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Chapter 7.1

When Tang Zhou woke up, it was already bright out.

He had spent the night sleeping on the couch and his body was sore to the point of being unbearable. As he sat up, clutching his neck, the blanket on him slid off, with one corner touching the ground.

He seemed to have fallen asleep directly last night. So, it was Fu Shen who had covered him with this blanket?

On the coffee table, draft papers were neatly stacked– all results of last night’s discussion.

Suddenly, he realized that Fu Shen had to go to class today. They had stayed up so late last night, and Fu Shen had left early this morning; he probably hadn’t slept much.

He would probably doze off in class.

Jiang City University.

In the classroom, Fu Shen was seriously writing in his notebook and those who didn’t know any better would think he was taking notes. The professor on the podium praised him secretly several times, not knowing that the list on Fu Shen’s notebook was of items that needed to be purchased.

Pi Xiu sat next to him, half listening to the lecture, while also scrolling on his phone.

“D*mn, Tang Shen is in a relationship?”

Holding his phone, he turned his surprised face to share with Li Fengyu. Li Fengyu took a glance and said, “The school forum? Who took the picture?”

Because it was at night, the photo was somewhat blurry. You could only see Tang Zhou’s silhouette and his hand, interlocked with someone else’s.

As for the person next to him, their face and body were hidden in the shadows, not clear at all.

But having spent so much time with Fu Shen, they recognized him at a glance.

Could it be that the “selling himself” really meant “selling himself”?

Pi Xiu showed it nervously to Fu Shen.

Fu Shen glanced at it and said nonchalantly, “Send me the link.”


“Hang on, are you and Tang Shen really…?”

Fu Shen was listing things down, “The professor is looking at you.”

Pi Xiu: What?

“That student, do you have a question?” The professor asked kindly as he looked at Pi Xiu.

Pi Xiu: “….” Professor, I’m sorry!

After class, Fu Shen returned to the dormitory and opened the link.

The post had started fermenting since last night and its popularity was quite high, with several pages of comments.

Apart from some expressing surprise or indifference, the majority were mocking and bashing the “Tang Zhou was gay” post.

The suspicion of Tang Shen being gay was enough to set the forum ablaze.

Fu Shen still couldn’t understand Tang Zhou’s intention, but that didn’t stop him from tracing the IP of the person who made the post.

He sent Tang Zhou a message: The photo is on the school forum.

Fu Shen paused for a moment, then said: Are you really going to ruin your reputation?

Tang Zhou: It depends on how others see it.

Fu Shen understood his meaning.

Liking men, after all, was just a personal matter for Tang Zhou. It had nothing to do with others and didn’t affect Tang Zhou’s ability in investment at all. It all depended on how important this matter was in the eyes of others. Who was Tang Zhou testing?

[Fu Shen]: I found the person who made the post. Do you want to know who it is?

Tang Zhou: Just a small fry.

The mastermind was obvious.

Apart from Tang Tianyang, he couldn’t think of a second person. In his dream, Tang Tianyang had fabricated intimate photos of him and Fu Shen in order to kick him out of the power center and become the heir of the Tang family.

What Tang Zhou was doing now was just advancing this matter. He wasn’t the destitute Tang Zhou from the dream, who had nothing left because he had protected the Tang family. He wasn’t afraid at all.

Seeing Tang Zhou’s reply, Fu Shen chuckled.

Although Tang Zhou didn’t care about the small fry, Fu Shen was the type to retaliate for every slight.

Someone had exposed his privacy, he wouldn’t just sit and wait for death, even if his face couldn’t be seen clearly in the photo.

Both the small fry and the mastermind couldn’t escape. As for the mastermind… he had previously investigated Tang Zhou’s family situation and coupled with Tang Zhou’s ambiguous attitude, he had reason to believe that the mastermind was Tang Tianyang, the illegitimate child of the Tang family.

Tang Zhou was very disgusted with the illegitimate child, but this disgust was only an emotional reaction. He had never taken Tang Tianyang seriously.

Fu Shen also knew that the reason why Tang Zhou had targeted him before was because of his background.

He wasn’t an illegitimate child, but he was associated with one, both being existences that disrupted other people’s complete families.

Tang Zhou was biased against him, which he could understand, but it wasn’t entirely pleasant.

However, seeing such a scheming Tang Tianyang, Fu Shen couldn’t help but feel a bit of sympathy for Tang Zhou.

Although his tactics were low level, they were enough to disgust people.

On the forum, people were enjoying the gossip when suddenly the original poster posted a few more photos, with a tone full of sarcasm.

[Liking men is indeed a personal matter, but this dude, isn’t it a bit too much to be playing several fields at once?]

The main character in the several photos was the same man, but the female characters were all different. In one of them, the face of Du Ruoyu was clearly visible.

When it came to matters involving the morality of relationships between men and women, people didn’t seem so indifferent. For a while, the post was filled with cursing and scoldings, with the majority angrily criticizing the male protagonist in the photos, saying that the reputation of Jiang University was being tarnished.

After pulling off these actions, Fu Shen shut down his laptop, satisfied with his anonymous work.

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