Vase cannon fodder is pampered by the group again

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Chapter 19.2 Being laid-back: the beautiful quality of a cannon fodder

The dance teacher went over to teach Shen Ci individually and Shen Ci quickly focused and followed along. However after a bout of hard practice, his performance was still barely satisfactory.

Bai Ziwei’s mocking gaze was like a real object poking at Shen Ci’s back, like a thorn in his flesh.

Shen Ci’s talent in dance wasn’t comparable to his singing, and practicing was very challenging. The dance teacher taught Shen Ci patiently with encouraging eyes and several of the other artists often came over to correct his movements, supporting their teammate wholeheartedly.

However, all these made Shen Ci feel even more pressure, as he kept on feeling like he was really dragging everyone down.

In the end, Coward Shen chose to withdraw from the program while the positions weren’t yet arranged.

Hearing this, the dance teacher just sighed and didn’t force him, letting Shen Ci go directly to discuss with the company.

He bowed politely to the teacher and everyone in the practice room then pushed the door and left.

Bai Ziwei couldn’t help but laugh, “Finally, he has scrammed. Wouldn’t it have been better if he had done this earlier?”

Everyone’s gaze turned to Bai Ziwei all at once, their faces full of indignation, as if the words “why didn’t you leave instead” was written on their faces.

Bai Ziwei: “…”

Fine, he was targeted again.

Anyway, it was all Shen Ci’s fault!

As soon as Shen Ci left the practice room, he immediately felt relaxed and the pressure of dragging everyone down and the threat of the protagonist’s aura all vanished.

Hai, wasn’t it just an end of year stage performance? Although he felt a bit regretful, it didn’t matter if he didn’t have it, he would make up for it by working hard on other tasks.

If he continued to stay around the protagonist and annoy him, who knows what kind of disaster the protagonist’s aura would cause him.

Shen Ci didn’t want to be “accidentally” injured by Bai Ziwei again, so it was wiser to leave directly.

Being laid-back, that was the beautiful quality that a cannon fodder should have in order to survive!

He didn’t know who came up with the divine idea of putting the two of them in the same show.

At this moment, Zhang Ge who was sitting in the office making a phone call, sneezed heavily.

It was already five in the afternoon, so Shen Ci planned to tell Zhang Ge and then go home, but he ran into an acquaintance.

“Hey, it’s Xiao Ci. Have you finished practicing your dance?”

Yang Ning asked in surprise. He had just finished singing practice and was walking by with his guitar.

Shen Ci: “I don’t want to perform in that show anymore. Dancing is a bit difficult, I’m just a vase, I can’t learn it.”

He said it very openly, almost like he was saying proudly, “I’m useless”.

Yang Ning, this face-lover with no principles immediately gave Shen Ci a thumbs-up: “As expected of my idol, you have a very clear self-awareness!”

He was a face fan, not a career fan.

“But, you’re not a pure vase now.” Yang Ning smiled mysteriously.

Shen Ci thought he was going to brag about his looks again, so he stopped him quickly: “Stop, stop, don’t.”

“You have a talent for singing. Are you interested in singing with me at the end of year stage? I’m currently lacking a singing partner.”

Shen Ci was surprised: “Huh? Didn’t you say before that you look down on everyone in the company who can sing, so you plan to sing and act by yourself?”

Yang Ning: “Ah, did I? I forgot. Ai, anyway, I don’t remember, why are you still holding on to it, haha….”

Shen Ci: “…”

The proposal to move Shen Ci to Yang Ning’s show was quickly approved.

Zhang Ge was even unusually excited, saying that Shen Ci had grown up and was able to find resources on his own. The fact that Yang Ning, a professional singer with such a big status, was willing to lower himself to collaborate with Shen Ci, a mere vase, was something he had never even thought of before.

Shen Ci: … If I told you that the resources came to me on their own, would you believe me?

It was only later, when Yang Ning introduced the song they were going to perform that Shen Ci found out he had changed the song.

The song they were now going to perform was also an original by Yang Ning, but it was more suitable for a duet.

It was obvious that Yang Ning had revised the song after he had voluntarily taken in refugee Shen Ci. Although Shen Ci didn’t say anything, he was touched in his heart.

This new friend of his was really very supportive.

Shen Ci resumed his daily life of practicing singing seriously with Yang Ning and because he spent a lot of time interacting and communicating with Yang Ning, Shen Ci had a deeper understanding of his new song. Even Xia Qing Qing actually came to ask him for his thoughts on the song.

All of this made the shooting of the MV exceptionally smooth, and it was finished in just one afternoon. The set was full of joy and harmony.

A busy month passed and finally, the day of the annual stage performance arrived.

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