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Chapter 22.1 Shen Ci bed climbing [throw up]

The bewildered Shen Ci called to ask Zhang Ge, but Zhang Ge was also confused: “This…. it might be your fans who bought the hot search? It seems they care a lot about people calling you a vase, haha.”

In addition to the loud and lively text, the fans also posted a lot of GIFs and short videos of Shen Ci’s works during the celebration. The videos covered everything from singing, to dramatic scenes, to cute moments and gained him a lot of new fans.

Shen Ci even saw the behind-the-scenes clip from when he was filming a yogurt commercial when he accidentally drank until the yoghurt box was empty! He was so embarrassed that he quickly tapped the “back” button and took a breath.

Then he took a look at his fan count which was rising and then relaxed and went on to browse other Weibo topics.

Anyway, Zhang Ge was definitely monitoring the data, so he could just check the summary later.

Tonight was a very busy night, because only a few minutes had passed when there was a massive turnover on the hot search. Yang Ning, Xia Qing Qing, and other artists from Yunxiao Entertainment had all rushed to the top of the hot search list all thanks to the mini videos of the annual meeting released by Yunxiao Entertainment today.

Even Bai Ziwei made it to the list, but…. he was on the hot search because he was being criticized.

After watching the program video, Shen Ci felt that Bai Ziwei’s slip-up was unprecedentedly severe and unbearable to watch. As it greatly affected the performance of the program, it directly drew passionate insults from the fans of the other seven people in the same program and even a post by Bai Ziwei’s fans defending him would instantly get dozens of insulting replies.

Watching from the side-lines, Shen Ci shivered in horror. In the original novel, he had been cyberbullied by Bai Ziwei’s fans to the point of wanting to commit sucde, but now Bai Ziwei had provoked seven different fandoms….

Ah, never mind, this situation was bound to turn around!

Bai Ziwei was the fated male lead, so no matter who was in his body now, he still had the aura of the protagonist, so this might even turn into an opportunity for him.

However, Shen Ci didn’t expect the turn of events to come so quickly, and that it even had something to do with him.

As he casually refreshed Weibo, Shen Ci was shocked to see another hot search about him, which had rocketed to the top with an “explosive” tag.

“Shen Ci climbing into bed [vomit]”

This keyword….. Shen Ci’s scalp tingled, and he quickly clicked on it to read more.

“Biased interests, no prying. It can’t be that there are people who don’t know that a certain vase snatched the program with the Music God from bzw right? The eight-person program was originally the vase’s, but he suddenly didn’t want it and withdrew, which caused bzw to be transferred to cover it. bzw had extremely insufficient training and it was also his first time on stage. Hehe, going to curse bzw now, do you still have a conscience?”

“A vase climbing up to get such big resources, he should just be happy secretly, but he’s actually celebrating by buying a hot search? Does he really think no one knows the reason? Relying on his face and body to climb into the bed of the big boss. Alright, it’s not unreasonable for the boss to be fascinated and splash out so many resources, after all, we have to admit that the vase does have a high value. But for such a disgraceful act, can you please not occupy public resources? [doghead][doghead]”

This top post was from a newly registered small account with a lot of explosive material and a lot of unusual pictures. The pictures had been processed, but Shen Ci could instantly recognize that he and Lu Xiao were the subjects in them.

There were candid shots of Shen Ci getting out of the car, pictures of him being carried into the car by Lu Xiao at a faraway amusement park and even a sneak shot of Lu Xiao draping a coat over him in the hallway just now.

The comments below were extremely harsh, all cursing him.

“Shameless.” “Bad character.” “Selling himself out”… The language in the comments became more and more unpleasant, and even bystanders were swept up in the mood, attacking vehemently.

Shen Ci was dumbfounded. These rumors were clumsy and laughable in the eyes of those in the know, but when they were laid out in front of the gossiping public who didn’t care about the truth… it would turn into a carnival for the keyboard warriors.

The most crucial point was, how did Lu Xiao get dragged into this?!

Zhang Ge’s call came immediately. Shen Ci anxiously spoke first, “Zhang Ge! Those people’s thoughts are too dirty, how can they say such things about me and Little Uncle? They’re going to ruin our reputations!”

Zhang Ge sighed, “Are you foolish? They’re aiming at you, Shen Ci. How would they dare touch him?”

Shen Ci was startled, then went back to look at the Weibo post. Sure enough, he saw that Lu Xiao’s face had been covered up cleverly, with only his face revealed clearly.

In this way, if Lu Xiao wanted to shift the blame to anyone with a similar physique, there would be no problem in denying it directly.

Shen Ci: “Ah, never mind, let’s debunk the rumor first. What should I do?”

Zhang Ge seemed to have a very relaxed tone, “You just stay home and twiddle your thumbs, you don’t need to do anything.”

Shen Ci: “… Ah?”

Wasn’t this matter more serious than the previous rumors of him being arrogant and bullying the staff?

If such extreme defamation of reputation was gradually accepted as the truth, then Shen Ci might as well quit the circle, and even Lu Xiao, who was high above, would also become a target in the court of public opinion.

Zhang Ge: “Do you think your beloved Little Uncle would let these people off? Don’t worry, President Lu’s assistant contacted me just now, they will handle it personally.”

“Calling you is just to reassure you. You’ve done nothing wrong, so there’s no need to fear any rumors.”

“I heard from Yang Ning that you went home? Rest well, everything will be peaceful tomorrow.”

Shen Ci “…”

Zhang Ge had already hung up the phone. Shen Ci put his cell phone down blankly, but after a while, he got up abruptly, opened the door, and went to look for Lu Xiao.

To his surprise, Lu Xiao, in his pajamas, was sitting in the living room. He was wearing glasses and sitting on the sofa looking at the tablet in his hand, occasionally saying a few words, probably organizing work through a hands-free call.

He was still working this late. It couldn’t be that it was related to his situation right?

He walked over and sitting next to Lu Xiao, struggled with how to word his concerns for a long time but in the end remained silent.

He couldn’t just say, “How are you handling our scandal?” right…

However, Lu Xiao seemed to notice his embarrassment and gave him a glance, “Why aren’t you sleeping?”

Shen Ci’s emotions had just gone up and down, so his sleepiness had long vanished, “I’m not sleepy now.”

Lu Xiao took off his glasses and spoke lightly, “I know why you came here. Your agent has already spoken to you, right?”

Shen Ci nodded.

Lu Xiao stretched out his hand to ruffle his hair, his expression was gentle, “Xiao Ci, do you trust me?”

Shen Ci nodded again, looking at him blankly, “Of course.”

“Then don’t worry and go to sleep, leave everything to me.”

Lu Xiao stared at him, his eyes deep and profound. Shen Ci inexplicably nodded.

Lu Xiao was always calm and composed, as if he could handle everything easily, and his gentle demeanor was also very assertive, not allowing anyone to refuse him.

A faint smile appeared on Lu Xiao’s lips, “Good boy.”

Then he pulled Shen Ci a little closer and kissed the top of his head gently, as if to comfort him.

The tip of Shen Ci’s nose was just a few centimeters away from Lu Xiao’s neck, so the faint scent on his clothes filled his senses, and inexplicably, Shen Ci felt his face heat up as he held his breath subconsciously.

What… was happening to him?

He suppressed the mess of emotions in his heart, said goodnight, then went back to his room to sleep obediently.

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