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Chapter 17.2 Shock! Another big guy is a fan

Yang Ning enthusiastically made coffee for Shen Ci, “I was just pushed out by my manager earlier. I was about to come to the studio when I ran into you! I’m so lucky!”

“You look even better in person than in the pictures! Even cuter oh! I’m dying!”

“Let me tell you…”

Shen Ci interrupted him, “Ning Ge, if I may ask, were you kicked out by your manager because you talk too much?”

Yang Ning looked surprised, then his expression changed to one of being moved, “How did you know! Sure enough, no one understands me better than you! I’ll definitely write a song for you in the future!”

Shen Ci: “…”

Thank you, but there’s no need.

After being bombarded by words for a while, Shen Ci finally managed to quieten down this talkative singer.

Yang Ning thought this meeting was very precious and wanted to take a picture with Shen Ci and post it on Weibo. Of course, Shen Ci had no reason to refuse.

But as the word “sure” was about to leave his lips, Shen Ci swallowed it back.

Shen Ci smiled, “Of course, but on one condition.”

Yang Ning slapped his chest, “Say it!”

Shen Ci pulled out the program materials for his end of year stage performance and pointed to the name of the song, “Ning Ge, can you teach me how to sing this?”

Shen Ci’s singing level was passable when he was humming to himself in the shower. But if he were to really get on stage, he felt that it might be a car crash scene from start to finish.

Seeking instruction from a professional singer was the best course of action.

Yang Ning couldn’t believe it, “That’s it? Just this?”

Shen Ci nodded and Yang Ning immediately waved his hand, “I guarantee I’ll teach you to the standard of a million-dollar vocal coach!”

His talent was remarkable, always winning all kinds of music awards at the end of the year. So since he had made such a promise, Shen Ci was no longer worried.

After reaching an agreement, Yang Ning took a picture with him happily and posted it on Weibo, spending half an hour just editing the caption.

He happily posted it, then picked up his guitar and said to Shen Ci, “Hehe, since I’m going to teach, I have to see what your level is first.”

“Come on, pick a song! I’ll play, you sing.”

Shen Ci was a bit at a loss and took out his phone to browse his playlist. After searching for a while, his hand accidentally selected a song.

“Trying hard not to fall. On the way home……”

Yang Ning laughed and clapped his hands, “‘Wild’? As expected of you, choosing such a difficult song right off the bat. Sing, sing!”

Shen Ci: “Eh, no…”

Yang Ning had already started the intro and Shen Ci, caught in a predicament, had no choice but to start singing.

Transitioning between chest and head voice based on instinct, some of the English words in the original song were already muddled together. Shen Ci managed to stutter through half of the song.

Yang Ning’s fingers, which had been flying over the guitar strings, slowly stopped. He plucked a few more notes casually, then looked at Shen Ci with a smile, “I think I have a good idea now.”

Shen Ci also laughed along, “Right? My skills are really average. Now you know why I came to you for help, right?”

Yang Ning shook his head mysteriously, his starry eyes igniting again, “It turns out that as long as you look good, even the songs you sing can be auto-tuned by your good looks, making them sound even better!”

Shen Ci: “…”

Alright, maybe this is what the world of fans of good looks is like.

Yang Ning pulled out his own phone, paused a recording that had been opened unknowingly, and saved it, “That part just now, I have to set it as my ringtone! Paired with my accompaniment, it’s simply unbeatably perfect!”

Shen Ci: “???”

Shen Ci quickly tried to grab the phone, but Yang Ning laughed and stood up hurriedly, holding his hand high above where Shen Ci couldn’t reach.

By accident, Yang Ning pressed play and Shen Ci, being publicly executed, instantly panicked and tried to reach for it.

But as he listened…. it seemed quite nice?

Seeing Shen Ci’s expression relax gradually, Yang Ning said, “How could I lie to you? It really does sound pretty good. Your voice quality is not bad, your pitch is okay too and the occasional off-key notes don’t really hurt.”

“With this kind of basic skill, it will be too easy for me to teach you.”

Shen Ci was a little embarrassed as this was the first time someone had complimented his singing.

Suddenly, he remembered something and asked, “Can you send me a copy of this recording?”

Yang Ning couldn’t be happier, “Of course! Come, add me on WeChat first!”

The transfer of the recording was very fast. After Shen Ci received it, he forwarded it to Lu Xiao quietly.

Lu Xiao’s profile picture was very old-fashioned, showing a lone and tiny traveler standing atop towering snowy mountains.

This might be the first time Lu Xiao has heard him sing like this, right? He wasn’t sure what his reaction would be.

But regardless of whether it was good or bad, as long as Lu Xiao could smile because of this, at least it would help him relax a bit.

Shen Ci stared at the screen nervously and expectantly for a long time before it suddenly came to him that Lu Xiao was busy at work and would definitely not be glued to his phone ready to reply at any time.

How silly of him.

Just as Shen Ci was about to lock his phone screen, he heard a vibration indicating a new WeChat message.

His lips curved upwards subconsciously and excited, he unlocked his phone to see the message from Lu Xiao.

It was an emoji from the system’s built-in expressions.

Lu Xiao: [Smile]

Shen Ci: “….”

Looking at the little yellow face on the screen with its eyes downcast and smiling with an MMP face, Shen Ci wondered for a moment if Lu Xiao was expressing his happiness in a way common to the internet or subtly using profanity.

However, he had to admit that the little emoticon’s smile was quite similar to Lu Xiao’s usual one.

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