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Chapter 10.2

As they were about to reach Fan City, everyone was excitedly discussing where to camp when suddenly the sky turned dark, clouds broke through the horizon and a storm rolled in, the wind outside the bus rampant.

Everyone: “…”

“No way, I checked the weather forecast before we came, there will be no rain in Fan City for the next few days.”

“Maybe the clouds will pass by in a moment and disappear.”

“It doesn’t look like it.”

“Because Fan City is surrounded by mountains, the weather is naturally changeable.”

“Is that so? What do we do tonight then?”

“If it rains, we’ll find a hotel to stay in temporarily.”

However before they could get off the highway, large bean sized raindrops started to pound against the car windows, making a racket in the bus.

Tang Zhou opened his eyes. It looked like he wouldn’t have to spend the night outdoors after all.

The group started to book rooms on their cell phones, but it was a pity that not only were they traveling on the weekend, the hotels near Pear Mountain were also fully booked, making it difficult to secure so many rooms all at once.

Even if a few people crammed themselves into a room, it still might not be possible.

However if they made separate arrangements, they still had some chances.

Everyone started swiping on their phones and Tang Zhou also opened an app.

After a while, Lu Ye came over and asked, “Have you found a room?”

“Not yet.” Tang Zhou replied, not worried at all.

If there were no hotels, small private inns would do as well. He had stayed in those before.

However, those private inns were generally hidden in alleys and they would have to find them on their own.

Some people had snatched up the rooms, but one room could only accommodate a maximum of four people. Calculating this, there must be a few people without a place to stay.

The crowd looked at each other, trying to figure out what to do.

Lu Ye spoke up at the right time, “Let Qiao Yuan and Tang Zhou and I go to the Pear Mountain Hotel to try our luck to see if there are any available rooms. You guys can go to the other hotels you’ve booked and we’ll contact you tomorrow via cell phone.”

It wasn’t that the crowd was unwilling to share a room with them, it was just that Lu Ye and Tang Zhou weren’t the kind of people who would squeeze onto a bed with someone else and they were too embarrassed to suggest it.

Lu Ye himself didn’t mind these things, but he knew that Tang Zhou didn’t like it and he didn’t want Qiao Yuan to be crowded with so many people, so he made this decision.

The car stopped at the Pear Mountain Hotel and the three, Lu Ye, Qiao Yuan and Tang Zhou, got out of the bus.

The rain was heavy and sudden and Tang Zhou was wearing running shoes with mesh, making it easy for the rain to get in, and so the rainwater seeped into his shoes, making them sticky and uncomfortable.

After a few steps, his pants were wet with rainwater.

The three of them arrived at the hotel lobby, drenched and miserable, with Lu Ye heading straight to the front desk and asking, “Do you have any rooms available?”

The receptionist had a look of sympathy in her eyes as she said regretfully, “I’m sorry sir, but all of our rooms are fully booked.”

Lu Ye looked at Qiao Yuan’s drooping head, feeling distressed for him. He himself could sleep anywhere, but he hated to see Qiao Yuan suffer.

Tang Zhou said, “Let’s take a break here, wait until the rain slows down and then find a private hotel.”

As the young master of the Lu family, Lu Ye had never stayed in such a subpar hotel before, so he couldn’t help but say, “Can people really stay in these kinds of places?”

After growing up in a wealthy household, his words inspired beatings.

Tang Zhou sat down on the couch in the lobby and said, “Apart from the room being a little smaller, the soundproofing being a little worse, the comforter being a little musty and the hygiene being a little worse, there’s no difference.”

Lu Ye: “…”

Qiao Yuan who had recovered shook Lu Ye’s arm, saying optimistically, “Just listen to Zhou Ge, I haven’t stayed in this kind of place before.”

Helpless, Lu Ye could only do that.

The three of them sat in the lobby waiting for the rain to subside and the receptionist took pity on them and handed them hot water and was overjoyed by the genuine gratitude of the three handsome men.

Just then, a few people walked into the hotel from outside, with relaxed smiles on their faces.

Tang Zhou didn’t pay attention at first, but was stunned when he heard a familiar voice.

Before he could see who it was clearly, he heard Qiao Yuan shout excitedly, “Fu Shen!”

The man in front turned his head when he heard the name and his gaze collided with Tang Zhou’s.

He was holding an umbrella and the rain on the umbrella flowed to the tip, forming droplets that dripped onto the ground and splashed tiny beads of water.

For a fraction of a second, his amber colored eyes were stunned and perhaps because the weather was too cloudy, the lights in the lobby suddenly lit up, reflecting in those pupils and it was as if the light had stopped, the starry sky eternal.

Turning around, a smile appeared on the corners of his lips.

“What a coincidence.”

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