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Chapter 10.1

When Tang Zhou woke up, he was completely confused.

As he looked at the small whale in his arms, he vaguely remembered the events of the previous night after getting drunk.

What had he done?! Flirtatiously acting in front of Fu Shen and even calling him ‘big brother’.

He covered himself with the blanket, feeling embarrassed and wishing he could die.

He secretly decided to avoid Fu Shen for a while.

However he couldn’t bear to throw away the small whale, so he hid it in the closet.

A few days later, the registration materials for the company were submitted to the appropriate departments and they were just waiting for the results of the review.

At the same time, Tang Zhou received an email from Mouse Loves Rice.

He read the email carefully from start to finish, feeling a mixture of self-blame, guilt, and a sense of loss.

If the Tang Zhou in his dreams couldn’t understand Fu Shen’s actions, then the current Tang Zhou could empathize.

Who would show mercy to a betrayer when they had suffered betrayal?

Regarding the relationship between Tang Zhou and Elder Tang, Tang Zhou still had some feelings left for Elder Tang, but Fu Shen had nothing but hatred for his so-called biological father so it was understandable that he would later put him down with his own hands.

Unfortunately, Qiao Yuan became the collateral damage.

If he had to do it all over again, Tang Zhou didn’t want to see Qiao Yuan get hurt, but he had no right to interfere with Fu Shen’s decision. He needed to think carefully to see if there was any way to make things right.

As for Qiao Yuan’s father, Tang Zhou didn’t even consider saving that disgusting scumbag.

Just then, Lu Ye called.

“Tang Zhou, let’s go hiking this weekend.”

The lively Lu Ye reminded Tang Zhou of the cold and silent boss he had dreamt of.

Tang Zhou was about to decline when he realized it was a good opportunity. He could have a detailed conversation with Lu Ye while they were on the hike.

Lu Ye had been hiding the truth about Fu Shen’s identity from Qiao Yuan, fearing that he would get hurt, but the truth would eventually come out and when Qiao Yuan found out, it would already be too late.

Furthermore, Lu Ye had always felt superior in front of Fu Shen, not taking him seriously. If this attitude didn’t change, it wouldn’t be good for either himself or Qiao Yuan.

“Why the sudden desire to go hiking?”

Lu Ye: “It’s a club activity organized by Xiaoyuan and others and there are about a dozen people going but I’m not comfortable with him going alone, so I’m going as well.”

“Travel club?” Tang Zhou remembered that Fu Shen was also in a travel club, “Is Fu Shen going?”


Lu Ye replied in a helpless but ugly tone, “Why are you asking about him for? Tang Zhou, I feel like you’re paying too much attention to him.”

Tang Zhou said calmly, “He’s the person in charge of the project I’ve invested in; who should I pay attention to if not him?”

“You invest so much in all these projects but I haven’t seen you pay attention to anyone else.” Lu Ye complained and said in a not nice tone, “He’s not going.”

Tang Zhou chuckled, “But you also checked up on him, didn’t you?”

Lu Ye almost jumped, “I was just eliminating potential threats! What if he hurts Xiaoyuan? Who would I go cry to? Are you going or not?”

“Going.” Tang Zhou replied.

The hiking destination was at Fan City’s Pear Mountain, named so because it was said to resemble a pear.

Fan City was about four hours’ drive from the River City and over a dozen people chose to take a charter bus.

Everyone had packed a tent, planning to camp as well.

Tang Zhou was too lazy to bring one, so he planned to mooch off of Lu Ye’s tent and give Lu Ye an excuse to mooch off of Qiao Yuan’s tent.

When Lu Ye found out, he immediately gave him a thumbs up without a word.

Most of the participants in this hiking trip were first year students, all pumped up and excited, chattering away as soon as they got on the bus.

Qiao Yuan, who was naturally lively and cheerful, played with everyone and Lu Ye, who was inseparable from him, naturally accompanied him.

Only Tang Zhou, sitting quietly at the back leaned against the back of his chair with his eyes closed, taking a moment to recharge.

A few chatty ones couldn’t resist sneaking a peek at him and whispering to each other.

“I didn’t expect Senior Tang to come as well, but he looks really aloof.”

“But he’s really handsome!”

“I think Senior Lu Ye is even more handsome.”

“Their handsomeness is different and can’t be compared. Senior Lu has a more angular look, while Senior Tang has a more gentle look.”

“He’s so fair and has such beautiful skin. I feel like it’s glowing, I wonder what skincare products he uses.”

“It’s natural, I guess.”

“We have handsome guys in our class too. Qiao Yuan is quite handsome and the new student representative at the beginning of the school year is also handsome.”

“Qiao Yuan looks like a little brother and you’re talking about Fu Shen from the computer science department. He’s also in our club.”

“Too bad he didn’t come.”

“I heard he’s participating in some computer competition and it’s nationwide. He’s really awesome!”

“Wow, what a genius!”


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