Vase cannon fodder is pampered by the group again

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Chapter 4.1 Whenever he was with his big brother, Shen Ci became completely lazy.

Shen Ci thought for a long time, but he really couldn’t imagine what Lu Xiao, such a strong and calm man, would look like when he lost his rationality due to desire.

The aphrodisiac was so potent that it could make Shen Ci feel weak, yet little uncle managed to come to his rescue and even muster up the energy to help Shen Ci. Shen Ci really wanted to give Lu Xiao a “Best Little Uncle” award.

Lying in bed with all sorts of thoughts, sleepiness gradually took over and Shen Ci eventually drifted back to sleep.

His sleep was restless, as he dreamt of being relentlessly pursued by a giant brown bear, only to be snatched away by a tiger and thrown into its den. The tiger circled around Shen Ci, licking his face excitedly several times, scaring him to tears and leaving him unable to move.

The tiger dragged out a large iron pot, boiling water and adding firewood, and began to smash rocks against the pot’s edge with a “bang, bang, bang” sound.

Shen Ci grew even more frightened, huddling in a corner and crying loudly.

The “bang, bang, bang” sound grew louder, and finally, Shen Ci broke down and screamed. He sat up from the bed like a carp flipping in the air, only to realize belatedly that someone was pounding on the door.

He buried his face in the bedding, rubbed away his tears and shuffled to the entrance wearing his slippers. After peering through the peephole for a while, he finally let out a sigh of relief, opened the door and flung himself out.

“Big brother!”

The visitor stumbled as he was pounced on, but managed to steady Shen Ci, then roared, “Shen Ci, you little rascal! I’ve been knocking on the door for so long and you didn’t answer! And you still have the nerve to call me big brother!”

Shen Ci grinned, “I was sleeping! Big brother, come in quickly.”

“What time is it already? You’re so lazy it’s unbelievable.”

Everyone in the Shen family doted on their youngest, Shen Ci. Although his big brother, Shen Bie, had a fiery temper, Shen Ci knew that he had a heart of gold and treated him extremely well.

Shen Bie frowned and hoisted Shen Ci onto his shoulder in one swift motion.

He snorted, “You’re lighter again. You must not have been eating properly!”

Shen Ci pouted, “I lost weight because I’ve been working hard, you know. You should praise me.”

Shen Bie tossed Shen Ci onto the sofa bed and placed the two large bags he was carrying on the coffee table.

Shen Ci’s eyes lit up as he rummaged through the plastic bags, “You brought me more delicious food! Big brother, you’re too kind!”

“Wearing so little, are you trying to catch a cold?” Shen Bie glared at him before heading to the bedroom to fetch a fluffy coat for Shen Ci.

“It was really warm in the quilt just now.”

Shen Ci lounged on the sofa, munching on the potato chips he had just opened while enjoying his big brother’s motherly care.

When the two brothers had gone to study in the M country, Shen Bie had always looked after his younger brother. As a result, whenever he was with his big brother, Shen Ci became completely lazy.

As Shen Bie buttoned up the coat for him, he casually said, “If being an idol is too tiring, just come home, alright? You can just be a good-for-nothing.”

Shen Ci looked up at his big brother. After learning the truth and observing him closely, he realized that they didn’t really look alike.

Shen Bie, the legitimate heir of the Shen family and the future inheritor of the family business, resembled their mother more. Both his appearance and demeanor were elegant and noble.

After all, they were the ones with the real blood connection.

Compared to his big brother, Shen Ci knew he was just a nobody who never thought about fighting for the family fortune.

When they were in the M country, Shen Bie finished his master’s degree and Shen Ci completed his undergraduate studies, so they both returned home together.

As expected, Shen Bie joined the Shen Group’s headquarters to learn and grow, while Shao Jinhuan was already making a name for himself in the entertainment industry. Shen Ci used that as an excuse to enter the industry and become a vase idol.

He claimed to be chasing after Shao Jinhuan, but in reality, he was just bored and looking for something to do.

“Big brother, you’re so good-looking, you’d definitely do better in the entertainment industry than me!” Shen Ci flattered him.

Shen Bie smacked him on the head, “Don’t change the subject; I’m talking about something serious.”

Shen Ci had no choice but to admit, “Big brother, you know I’m not good at anything. I can only act cute on TV to earn some pocket money.”

Moreover, he wasn’t a real member of the Shen family, and his identity would eventually be replaced by Bai Ziwei.

He worked hard to build his entertainment career so that he wouldn’t starve when he was kicked out of the family.

“The money you make from filming for a month, I can earn back with just a small project.” Shen Bie said with a smile in his voice.

Shen Ci cried out in despair, “Big brother! Do you have to crush me like that?”

Shen Bie laughed heartily, ruffling his beloved little brother’s messy hair, “I just wanted to tell you that you don’t have to work so hard. If it comes to it, I can support you for the rest of your life, earning money for you to squander.”

Shen Ci froze and his nose suddenly felt a little sour.

The one who should have received Shen Bie’s promise should have been the real young master of the Shen family—Bai Ziwei.

Shen Ci forced a smile, “I don’t want to be a burden to you! Brother, I quite like being in the entertainment industry, so please let me fulfill this little wish.”

Shen Bie stared at him and suddenly asked, “Is it because of that brat Shao Jinhuan?”

Shen Ci was eating potato chips and almost choked upon hearing this. He quickly took a sip of water to calm himself down.

He had forgotten that when he eagerly followed Shao Jinhuan into the entertainment industry, the one who reacted most strongly was Shen Bie. Shen Bie was so angry that he went straight to Shao Jinhuan’s house to pick a fight with him. If it wasn’t for Shen Ci holding him back and begging him, Shen Bie might have beaten Shao Jinhuan into the hospital, and ended up in the emergency room himself.

After all, Shao Jinhuan didn’t need a stunt double for his fight scenes, and he had learned his combat skills from professional Muay Thai fighters.

Thinking back to the painful past, Shen Ci hurriedly hugged his big brother and tried to appease him, “How could that be? Brother, haven’t you noticed how much I’ve changed? I don’t like him anymore!”

Shen Bie clearly didn’t believe him, and he peeled Shen Ci off of him, looking him up and down suspiciously, “You have indeed changed a bit, but who knows if you’re not lying——”


The vibration of a cell phone interrupted Shen Bie’s questioning, and Shen Ci, feeling relieved, frantically searched through the pile of snacks on the table to find his phone.

“It’s my manager, Brother Zhang.” Shen Ci showed his big brother the phone screen.

Shen Ci slid to answer the call, “Hello, Brother Zhang, what’s up?”

“Xiao Ci, are you free right now? Come to the Affiliated Third Hospital.”

Shen Ci was stunned, “What? Affiliated Third Hospital?”

Brother Zhang seemed to sigh on the other end of the phone, “Bai Ziwei had a car accident and is still unconscious.”

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