Vase cannon fodder is pampered by the group again

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Chapter 7.1 Be the most dedicated flower vase!

Lu Xiao was standing quietly by the window, looking at the cool moon outside, his thoughts unknown.

Even from behind, he gave off an icy aura that kept people at a distance, far different from his usual gentle demeanor and it made Shen Ci feel a bit estranged.

Swallowing nervously, he deliberately made soft footsteps sounds and at the sound, Lu Xiao shifted and turned his head.

In the moment their eyes met, the sternness that had been on Lu Xiao’s face vanished in an instant, replaced once again by his familiar, relaxed demeanor.

Shen Ci blinked. Was the intimidating expression just now a trick of the light?

“Why did you come down?” Lu Xiao asked, leaning casually against the floor-to-ceiling window, a wisp of smoke curling around his fingers.

Pouring a glass of water, Shen Ci walked over and leaned against the glass just like Lu Xiao, taking a sip. “I dreamt that little uncle was down here in my sleep! So, I came to see if you were upset.”

The corners of Lu Xiao’s mouth lifted in a helpless smile, his annoyance from dealing with those scumbags who had used medicine last night seeming to lessen.

To be honest, although Shen Ci was sweet-talking, his flattery skills weren’t great.

Having grown up amidst complex social dynamics, Lu Xiao had encountered a lot of extremely slick people who flattered and fawned, each of their words sweeter than Shen Ci’s.

Yet, he found himself defenseless against Shen Ci’s clumsy flattery. Maybe it was because the praise from Shen Ci was real and sincere.

Feeling soft inside, Lu Xiao reached out to stroke Shen Ci’s soft chestnut hair.

Holding his glass of water, Shen Ci stayed still, obedient and quiet and as he lowered his head, he caught sight of the hand Lu Xiao was using to hold his cigarette.

Lu Xiao’s health wasn’t great, and while he had a strong addiction, he didn’t smoke often.

Now, it was the middle of the night and here he was, alone, smoking and making calls. Shen Ci wondered just how troubled he had to be.

Deciding to comfort him, Shen Ci turned in Lu Xiao’s arm, which was draped over his neck and hugged him, burying his face in Lu Xiao’s chest, his voice muffled, “Little Uncle, if you’re too tired, take a break. I’ll definitely stay with you.”

The sudden hug caught Lu Xiao off guard.

Through the thin fabric of his pyjamas, he could even feel Shen Ci’s breath against his chest.

Thump, thump, thump…

His already unsettled blood began to boil again, threatening to burn through his rationality. He stared hard at Shen Ci’s soft curls, the savage instinct deep within him straining to break free, his veins throbbing with the effort.

He couldn’t, it would scare him.

Dizzy with the sudden rush of adrenaline in the middle of the night, Lu Xiao could only grind out the cigarette in his fingers, letting the pain of the burn ground him back to reality.

His large hand gently held Shen Ci’s slender shoulder, trying to gently pull him away.

Looking up at Lu Xiao in confusion, Shen Ci saw him awkwardly avoid his gaze, forcing a smile. “En, Xiao Ci, you should go back to sleep.”

Still a bit puzzled and worried, Shen Ci obediently nodded.

Lu Xiao: “I’m going up first.”

He patted Shen Ci on the shoulder gently and before his words had even left his mouth completely, he was striding away, his footsteps somewhat hurried.

Shen Ci stood in place, unable to react for a while.

Huh? What exactly happened just now?

The next morning, Shen Ci was shaken awake by his big brother who had lifted him out of bed.

“Shen! Xiao! Ci! Get up now, Uncle Lu has been waiting for you for a while!” Shen Bie gritted his teeth as he shook his little brother who was struggling to open his eyes. “Mmmm okay…”

Amused by his little brother’s dazed appearance, Shen Bie dragged him to the bathroom. “Don’t you have a schedule today? And you’re still sleeping in! If it weren’t for me being at home, Uncle Lu would probably let you sleep until two in the afternoon.”

Shen Ci, still not quite awake, was yawning sleepily. It wasn’t until he had washed his face that he began to wake up a bit.

Lu Xiao was sitting on the living room sofa early in the morning, drinking coffee and reading the news. Seeing Shen Ci come downstairs, he put down his cup and smiled, both warm and gentlemanly. “You’re up?”

Lu Xiao was dressed impeccably in a suit, his hair combed meticulously, his manner elegant, his spirits high, a stark contrast to Shen Ci, who was in his pajamas and hair a mess.

Shen Ci was puzzled. They both slept late, so why was the difference so big?

It was already past eight o’clock, so Shen Ci ate his breakfast hurriedly, changed his clothes, and followed Lu Xiao into the car.

Normally, Lu Xiao worked in Yunxiao’s CBD Financial Office. This was the headquarters of the Yunxiao Group, with administrative headquarters for industries ranging from technology to entertainment arranged within the over hundred-story tower.

However, Shen Ci rarely dealt with this kind of work, usually going to the Yunxiao Entertainment Building three blocks away.

The Lu Xiao’s family driver was both steady and fast, because Shen Ci barely had time to catch up on sleep before they arrived at their destination.

“No need to feel stressed, there will be many more opportunities like this in the future.”

Lu Xiao said casually as he noticed that Shen Ci was nervous.

Shen Ci choked a little. Previously, as a new artiste who was heavily promoted, he did have many resources to choose from, but at this point in the original story, because of Bai Ziwei’s car accident, he couldn’t even get a single job, and even Yunxiao’s money couldn’t help. Now, having an advertisement to shoot was already an unexpected joy.

“But I still have to work hard. Little Uncle, I’m off!”

Shen Ci opened the car door and said goodbye to him with a smile.

Lu Xiao raised his eyebrows slightly, a bit surprised to hear the word ‘work hard’ from the pampered young master’s mouth.

Actually, there was no need to work hard. He would give Xiao Ci everything he wanted.

Looking at Shen Ci’s expectant expression, the words Lu Xiao really wanted to say rolled around in his throat a few times, but in the end, he swallowed them down.

“Mm.” He responded lightly, smiling as he rolled up the car window.

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