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Chapter 18.1

Tang Zhou was jolted awake.

A scream from the living room ripped him straight out of dreamland.

A low rebuke came, “Don’t wake him up!”

Tang Zhou had good hearing, so he could still catch low voices and since he was unable to sleep now, he put on his pajamas, opened the bedroom door and saw Ai Mo holding a potted plant, in a standoff with Fu Shen.

Seeing him, both turned their gaze towards him.

Tang Zhou gave Fu Shen a casual glance, “What are you doing here?”

Just out of bed, his tuft of hair was up playfully, his beautiful eyes half closed, looking lazy and regal.

Fu Shen’s gaze slid past his collarbone and he asked calmly, “What do you want to eat in the morning?”

Tang Zhou yawned delicately, mumbling, “You’re here too early. Anything will do.”


The tall, handsome assistant turned and walked into the kitchen, not even giving Ai Mo a second glance.

Tang Zhou, still in his slippers, shuffled off to the bathroom. Ai Mo with bright eyes followed him, gossiping, “Boss, is he your boyfriend?”

Tang Zhou almost sprayed him in the face.

“Which eye of yours saw that?”

“Both of them!” As a fellow gay and creative artist, Ai Mo was confident in his perceptive abilities, “Even if he’s not, it won’t be long before he is.”


Tang Zhou didn’t bother to answer him. Ai Mo’s off-key comments from the night before were still fresh in his memory. He didn’t need to take Ai Mo’s words seriously.

Seeing Tang Zhou ignoring him while cleaning up, Ai Mo could only swallow his argument and go back to his own bathroom.

The handsome stranger who was eyeing Tang Zhou definitely had something off about him.

Because of the limited ingredients, the breakfast was simple.

Tang Zhou received a cup of milk, a few slices of bread and fried eggs.

Ai Mo glanced at Tang Zhou’s plate, then at the tablecloth in front of him and asked pitifully, “Don’t I get anything….”

Fu Shen ignored him.

He was Tang Zhou’s assistant. He served only one person- Tang Zhou.

Tang Zhou took a sip of milk, “Do you know how to cook noodles? We have dried noodles at home.”

“Okay!” Ai Mo ran cheerfully to the kitchen.

Only Tang Zhou and Fu Shen were left in the dining room.

Fu Shen couldn’t help himself, “Who is he?”

“Ai Mo, a young screenwriter.” Tang Zhou’s slightly rounded eyes sparkled, like a cat that got the cream, “I’m planning to invest in his script.”

After saying that, he took out his phone to contact Lu Ye. The Lu family was involved in the entertainment and film industry and for such matters, an individual like him definitely didn’t have the capacity of industry giants.

Just as he was about to dial, Lu Ye beat him to it.

“Tang Zhou, I heard you punched your dad, what happened?” His voice sounded tired.

Tang Zhou swallowed the bite of bread, “We’ll talk about that later. I was just about to call you.”

“I have something to tell you too, are you home? I’m coming over with Xiao Yuan.”

There was something off in Lu Ye’s tone, Tang Zhou paused, “Okay, I’ll wait for you guys at home.”

After hanging up, Fu Shen asked again, “Why is he living here?”

“Huh?” Tang Zhou didn’t quite understand why Fu Shen was so invested in this matter, “We met last night, he was homeless.”

Fu Shen: “…” So nonchalant towards a stranger? And even intending to invest in some script.

There was a lump in his heart, as if a mass of hemp was stuck in his throat.

“Do you know what kind of person he is, bringing him home like that?” Under the tablecloth, his fist clenched, Fu Shen frowned, “Shouldn’t you reconsider the investment?”

Tang Zhou thought: Of course, I know. He’s a box office dark horse, just like you, a worthwhile investment.

He studied Fu Shen’s expression closely, “Are you angry?”


Tang Zhou: “….” Could it be that time of the month?

Just as he was about to care about his assistant’s mental health, the doorbell rang.

Lu Ye had arrived so quickly?

He was about to move, but Fu Shen was already up, “I’ll get it, you continue eating.”

Alright then.

To be honest, Fu Shen’s fried eggs were really good.

As he ate one, he saw Fu Shen bringing a large package into the living room and couldn’t help but ask, “Did you buy something?”

Fu Shen took a pair of scissors from the storage cabinet and looked at him with a smile, “It’s a teddy bear.”

Tang Zhou: “Oh.”

He almost forgot that they had sent a bear back from Fancheng.

Putting down his chopsticks, Tang Zhou shuffled over to where Fu Shen was opening the package. As soon as the bag was open, he quickly grabbed the bear by its round arms and pulled it into his arms.

He had had his eye on this bear that day, and it was a prize he won in archery, so it was very special. For a moment, he couldn’t resist nuzzling the bear’s belly and was about to get a good sniff when it was taken away by Fu Shen.

“What are you doing?” Tang Zhou was confused.

He had long since lost any sense of image in front of Fu Shen, so what was wrong with sniffing a bear?

Fu Shen said flatly, “It has been in the shop for who knows how many days, it’s definitely dusty and not clean.”

What was the point of hugging a bear, it couldn’t keep the bed warm.

Tang Zhou thought about it and said, “That’s a shame.”

The young man’s beautiful eyes stuck to the teddy bear, not wanting to let go. Fu Shen couldn’t help but soften, clearing his throat, “It’s okay to touch it, just don’t sniff.”

Tang Zhou nodded and carried the bear into the bedroom, stuffing it in the empty wardrobe.

When he came out, Fu Shen had already cleaned up the trash and was carrying his leftover dishes to the kitchen.

Ai Mo was sitting at the table eating noodles, looking at Tang Zhou with an ambiguous smile.

His ex-boyfriend wasn’t nearly as domesticated.

Boss Tang really was a winner in life, making people envious and jealous.

Tang Zhou was oblivious to his little thoughts, saying, “I have a friend coming over later who has some influence in the film and television circle, you should get your script ready as soon as possible.”

“Uh-huh!” As soon as the script was mentioned, Ai Mo’s eyes lit up.

He felt quite lucky to have met someone who could appreciate his script at the most helpless time in his life.

He had so many ideas in his head, waiting to be written down.

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