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Chapter 32.2

It was a knitted stuffed cat, about the size of a real cat. The cat was completely white, except for its two ears and the tip of its tail, which had a beautiful brown hue. Its round head was adorned with two black pearl-like eyes, giving it an endearing look.

Tang Zhou was instantly captivated.

Because he hadn’t paid much attention to such things and had only seen mass-produced toys in store windows as he passed by, his aesthetic sense for toys had been quite low.

So seeing this pure white cat, he was simply amazed, and his hands itched to touch it.

Fu Shen pressed his fist to his lips, managing not to burst into laughter. He nodded, saying, “En, do you like it?”

“I like it!” Tang Zhou nodded vigorously. “Can I hold it?”

“Of course you can.”

Tang Zhou excitedly cradled the stuffed cat in his hands, and for a moment was unable to decide which of them was whiter.

He sat on the edge of the bed, kneaded the stuffed cat for a while, then looked up at Fu Shen to ask, “Is it a boy or a girl?”

Fu Shen: “…”

Did stuffed animals need to be classified by gender?

Faced with Tang three years old’s eager, wide eyes, Fu Shen said with difficulty, “Stuffed animals don’t have genders.”

“Then how can it have baby kittens?”

Fu Shen: “It’s just one, so it can’t have babies.”

“Can we find it a mate?”

“…. We can.”

“Oh, then let’s find it a mate, and then it can have baby kittens. But not a fourth or fifth one, just three of them, like a little family, okay?”

Fu Shen was stunned and looking into Tang Zhou’s innocent and pure eyes, a sour feeling welled up in his heart.

He bent down and said seriously, “Okay, just three of them, no more.”

Tang three years old nodded in satisfaction then said very seriously, “You’re really good.”

Fu Shen laughed, “How am I good?”

“You gave me a gift.” Tang Zhou said with a happy twinkle in his eye.

And the stuffed cat was still so exquisite and beautiful.

Tang Zhou’s words reminded Fu Shen, and he couldn’t resist reaching out to stroke his head, coaxing softly, “You play for a bit, I’ll go get something.”


Fu Shen left the bedroom and brought in the two gift boxes from the door.

Whether Tang Zhou wanted them or not, he couldn’t leave them outside forever.

After he put the two gift boxes down, Fu Shen returned to the bedroom, only to find that Tang Zhou was already sprawled out on the bed, fast asleep, still hugging the little cat tightly.

This was his bedroom, his bed.

And now, lying on it was the person he had fallen for.

Fu Shen looked at him for a long while, then slowly exhaled and carried Tang Zhou gently, putting him on the bed in the master bedroom.

The whole process was so delicate that there was no sign of him waking up.

It wasn’t until he closed the door, blocking his view, that Fu Shen chuckled at himself. His pride in self-control had nearly dissipated tonight.

Back in his own bedroom, a faint scent of alcohol lingered, left by Tang Zhou.

Fu Shen lay back on the bed, in the same spot where Tang Zhou had just fallen asleep.

Suddenly, a notification sound from his phone shattered the still but chaotic air.

Fu Shen absentmindedly tapped open his phone, entered the group chat, then suddenly sat up.

Pi Xiu: Shen Ge, hurry up and look at these pictures! Is it you?

Li Fengyu: A forum post? D*mn, Shen Ge, what’s your relationship with that girl…

Liang Cheng: No signs of Photoshop, the images are real, but the content should be fake.

Pi Xiu: Shen Ge hurry up and explain!

Fu Shen clicked on the screenshots. Someone had posted about him on a forum using pictures of him and a certain girl going and coming.

[Fu Shen]: Have you found out who the poster is?

Liang Cheng: Yes, it’s a journalism student who usually likes to post gossip.

Fu Shen was the representative of this new generation of students, and he had a natural charm. With his handsome face, he had become a rising star after Tang Shen and Lu Ye left the campus, so he had become the forum’s new favorite.

Pi Xiu: D*mn, there are people stirring things up in the comments, saying you’re dating that girl! Although she’s pretty, you can’t betray Tang Shen!

Pi Xiu: D*mn, did I say something I shouldn’t have?

[Fu Shen]: Betray Tang Shen?

Pi Xiu: I take it back.

[Fu Shen]: I just asked her for advice on some technical stuff.

Li Fengyu: This girl who got exposed is our senior from the third year, so that makes sense.

Liang Cheng: The one who went to Fan City with you for the competition? Your skills should be on par with hers.

[Fu Shen]: It’s not about computer technology.

Pi Xiu: Tell us more.

Li Fengyu: Tell us more.

Liang Cheng: Tell us more.

[Fu Shen]: Do you know how to knit stuffed animals?

Pi Xiu: Don’t change the subject.

[Fu Shen]: When making knitted stuffed animals, you need to have very nimble fingers. Regular practice helps improve hand speed. Senior sister is very skilled in this aspect, so I went to her for guidance.

Liang Cheng: As long as you’re happy.

Fu Shen smiled. He didn’t expect to fool his three roommates, but he also didn’t need to explain too much.

Pi Xiu: The rhythm of this post is too intense. How should it be handled?

Li Fengyu: Report and get it removed.

[Fu Shen]: I’ll take care of it.

He opened his laptop, typed on the keyboard quickly, and followed the trail to find an interesting expenditure record.

This gossip-loving journalism student had recently spent tens of thousands on a new camera.

But looking at his previous expenses, he wasn’t a wealthy student.

Suddenly having so much money, Fu Shen couldn’t help but suspect that there might be some illegal dealings involved. He just didn’t know who he was targeting.

After deleting the post, Fu Shen called Mi Shu, asking him to check who this journalism student had been in contact with and if there were any unusual activities.

This wasn’t a challenging task for Mi Shu, and he quickly found a lead and sent it to Fu Shen.

A hint of a sneer appeared on the corners of Fu Shen’s lips. It seemed that some people had a habit of resorting to these lowly tactics that they couldn’t change.

Reciprocity in all things was his principle, and preparing for a rainy day was also one as well.

Ever since Tang Zhou distanced himself from the core of the Tang family’s power, Fu Shen hadn’t relaxed his investigation of Tang Tianyang.

Tasting the sweet touch of power for the first time, Tang Tianyang had indulged himself recklessly.

Under the influence and teachings of Tang Zhen, Tang Tianyang had surpassed his predecessor.

He was even more reckless than Tang Zhen.

Fu Shen tapped his fingers and watched the pictures begin to circulate online, his expression devoid of emotion.

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