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Chapter 12.2

Lu Ye’s view of Fu Shen had always been heavily colored by his subjectivity, and his feelings for Qiao Yuan could be described as ‘love-addled’.

The mockery in Fu Shen’s eyes grew more apparent, and Tang Zhou’s face suddenly flushed red. The overwhelming shame made him unable to meet Fu Shen’s gaze.

“Senior Tang, you can think what you want of me, as long as it doesn’t interfere with the development of the project.”

Fu Shen didn’t want to explain further, and got up to leave.

“Fu Shen.”

Tang Zhou suddenly grabbed his wrist; it seemed like this was the first time he had called his name so seriously.

Fu Shen didn’t move, looking down at Tang Zhou on the sofa.

The young man tilted his head back, his soft hair obediently sticking to his temples. With a slight furrow of his brow, his light brown eyes reflected the round light on the ceiling, dazzlingly bright.

He opened his mouth to speak but hesitated, unable to say anything.

The sound of knocking from the next room snapped them both back to reality. Tang Zhou instinctively let go of Fu Shen’s hand and lowered his head, resembling an abandoned child hiding alone in a corner, hugging his knees and trying to hold back tears.

Fu Shen pinched the wrist that had been held earlier, his gaze darkening a bit.

“I’m going out for a bit.” Tang Zhou suddenly stood up, and before Fu Shen could react, his figure disappeared out the door.

Leaning against the corridor wall, he suddenly felt like having a cigarette.

To be honest, he and Fu Shen were merely collaborators; there was no need to hold onto past grievances.

He didn’t need to care, and Fu Shen wouldn’t care either.

But he just felt a bit annoyed, a self-loathing kind of irritation.

With a cold expression, Lu Ye returned and saw Tang Zhou wandering in the hallway. He couldn’t help but ask, “What are you doing?”

Tang Zhou countered, “What happened to you?”

His mood had darkened significantly after going out.

Lu Ye felt a bit depressed and was looking for someone to talk to.

“I’ll put my stuff in the room first, and we’ll find a place to chat later.”

At the end of the hotel corridor, there was an empty space where few people went. Both men stood in front of a window, their faces expressionless.

Unable to hold back any longer, Lu Ye’s brow furrowed deeply, “Do you know who I saw?”


“Xiao Yuan’s father.”

Tang Zhou sensed that something was wrong, “President Qiao is in Fancheng?”

“Not only did he come, he also brought his secretary. They…” Lu Ye clenched his teeth, unable to continue.

Thinking about how much Qiao Yuan admired his father, Lu Ye couldn’t bear to tell him about these disgusting matters.

Tang Zhou waited in silence.

With his face completely darkened, Lu Ye continued, “It’s not enough that he has Fu Shen as his illegitimate son; he’s cheating too. It’s absolutely disgusting. Tang Zhou, I still don’t understand, what do you really think about Fu Shen? Aren’t you the one who hates these people the most?”

Outside the window, rain continued to fall. Tang Zhou sighed softly and asked, “Do you think Qiao Yuan is the only victim?”

“There’s also Aunt Sheng.”

Qiao Yuan’s mother’s surname was Sheng.

Tang Zhou shook his head slightly.

“Have you ever considered that Fu Shen is also a victim?”

Lu Ye’s investigation wasn’t thorough; he only knew about Fu Shen and Qiao Chengan’s father-son relationship but not what had happened back then.

People’s perspectives can be biased.

In Lu Ye’s eyes, Qiao Yuan was pure and well-behaved, so he naturally thought the world of him. In contrast, Fu Shen was seen as someone with deep intentions and scheming to usurp what belonged to others.

Tang Zhou’s words struck him.

“What are you talking about?”

With a calm expression, Tang Zhou handed Lu Ye his phone to show him an email.

“Twenty years ago, Qiao Chengan abandoned his girlfriend and chose the well-off Aunt Sheng. It’s that simple.”

Back then, Qiao Chengan had deceived Fu Shen’s mother, claiming that he was going to a big city to make money and would return for her once he had enough.

Not long after he left, Fu Shen’s mother discovered she was pregnant. She tried to contact him but was unable to do so.

Unbeknownst to her, Qiao Chengan had unilaterally cut off all contact. Worried that something had happened to him and overwhelmed by depression, she passed away shortly after giving birth to Fu Shen.

Fu Shen’s grandfather had no choice but to swallow his grief and raise Fu Shen by himself.

One day, the old man happened to see Qiao Chengan in a newspaper, and he realized how Qiao Chengan had transformed into the one in control of the Sheng family.

Thinking about his daughter’s pain and regrets before her death, the old man suffered a sudden illness and died. When he passed away, he was still clutching that newspaper tightly.

At that time, Fu Shen had just entered junior high. Suddenly losing his only relative, he felt as though the entire sky had darkened.

His grandfather had always been in good health and wouldn’t have died so suddenly unless he had experienced a tremendous shock.

Fu Shen carefully examined the newspaper until a neighbor exclaimed, “Isn’t this that Qiao kid from back then?” Only then did Fu Shen finally understand the whole story.

It turned out that It wasn’t that he didn’t have a father; it was just that the man was utterly unworthy of being one.

He buried his hatred deep within his heart, working tirelessly to study and make a living. His sole motivation was this: one day, he would make that scumbag pay the price he deserved.

Outside the window, the rain began to subside, and a beam of light seemed to break through the clouds in the sky.

Lu Ye was speechless for a long time.

Tang Zhou took back his phone.

“Qiao Chengan has played the roles of a good son-in-law, husband and father for so many years. Grandfather Sheng only had one daughter and now most of the Sheng family is in Qiao Chengan’s hands. Do you think it’s appropriate to continue keeping Qiao Yuan in the dark?”

“But Xiao Yuan, he…”

“He’s an adult now.” Tang Zhou’s gaze was sharp. “If you don’t want the Sheng family to be ruined by Qiao Chengan, neither Qiao Yuan nor Aunt Sheng can continue being kept in the dark.”

Lu Ye clenched his fists, his voice trembling slightly.

“Give me some more time.”

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