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Chapter 1.2

The smile on Fu Shen’s face subsided gradually, and his amber-colored eyes squinted involuntarily, his eyes seeming to radiate coldness as they reflected the light.

In the original agreement, as long as Fu Shen served as a personal assistant for half a year, Tang Zhou would invest five million and hold a five percent stake in the company.

The initial investment for the game project was quite substantial, and five million was only considered a small amount. However, even this small amount was a significant sum for Fu Shen’s team.

Fu Shen had a talent for computers and had been able to make money selling software since high school. However relying on software sales to make money for a game development company was like living on a shoestring.

Five million wasn’t much, but it wasn’t insignificant.

And five percent stake wasn’t a lot, but it wasn’t insignificant either.

Fu Shen was wondering why Tang Zhou would suddenly change his mind and if this had something to do with his sudden manic smoking.

He stared at Tang Zhou and asked, “How much can you invest?”

Tang Zhou responded casually but firmly, “As much as you need.”

He had thought for most of the night and decided to alter the outcome of his dreams, and Fu Shen was an excellent partner.

After investing for so many years, Tang Zhou’s personal assets were more than most people could earn in several lifetimes. He had good judgement, investment talent and the reason he had come to such a poor end in his dream was because of his so-called family.

Or perhaps because he had bound himself with the shackles of family.

Fu Shen laughed and asked, “How much of the stake do you want?”

“Forty percent.”

Fu Shen: “….” This was completely asking for the lion’s share.

He maintained his smile, “It seems today is April first.”

“I’m not joking.”

Tang Zhou of course, didn’t really want forty percent. He just wanted to see if the strategic and insightful Fu Shen in his dream would show a different expression.

However Fu Shen wasn’t the Fu Shen of several years later; his smile disappeared and his thick eyebrows furrowed slightly as he attempted to persuade Tang Zhou. “I can only offer at most ten percent.”

“Too little.” Tang Zhou fully demonstrated the coldness and ruthlessness of a capitalist.

The fist at his side clenched silently, Fu Shen lowered his head in deep thought for a moment before saying, “I can’t accept your conditions.”

This was within Tang Zhou’s expectations. He pretended not to care, “Then forget it.”

Fu Shen stood up slowly, his tall and straight figure making him seem superior.

He fixed his gaze on Tang Zhou, then smiled again, “You’re cancelling the agreement without discussing it with me, can you at least explain why?”

The young man’s body blocked the blinding sun, allowing Tang Zhou to look up at him freely.

“Two explanations. I can take responsibility for breach of contract, or you can go back and ask your team if they agree.”

Fu Shen: “….”

Only a fool would agree.

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