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Chapter 7.2

In a cheap rental room, a thin youth with green eyes was lying in a rocking chair, resting with his eyes closed.

From last night to now, he had been stirring up the post and was quite tired from the effort. But the thought that he could make a good amount of money after completing this task made him quite happy.

Suddenly, heavy metal music rang out. He jumped up and answered the phone.

“Hello, boss, how is it? Did we do a good job? When will we get the final payment?”

“Good my ass!” The person on the other end was obviously furious, even forgetting basic manners. “Have you gone crazy or have you lost your mind? Why did you post those photos? I only asked you to target Tang Zhou. What the h*ll are you doing now? Final payment? Final payment my ass, you have to refund!”

The youth was confused. Rushing to his laptop desk, he scrolled down the post.

When he saw those photos, he felt a chill down his spine, chills running through his body.

His voice trembled: “Boss, I didn’t post these!”

His voice was almost shrill, the fear real.

Yes, he had taken these photos, but he had never intended to post them.

A cold laugh came from the other end, “If it wasn’t you, then was it a ghost? I asked you to spy on Tang Zhou, why did you take these?”

The youth’s voice went up suddenly, “I get it! We must have hit a hard nut! Someone must have hacked my laptop. Boss, calm down. You asked me to target Tang Zhou and I did. As for those photos, they can prove that I wasn’t just blackening Tang Zhou intentionally. After all, it has nothing to do with you and you didn’t suffer any losses. Now the post is even hotter.”

The breathing on the other end suddenly became heavy.

The youth was a little puzzled. He had only ever contacted this boss over the phone and didn’t know his identity, so didn’t understand why he cared so much about that little twist.

He worked his less than capable brain at high speed then suddenly froze.

Holy sh*t, it couldn’t be this coincidental, right? Could the guy in those photos be this boss? Was the boss being played by the other side?

The youth’s heartbeat accelerated instantly. He rushed to his laptop, trying to delete the post, but no matter what he did, he couldn’t delete it. Was there a bug? What the h*ll was going on?!

“Boss, I can’t delete the post…” The youth was almost in tears.

The boss hung up abruptly.

The youth slumped on the ground, fearing that he might be retaliated against.

Normally, a hot post on a university forum wouldn’t appear in front of the big shots. But who could help it when the protagonist of the hot post wasn’t ordinary?

When Tang Zhihua saw the post, he was so angry that he almost had a heart attack.

In truth, this matter wasn’t really a big deal. Who didn’t have a youthful exuberance? With Tang Zhou’s worth, even if he liked men, there would still be plenty of boys willing to stick to him. Tang Tianyang liked to play the field, and there were also plenty of girls willing to be with him.

But affairs of the heart could not affect much.

However, both of them had the surname Tang! What’s more, among the several boats that Tang Tianyang was treading, there was Du Ruoyu!

He originally thought it wouldn’t be a bad idea to have Tang Tianyang and Du Ruoyu marry, but now, he had lost all face in front of Brother Du.

“Go! Get Tang Zhen and Tang Zhou back here!” Tang Zhihua roared in anger.

Tang Tianyang was an illegitimate child, he had never set foot in the Tang family since birth, and Tang Zhihua had never taught him a thing.

He wanted Tang Zhen to come over to ask how he had taught his son.

And he wanted Tang Zhou to come over to ask if he still wanted the status of the heir.

When Tang Zhou received the call from the housekeeper, he wasn’t surprised.

He casually put on a beige jacket and drove to the Tang residence. At the gate, he just happened to run into Tang Zhen.

Tang Zhen, using his status as a father, reprimanded him when he saw him, “Keep your male affairs low key, don’t disgrace the Tang family.”

Tang Zhou hit back swiftly, “Not as much as someone.”

Tang Zhen snorted coldly and entered the house before Tang Zhou.

The two of them walked into the study room one after another only to be greeted by several brushes. Luckily, Tang Zhou was behind and Tang Zhen blocked all the attacks for him.

“Look at the good things you’ve done!” Old man Tang glared and pointed his finger at the two, cursing, “Tang Zhen, how did you teach your child! Tang Zhou, you’ve been obedient since childhood, why are you being so stubborn on this matter!”

Tang Zhen was used to being scolded and had a thick skin, “Dad, it’s normal for young people to have a few girlfriends. Those photos don’t prove that Tianyang is two timing. But Ah Zhou’s matter, it’s bad for our family’s reputation if it gets blown up.”

Tang Zhou ignored Tang Zhen’s favoritism. He bent down to pick up the brushes, placed them back calmly on the desk and said nonchalantly, “Either there is none, or there is only one. Asking me to keep one at home and one outside, I can’t do it.”

The sarcasm in his words made Tang Zhen’s face turn black immediately.

In Tang Zhihua’s eyes, as long as Tang Zhou could marry and have children, he could play however he liked. Liking men wasn’t the issue, the important thing was that it could not be because of this that he would refuse to marry and have children. But he knew Tang Zhou’s temperament very well. Because of family influence, he had a severe obsession with the concept of marriage and love.

If he really liked a man, he would definitely not marry and have children.

Tang Zhihua was worried! His son wasn’t up to the task and he had finally gotten a smart and capable grandson, but his grandson liked men.

“Ah Zhou, can’t you even do it for the future of the Tang family?”

Tang Zhou looked back at Tang Zhihua’s pleading eyes, but didn’t speak.

Tang Zhen took the opportunity to speak, “Dad, look at what you’re saying. Tianyang is also our blood, he’s very smart. If Ah Zhou really doesn’t like women, let’s not force him.”

If it were in the past, Tang Zhihua would certainly have ignored Tang Zhen’s words. But now, he needed to change his strategy.

He regarded the Tang family as more important than anything else, so by his standards, both Tang Zhen and Tang Zhou would also not be able to cut ties with the Tang family’s industry.

Tang Zhen’s ambition was clear, while Tang Zhou was more silent and reserved.

Tang Zhihua felt that Tang Zhou dared to be so reckless because he believed the Tang family was in his pocket.

So he needed to deflate Tang Zhou’s arrogance a bit. A sense of crisis only came with competition.

He paused and looked at Tang Zhen, “You’re right, after all, Tianyang calls me grandfather. How about this, on the tenth of next month, bring him over and we’ll have a meal together.”

The tenth day of the next month was the lunar birthday of Old Man Tang, which was usually marked by a reunion dinner.

In previous years, only Tang Zhou and Tang Zhen’s family attended, but this year there would be an additional Tang Tianyang.

Tang Zhen’s face showed joy, while Tang Zhou’s expression remained unchanged, still indifferent.

Feeling tired, Tang Zhihua waved his hand to drive the two out without even asking them to stay for dinner.

Tang Zhou returned to his car and texted Fu Shen: Was it you who leaked Tang Tianyang’s photos?

[Fu Shen]: Do I have that much influence?

Tang Zhou sneered. This person was really cunning. If he answered ‘yes’, it would be praising him; if he answered ‘no’, then his initial question would not stand.

Before he could decide on a response, Fu Shen sent over a long image.

[Fu Shen]: The purchase list. President Tang, please review it.

Tang Zhou scanned through it briefly and he had to admit, the list was quite detailed, with product models and market prices marked clearly, making it easy to understand.

[Tang Zhou]: This is not urgent. First, register the company and let the funds go through the company’s account.

[Tang Zhou]: Have you thought of a name for the company?

[Fu Shen]: Deep Blue.

Tang Zhou’s lips curled slightly, and a sense of predestined fate washed over him.

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