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Chapter 21.2

Tang Zhou stared at Fu Shen blankly.

It turns out he hadn’t really crossed that hurdle in his heart.

What was the point of testing his grandfather with “not getting married”? It was simply because he hadn’t let go yet.

More than twenty years of “heir education” had seeped into his bones deeply that even if he had already gone through it in his dream, he hadn’t been able to really get rid of it.

Yes, why should he be entangled in the matter of whether to get married or not? Tang Zhen had to get married because he wasn’t cut out to take over the business.

He was Tang Zhou, not Tang Zhen.

His mind suddenly clearing, Tang Zhou felt refreshed.

The fact that his grandfather gave up on him in his dream wasn’t essentially because he was with a man, but because his value was no longer comparable to Tang Tianyang’s.

Tang Tianyang wasn’t stupid, and under his grandfather’s guidance, taking over the company wouldn’t be a problem. And one of his greatest helpers was Du Ruoyu.

Du Ruoyu was the only heir of the Du family. Once Du Ruoyu married Tang Tianyang and gave birth to the next generation of the Tang family, the Du family might also gradually bear the surname Tang.

Compared to Tang Zhou who had nothing and “liked men”, Old Master Tang naturally leaned more towards Tang Tianyang.

In his dream, he spent countless efforts to reorganize the Tang family, only for it to end up in the hands of Tang Tianyang. Tang Zhou wasn’t without anger and regret.

The things he did after he woke up from the dream were nothing more than venting his frustration.

In the end, it was because he still couldn’t really let go.

Fu Shen’s words were a wake up call for him.

The quietness in the corner and the bustling not far away formed a stark contrast. Tang Zhou stared intently at Fu Shen, unable to help asking, “Why are you suddenly telling me all this?”

Fu Shen looked down at him, his eyes calm.

“Because I’ve understood why you used me as a shield.”

“Why did I use you as a shield?”

“You’re just voicing your grievances.”

Tang Zhou: “….” He didn’t like this explanation, but he had no way to refute it.

Indeed, everything he did after waking up from the dream was like a child who had been wronged, trying to prove to those who cared that “I wasn’t wrong, you are the ones who are wrong”.

If he was really heartless, he would have chosen to quietly take control of the Tang family, making the Tang family be completely under his command. By then, he wouldn’t care about what others said.

Saying that the Tang family was rotten was just his excuse.

He was able to turn the tide when the Tang family was teetering on the edge of collapse, so the current Tang family was just a piece of cake to him.

Tang Zhou took a deep breath and then slowly exhaled, murmuring, “What should I do?”

Confusion and bewilderment filled the young man’s clear eyes, like a lost little beast waiting for someone to guide him out of the maze.

Fu Shen finally couldn’t resist. He reached out and touched his head. It was very soft, like his heart, making people irresistibly fall in.

“Just do what makes you happy.”

He was afraid that Tang Zhou would keep immersing himself in a dead end and hurt himself instead of hurting others.

The hand on his head was broad and warm, Tang Zhou didn’t want to avoid it, “What are you really here for tonight?”

Fu Shen smiled, “To earn some pocket money.”

It had been too long since he saw Tang Zhou.

When he heard that Old Master Tang was going to support Tang Tianyang, Fu Shen knew this was expected by Tang Zhou, but he still worried that Tang Zhou would be sad.

After blending into the waitstaff, he saw the solitary Tang Zhou and comparing this with the spirited Tang Tianyang, he felt anger burning in his heart.

There was a sense of anger that someone dared to bully the person he was covering.

Of course, Tang Zhou knew he wasn’t telling the truth. He glanced at him slightly then moved his head away from his palm.

“I don’t have any tip for you.”

Fu Shen retracted his hand, the corner of his lips curling up in a smile.

“You’ve given it already.”

He was tall and stood in front of Tang Zhou, almost blocking the light from the entire banquet hall, adding a sense of oppression to this quiet corner.

Tang Zhou couldn’t help but take a step back, leaning against the wall, feeling inexplicably uneasy.

Seeing that Fu Shen was about to speak, he quickly interrupted: “Instead of working on the project, you’re here to make money.”

After saying this, he felt justified and continued: “If you’re short of money–“

Fu Shen took a step closer, standing against the light, his expression vaguely amused. The voice from his chest, especially deep and magnetic in this narrow corner, he asked, “What if I’m short of money?”

Tang Zhou’s cheeks became hot and his breath hitched. He was about to push Fu Shen away when he heard a voice: “Big brother is here…. meeting a lover?”

Tang Tianyang was holding a wine glass, feigning curiosity.

He had been observing this side for a long time. He originally thought it was just a waiter serving wine to Tang Zhou, trying to chat with Tang Zhou in an attempt to curry favor. He didn’t expect these two to get closer and closer.

Thinking of the rumors from the Du family’s banquet, Tang Tianyang suddenly got excited.

He led a few people over and deliberately said that ambiguous sentence.

The surrounding gazes were blatant, but Tang Zhou wasn’t intimidated at all. He calmly walked in front of Fu Shen, shielding him from the curious eyes of others and said, “You’re disturbing me.”

This was the first time in his life that he had spoken to Tang Tianyang. This newly adult man still had a youthful face, but his eyes were filled with burning ambition.

This was also the first time Tang Tianyang had spoken to his big brother, who was the proud son of heaven. He gripped the wine glass tightly and pretended to be righteous, saying, “This is Grandpa’s banquet after all, you–“

“Mr. Tang.”

Fu Shen suddenly interrupted him, revealing his handsome face to everyone.

“To rudely interrupt someone’s business conversation is quite ill-mannered. Interpreting business talk as meeting a lover, you are either very experienced or you are deliberately slandering. Don’t you think so?”

Tang Tianyang: “…..” He was so angry that he couldn’t speak.

The crowd: “…..” They still had manners.

Fu Shen then turned to look at Tang Zhou, his face serious and asked: “What does Tang Shen think about the project just now?”

Tang Zhou: “…..”

Assistant Fu was over acting a little haha.

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