Vase cannon fodder is pampered by the group again

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Chapter 15.2 This d*mn ashura field

Wei Shuo didn’t pay Bai Ziwei any attention throughout the entire time, wandering lazily around only to discover an ice cream machine next to the carousel.

Actually the night amusement park should be selling various snacks, but they had already reserved the place in advance for the livestream, so now there was nothing to eat.

Shen Ci’s eyes lit up, frantically sending Wei Shuo signals in a place the camera couldn’t see.

This was a live broadcast. If his family found out he was happily buying ice cream to eat while he was supposed to be recuperating, the consequences would be unthinkable.

He could only rely on Wei Shuo to cover for him!

Wei Shuo rolled his eyes at him then pointed deliberately to the machine in exaggerated surprise, “Oh my God mate, there’s a bloody ice cream machine over there!”

Shen Ci followed his tone and said dramatically, “Oh God, I simply can’t believe it!”

Wei Shuo got an ice cream and extended it to Shen Ci, a sly smile, “Look at this sweet ice cream. God forgive me, but it’s as beautiful as Miss Maria in a red dress next door!”

Shen Ci swallowed, pretending to refuse as he waved his hand, “Oh no, I’m afraid I can’t accept this sweet gesture.”

He was waiting eagerly for Wei Shuo to push and pull with him for a few more rounds so he could accept it reluctantly, but Wei Shuo turned his hand and took a big bite of the ice cream himself, sighing, “Oh my poor old mate, it’s just terrible, who could believe that your discipline is so d*mn strict.”

Shen Ci: “…”

Recently being teased every day, Shen Ci laughed directly in anger.

Taking advantage of when Wei Shuo wasn’t paying attention, Shen Ci directly smeared the ice cream around Wei Shuo’s mouth and throwing the ice cream away, Wei Shuo wiped his mouth then began to chase him around the park.

The interaction between the two was funny and sand sculpture like, causing the live chat to be flooded with “ha ha ha’s” and the number of viewers, which had already set a record on the Qinggua Live platform was still increasing.

At this time, Shen Ci had no idea that his Weibo followers had shot up by hundreds of thousands.

The live stream assistant even received a call from Qinggua Live platform saying to take it easy and not to drop any more big news, otherwise the platform’s servers might crash.

Bai Ziwei had been fully focused on watching their live stream, but he couldn’t get a word in. After all, the three of them had known each other for nearly twenty years and the tacit understanding that had developed between them was hard for outsiders to break into.

Watching the comments like “Why not just disconnect?” “It’s more fun to watch Shuo Ge’s sand sculpture activities” “Did Bai Ziwei freeze? He’s not moving.” scrolling across the screen, Bai Ziwei forced a smile and started chatting awkwardly.

It doesn’t matter! As long as he could see his fans growing!

He checked his Weibo account and found that his fan count had increased by four to five thousand. Although he was a little disappointed, he was still happy and thinking of something, he searched for Shen Ci’s account to see his fan count.

After checking, Bai Ziwei: “…”

The person involved expressed great regret that his hands had gone to search what shouldn’t be searched.

After a lot of playful banter, Wei Shuo and Shen Ci spent a good amount of time chatting on the carousel before finally reaching the end of their scheduled livestream.

After bidding their audience and Bai Ziwei, who was still connected on the line, goodbye, they ended the livestream.

Immediately, Shen Ci relaxed, slumping over the carousel, “Livestreaming is so tiring…”

Wei Shuo who was accustomed to livestreaming didn’t mind at all and even began to tease Shao Jinhuan with sarcasm energetically.

“Great Movie Emperor Shao, you should leave now, shouldn’t you?”

“Aren’t you on good terms with Bai Ziwei? Why did you keep staring at Xiao Ci just now?”

“With me watching, you better not have any funny ideas!”

Shao Jinhuan obviously let Wei Shuo’s words go in one ear and out the other, reaching out to pick off a hair stuck to Shen Ci’s face.

Shen Ci subconsciously stepped back to avoid his hand, causing Shao Jinhuan to pause, a look of awkwardness and loneliness on his face.

What was this weird behavior… Shen Ci tried to say something to break the awkward silence, but his mind went blank and they ended up just staring at each other.

“Xiao Ci.”

A familiar and light call suddenly came from not far away, breaking the awkward atmosphere and Shen Ci breathed a sigh of relief.

He turned his head to look and was surprised to see that it was… Lu Xiao?!

Lu Xiao was wearing a well-tailored dark blue bespoke suit, smiling gently as he walked over.

Shen Ci got off the rocking horse, his face full of surprise: “Little Uncle! How come you’re here?”

Lu Xiao lowered his head to stroke Shen Ci’s hair: “I came to take you home.”

Wei Shuo greeted Lu Xiao, but Shao Jinhuan, as one of the younger generation just stood aside, staring silently at Lu Xiao’s hand.

Lu Xiao glanced at Shao Jinhuan in a seemingly casual manner, clearly noticing the vague hostility in his eyes.

Patting Shen Ci’s shoulder, Lu Xiao asked gently, “Are your ankles tired?”

Shen Xiao nodded vigorously but before he could complain, he felt his body lighten unexpectedly as Lu Xiao suddenly scooped him up in a bridal carry.

Lu Xiao ignored Wei Shuo’s jaw that had practically hit the ground and Shao Jinhuan’s even more obscure and cold eyes as he turned around with Shen Ci in his arms and walked away, “Then don’t walk.”

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