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Chapter 29.1 “Shen Ci is a fake!”

Editor: Jodi

“Xiao Ci!” Shao Jinhuan’s pupils shrank, and he quickly took a few steps to jump down to the rescue. However someone was even faster than him and a few “plop” sounds later, water splashed all over him.

Noticing someone had dived in to help, Bai Ziwei, who was “struggling desperately”, quickly drank several mouthfuls of water and started to cry loudly: “Thank goodness! Save me—!”

It was unclear who was swimming over frantically, however just as Bai Ziwei was about to take advantage of the chaos to cling to someone—he was pushed away violently and with a “bang”, hit the edge of the pool hard.

“Ah!” He screamed in pain, choking on several mouthfuls of water.

Damn! Was this human behavior!

Bai Ziwei wiped the water from his face and focused his eyes to see, only to realize that three to four people had dived in heading towards Shen Ci! He looked up unwillingly at the other people around the pool who were all looking at Shen Ci who had fallen into the water with faces full of panic and anxiety, afraid that something might happen to him.

Out of the twenty or so people, not a single one cared whether he lived or died.

Bai Ziwei floundered around vigorously, shouting a few more times unwillingly, but still no one moved.

His heart went half cold. He was clearly the male protagonist of this book! Why did things turn out this way?

In the end, it was Lu Xiao, who had come down from the floor at some unknown time, who fished Shen Ci out of the water.

His expression was gloomy and scary as he climbed out holding the unconscious Shen Ci and not daring to block his path, everyone stepped aside.

Lu Xiao knelt on one knee, the rim of his eyes red as he helped Shen Ci expel water, doing a cardiac resuscitation, giving artificial respiration..his hands were shaking and his heart was in a panic, but his actions were meticulous, not a hair out of place.

How could he dare make a mistake?

In the nearly thirty years of his long life, Lu Xiao had never had such a moment of despair. When he was fifteen, the “accidental” plane crash that killed his parents, and the looming threat of his uncles and aunts wanting to swallow up the Lu Group, put pressure on him, marking the darkest low of his life.

The shoulders of the young man had been still too weak to carry the heavy burdens thrown at him by the sinister adult world, and the endless negotiations and failed defences completely crushed Lu Xiao.

Who would have known that a little milk bun from the Shen family would quietly kick a hole and giggle his way in, bringing light into his life.

The milk bun would always babble, hug him and say with a milky voice, “Little Uncle, don’t be afraid” whenever his heart felt dead.

It seemed like when the whole world turned its back on him, mocked him, and crushed him, only Shen Ci came running to cherish and uphold him.

Without Shen Ci, how could he possibly have continued?

A tear suddenly crashed down, landing on Shen Ci’s pale face, then slid off slowly.

The surroundings gradually quieted down, no one daring to speak. Even Shen Bie and Shao Jinhuan, who had also dived in to save him climbed out silently, causing only a small ripple of water.

The air was stagnantly terrible, with a cold and heavy aura emanating from Lu Xiao, and those close to Lu Xiao, unable to withstand his domineering aura even took a few steps back unconsciously.

Bai Ziwei was still soaking in the water, and seeing that no one was paying attention to him, he got so angry that he stopped pretending.

He acted as if he had luckily found the edge and climbed out dejectedly.

However before he could even stay up for a minute, he was unexpectedly knocked back into the water by an unknown person.

This time he wasn’t prepared and screaming in fear, flailing in the water so much that he choked until even his eyes rolled back.

He could vaguely make out the people on the shore, over twenty of them, all standing with a mocking posture like they were watching a clown perform, with no one planning to come down to save him!

“Save, gurgle… save me!”

Bai Ziwei desperately thrashed in the water for several minutes, his legs already cramped from fear. He tried to swim in vain, but the water flooding his lungs was only increasing…..

How could this be….. was he going to die here?

Suddenly, a swim ring was thrown down and Bai Ziwei hurriedly grabbed onto it, breathing a sigh of relief.

He slowly swam back to the edge and just as he came back to his senses slowly, he shouted in breathless rage, “Who… who pushed me down?!”

There was the sound of someone walking towards his side, and then Shen Bie sneered: “Are you sure someone pushed you?”

Bai Ziwei looked incredulously at his own big brother Shen Bie: “It was actually, actually you who pushed me! Why did you do that!”

Shen Bie shrugged innocently: “How is that possible? It was clearly you who pushed me down. Everyone, isn’t that right?”

“Yes, yes, yes!”

“That’s right, it was Bai Ziwei who pushed you down!”

Bai Ziwei glared at them furiously: “You are lying! How can you prove that it was me who pushed him down!”

Hearing this, Shen Bie’s gaze suddenly became sharp and sinister: “Then how can you prove it was Xiao Ci who pushed you just now!”

“I, I…”

For a moment Bai Ziwei was speechless, the looks from the people around him stabbing at him like daggers. He didn’t dare raise his head.

“Why didn’t he just drown straight away? Wei Shuo, why did you give him the swim ring!”

“I really want to slap this scumbag to death!”

“If something had really happened to Xiao Ci, a hundred of him couldn’t make up for it.”

“Make him regret living…”


Wei Shuo ground his teeth, the expression on his face ominously dark: “If he dies now, wouldn’t that be letting him off too easy?”

“Daring to lay a hand on Xiao Ci, of course I have to take good care of him.”

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