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Chapter 25.1

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Hugging Fu Shen tightly, Tang Zhou’s tears came down without stopping and after a while, Fu Shen’s neck and collar were wet from the tears.

Fu Shen’s right hand rested on Tang Zhou’s slightly trembling shoulder. He couldn’t offer comforting words, so he silently allowed him to vent.

A moment later, the alcohol took effect.

Tang Zhou leaned softly in Fu Shen’s arms, his body completely relaxed as gentle and shallow breaths brushed against Fu Shen’s collarbone, causing a slight tickle.

Unexpectedly, he cried himself to sleep.

Fu Shen lowered his head to look at him, and could only see a cluster of dark hair and small, fair ears.

Carefully holding the back of Tang Zhou’s neck, he made him lie flat on the bed. This position brought him close to Tang Zhou, just a hair’s breadth away from touching his delicate skin.

Taking a deep breath, Fu Shen removed his hand, fetched a damp tissue, and wiped the tears from Tang Zhou’s face gently. As he approached his lips, he hesitated for a moment, restraining himself from looking away.

To prevent Tang Zhou from waking up the next day with swollen eyes, Fu Shen went to his own bedroom and took a steam eye mask, placing it on him.

The steam eye mask could emit warmth, relieve eye fatigue and help reduce puffiness.

The bedroom’s soft and friendly orange wall lamp cast a halo on Tang Zhou’s face through the lampshade, adding a sense of hazy beauty.

The eye mask covered his brows and eyes, allowing only the delicate and elevated bridge of his nose, as well as his soft red lips, to be seen.

Sleeping quietly, he didn’t make a sound.

The wall of Fu Shen’s heart that had been cold for a long time cracked open, and tenderness overflowed.

He didn’t know when it started, but his gaze would uncontrollably follow this person.

He didn’t know what had happened tonight to make Tang Zhou cry so sadly.

Tang Zhou slept deeply this night, having a dream.

In the dream, he was hugging a teddy bear tightly and crying hard, then a bigger bear ran over and told him that the teddy bear would suffocate, then snatched it from him heartlessly. After that he made a presumptuous proposal.

When Tang Zhou woke up, everything was pitch black. He was confused. Was it that it wasn’t dawn yet?

But then, light seeped in through the cracks.

He took a moment to collect himself, raised his hand to touch his eyes, then he realized something was covering them.

Taking it off, a steam eye mask?

Fu Shen put it on him?

At this moment his phone rang, and Tang Zhou looked around left and right. It wasn’t on the bedside table.

The vibration was coming from his thigh. He helplessly rubbed his forehead. He actually fell asleep in jeans last night!

Pulling out his phone, he saw that it was Ai Mo.

“Boss, the script’s all set! Are you free today? I can come over at anytime!”

Ai Mo sounded super excited.

Tang Zhou actually had nothing going on today, so he said, “Sure, come on over.”

After the call, Tang Zhou thought about his collaborator Lu Ye and gave him a call too.

After the dial sounded twice, Lu Ye finally picked up. “Tang Zhou, what’s up?” His voice had a bit of tiredness, with a few points of distinct maturity that was different from before.

Tang Zhou got up and headed to the bathroom. “How’s Auntie Sheng doing?”

“Much better.” Lu Ye sighed, a bit regretful. “She’s just not smiling anymore.”

“En, I’ll drop by to see her another day.” With toothpaste squeezed out using one hand, Tang Zhou continued, “The script is ready. If you’re free today, come by my place. We can have a chat.”

Lu Ye agreed right away. “Sure, I’ll bring Xiao Yuan along. His mood has been off these days.”

After hanging up, Tang Zhou brushed his teeth while looking at his reflection in the mirror. Suddenly, a few scenes popped into his mind and his toothbrush slowed down as he stood there almost frozen.

It wasn’t a dream! Everything that happened last night was real!

He actually cried in front of Fu Shen!

Even Tang Shen, who never swore, couldn’t help but curse in his head like crazy.

Move out! He had to move out as soon as possible!

After brushing, Tang Zhou went to the living room with a defeated look on his face.

It was just him at home. Fu Shen should be off to class. Fortunately that Fu Shen wasn’t around, otherwise he wouldn’t know how to face him.

There was a sticky note on the table.

[There are steamed buns in the kitchen, beef filling.]

Sharp handwriting, neat and tidy- this was Fu Shen’s style.

The corners of Tang Zhou’s mouth lifted slightly. He really loved buns with beef filling.

He had to admit, with Fu Shen around, breakfast was no trouble at all. As a kitchen idiot, Tang Zhou couldn’t even handle noodles properly.

Ignoring the weird emotions in his heart, he suppressed the curve of his lips. No matter how good Fu Shen’s cooking was, he had to move out!

He gobbled down two delicious buns fiercely, took a shower, changed clothes, and just in time, Ai Mo rang the doorbell eagerly.

Seeing Tang Zhou, he wasted no words and shoved a notebook into his hands. “Check it out!”

Facing Ai Mo’s creative enthusiasm, Tang Zhou’s mood lightened a bit. Sitting on the couch, he flipped through the pages carefully.

The freshly revised script wasn’t all that different from what he remembered, and he thought that if they polished it up during filming, it could definitely create a blockbuster just like in his dream.

As soon as he finished reading the script, Lu Ye and Qiao Yuan arrived.

Compared to last time, Qiao Yuan’s face had improved quite a bit. Seeing Tang Zhou, he managed a slight smile- not as bright as before, but with a bit more maturity.

Lu Ye seemed even more matured, carrying a bit of the image of President Lu from his dream.

Tang Zhou nodded. “Have a seat. Read the script first, and then we’ll talk.”

The first page of the script had the title on it.

Lu Ye glanced at it and raised an eyebrow, looking puzzledly at Tang Zhou.

This name didn’t seem reliable at all.

He hadn’t seen many movies, but that didn’t stop him from knowing that famous movie names were usually quite artistic.

‘I’m not a warrior’, what kind of weird name was this?

He hadn’t even read it yet, and his initial impression wasn’t great. If it weren’t for Tang Zhou’s face, he probably wouldn’t want to bother with it at all.

After all these years, Tang Zhou could read his thoughts with just a glance.

He might have matured a bit, but he hadn’t kicked away his conceitedness.

“Let’s talk after you’ve read it.”

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