birthday!”

Shen Ci smiled, “Okay!”


Before they could find Wei Shuo’s car, Shen Ci heard a car horn, and turning towards the sound, he saw Shen Bie getting out of his car, smiling at them casually: “Wei Shuo, you can go back. I’ll take this little ancestor home myself.”

Shen Ci was stunned.

Then immediately afterwards, the door of the car next to Shen Bie’s opened and Shao Jinhuan came out, looking at Shen Ci silently, his intentions clear without words.

Shen Ci was confused, feeling that there was something wrong. The car next to Shao Jinhuan’s looked familiar…

Then as if to confirm his suspicion, the window of a black luxury car rolled down, revealing Lu Xiao’s handsome face with deep eyebrows and eyes, a gentle smile at the corners of his lips, “Xiao Ci, get in the car.”

All three men were aware of each other’s presence, yet none of them paid attention to the other. Instead, they all stared at Shen Ci.

The atmosphere suddenly became tense, as if they were waiting for Shen Ci to make a choice.

Shen Ci: “…”

All he just wanted to do now was to turn around and go back to the company.

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