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Chapter 13.2

Tang Zhou woke up feeling overheated.

He had never been so hot while sleeping with the heater on. It was as if he were surrounded by a massive furnace as he sweated profusely yet was unable to move.

With difficulty, he opened his eyes, and his gaze landed on a section of Fu Shen’s collarbone, straight and firm, with a hint of sharpness.

His short-circuited brain started to function normally again, and as he blinked and was about to move away discreetly, a low, magnetic voice, slightly vibrating as it passed through Fu Shen’s chest, entered Tang Zhou’s ears.

“Did you sleep well?”

The teasing tone, accompanied by a light chuckle, instantly sobered Tang Zhou up. Feigning composure, he got up, placing his hand down haphazardly….

Clenching his teeth, Fu Shen let out a muffled grunt. Tang Zhou quickly withdrew his hand, and in his haste, turned the tables: “That, it’s perfectly normal to have a morning wood. You don’t need to feel embarrassed.”


Tang Zhou averted his gaze guiltily, stumbling out of bed just as a phone call came in. Without even looking at the caller ID, he answered the call.

“Tang Zhou, come out for breakfast once you’re up, and then we’ll go play together,” Lu Ye said before hanging up.

Through a gap in the curtains, Tang Zhou saw a ray of sunlight.

Today was a beautiful day, perfect for an outing.

The Scenic Area of Pear Mountains was considered a highlight of Fancheng, not only boasting enchanting natural scenery but also offering various recreational facilities and leisure areas.

Although Fu Shen’s three teammates were not familiar with the people from the travel club, they were all of the same age, so it only took a few words for them to become acquainted.

After a night’s rest, Qiao Yuan was fully recharged. As he was naturally a fun-loving person, he wanted to try everything he saw and Lu Ye indulged him, accompanying him in any game, no matter how childish it was.

In front of others, Tang Zhou always appeared aloof, so nobody dared to invite him to join in the fun and he genuinely didn’t enjoy those games, preferring to appreciate the scenery alone.

Because of the awkwardness in the morning, Tang Zhou hadn’t spoken to Fu Shen. Fortunately, neither of them were very talkative, so nobody noticed anything unusual.

He spoke to the others playing games and wandered off aimlessly into the distance.

As he passed a shop offering an archery game, Tang Zhou couldn’t help but stop, his gaze glued to the stuffed toys hanging inside the shop, not moving an inch.

Although these stuffed toys appeared to be of inferior quality, they were so adorable!

Tang Zhou had a weakness for stuffed toys. Once he saw them, he couldn’t tear himself away.

The shopkeeper quickly tried to make a sale, beaming as he said, “Young man, do you want to give it a try? Ten yuan for twenty chances!”

Tang Zhou couldn’t resist and took out his phone to scan the QR code and pay. He knew he didn’t have any talent for shooting, but what if? What if he managed to hit the target?

He wanted the biggest one!

The shopkeeper handed him a bow enthusiastically, the arrows in the quiver, ready for use.

Tang Zhou nocked an arrow and drew the bow, striking a confident pose.

He felt that he had aimed at the center of the target well, but with a slight release of his hand, the arrow flew out and hit the wall with a thud.

The shopkeeper comforted him, “It’s normal to be inexperienced on your first try. You’ll get better after a few more shots.”

Tang Zhou: “…”

The shopkeeper’s words were true, but his words sounded a bit weird.

He nodded and picked up the bow and arrow once more.

After nineteen consecutive shots, he didn’t hit the target even once, let alone the bullseye.

Just as Tang Zhou was about to give up on his last arrow, a familiar voice suddenly came from behind, “Senior, can you let me try one shot?”

Without turning around, Tang Zhou replied indifferently, “Buy your own.”

Fu Shen leaned closer to his ear and whispered something. Tang Zhou glanced at him, then at the shopkeeper, before negotiating, “Shopkeeper, he’s my friend. Can you let him play with this last chance?”

The shopkeeper nodded, “Of course, of course.”

Fu Shen asked, “If I hit the target, do I get a reward?”

Without any hesitation, the shopkeeper replied, “Of course.”

He didn’t believe this young man could hit the target in one shot.

Tang Zhou handed him the bow and arrow and stepped aside.

The moment Fu Shen drew the bow, his aura changed abruptly. His usually gentle and deep eyes became sharp and cold, as if the target in front of him was not just a mere object, but his prey.

Tang Zhou had only seen this side of Fu Shen at the conference table, but that was several years later when he became President Fu.

While he was still stunned, an arrow tore through the air and, with extraordinary momentum, charged towards the target, embedding itself in the bullseye with a crisp sound.

Tang Zhou’s heart raced for a moment, then returned to calm.

He watched as Fu Shen retracted his sharp gaze, gently accepted the stuffed bear handed over by the shopkeeper, and walked towards him.

The tall young man, holding the half-human-sized stuffed bear, attracted the attention of many tourists, but he didn’t care.

“Here you go.”

The young man stood against the light, his features handsome and his smile just right.

Tang Zhou snapped back to reality.

“You keep it.”

He didn’t want to parade around with such a large bear, it would tarnish his image as Tang Shen.

Fu Shen saw through his thoughts and deliberately held the stuffed bear in the crook of his arm, “Does Senior want to give it to me?”

Tang Zhou glared at him, “If you want it, go play yourself.”

“I told you, if I were to play, the shopkeeper would suffer huge losses.”

That’s what he whispered to Tang Zhou earlier, or else Tang Zhou wouldn’t have given him the last arrow.

Tang Zhou didn’t believe it at first, but after witnessing it for himself, he was convinced.

Indeed, encountering someone like Fu Shen would mean a loss for the shopkeeper.

He took the opportunity to compliment, “You’re pretty good at darts and archery.”

Fu Shen replied indifferently, “I learned them when I was young.”

Tang Zhou found it strange that Fu Shen had the opportunity to learn these skills, given his family background during his childhood.

“Who did you learn from?”

Fu Shen looked down at the ground, “My grandfather.”

Tang Zhou praised sincerely, “Your grandfather is impressive.”

“Yes, he’s very impressive.” Fu Shen smiled faintly, his eyes filled with nostalgia.

Tang Zhou’s heart softened, and he tried to comfort him, “You’re impressive too.”

Fu Shen chuckled lightly in derision, “How am I impressive?”

He asked casually, without any intention to lean in another direction, but Tang Zhou’s guilty conscience made him overthink.

Recalling the accidental touch that morning, Tang Zhou quietly moved his hand behind his back, as if doing so could cover up his embarrassing past.

Catching his little movement from the corner of his eye, Fu Shen was surprise for a moment then he almost burst into laughter.

The sudden sound of a ringing phone broke the awkwardness, and Tang Zhou hurriedly took out his phone to answer it.

It wasn’t known what the other person said, but his brows furrowed and his voice was low, “I understand.”

After hanging up, he looked at Fu Shen.

“Please tell Lu Ye and the others for me, I need to return to Jiangcheng first.”

Fu Shen held the stuffed bear tightly, and on a whim, he spoke up.


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