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Chapter 14.2

Although it was the weekend, overtime work was the norm in such large companies.

On the other side of the line was Tang Zhen’s secretary, who naturally recognized Tang Zhou’s voice. Although she didn’t understand why Tang Zhou was directly addressing Tang Zhen by his name, she still dutifully replied, “Manager Tang is in his office. Do you want me to transfer the call?”

“No need.”

He hung up and tightly clenched his phone in his hand. His cold expression frightened the taxi driver, who dared not even breathe as he quickly dropped off this terrifying passenger at his destination and drove away in a hurry.

Tang Zhou looked up at the towering commercial building, not stopping for a moment, and headed straight for the general manager’s office.

The old man Tang hadn’t yet relinquished his power, so even today, Tang Zhen was just a general manager. He had suffered many setbacks in his career, so how could he possibly like Tang Zhou, who was more outstanding and made him look like a useless person in comparison?

He was looking at the sales report for the last quarter, with the continuously declining figures making him frown.

What on earth was the sales department doing with the persistently sluggish sales figures?

“Young Master Tang! I’ll go ask, but you can’t just enter—”


The office door was rudely pushed open, hitting the door stopper and making a loud noise.

Tang Zhen was startled and quickly looked up. Before he could see clearly, he was grabbed by the collar and lifted up. A strong fist immediately struck his cheek, causing intense pain that made him cry out and fall to the ground.

Covering his face, he glared at the audacious attacker, “Tang Zhou, have you gone mad?!”

Tang Zhou sneered coldly and lifted him up, landing another heavy punch.

“Cheating, domestic violence. You’re nothing but a disgusting piece of social scum.”

The pent-up frustration from his dream surged out, making Tang Zhou unable to bear looking at that nauseating face. He punched Tang Zhen brutally several more times before being pulled away forcefully.

He had wanted to beat Tang Zhen for a long time.

He had already been tolerating it while filling in the gaps from his dream.

Zheng Qiuyi’s injury became a fuse, an excuse for him to vent his anger and frustration.

He didn’t care if this incident would affect the Tang family’s reputation or become gossip among the company’s employees.

If this incident could make Tang Zhen harbor even greater animosity towards him, make the old man Tang more disappointed in him, and allow Tang Tianyang to openly appear on the stage to seize power, why not?

He was fed up with the fake pretenses and didn’t want to continue whitewashing the facade of peace.

The company’s security guards arrived quickly, while many employees stealthily hid outside to watch the commotion.

Tang Zhen was beaten black and blue, and in a fit of rage, he tried to fight back while Tang Zhou was being held back, but he was knocked over by Tang Zhou’s kick.

“Tang Zhou, have you gone mad?! How dare you hit me?!” Tang Zhen couldn’t believe that this was his cold and aloof son.

This was happening in the company! Did he have no shame left?!

Tang Zhou broke free from the people restraining him, his hands trembling slightly as if he was too angry to control himself. His words came out with a slight quiver.

“If you dare to hit my mother, I dare to hit you.”

Although it was a display of anger from Tang Zhou, it was also his true feelings.

The fact that he wasn’t close to Zheng Qiuyi didn’t mean he had no feelings for her at all.

The Tang family of three had always maintained a harmonious atmosphere in the eyes of outsiders. Tang Zhen and Zheng Qiuyi seemed loving and intimate when they appeared at banquets or in the media, so everyone thought that they had a deep relationship.

No one expected that Tang Zhou’s words would shatter this deeply-rooted perception.

Hit someone? Damn, their seemingly elegant general manager was actually a domestic abuser?

The curious gazes of the crowd made Tang Zhen’s face turn red. He got up with great difficulty and roared at Tang Zhou, “What nonsense are you talking about?! What hitting?!”

He barely saw Zheng Qiuyi a few times a year; where would he find the time to hit her?!

Tang Zhou’s face was as cold as ice. The normally unapproachable young man seemed to have his reason destroyed by anger, “A concussion. Do you want to take a look at the medical examination report from the hospital?”

He was already handsome, and the furious look with reddened eyes seemed fierce, but it actually portrayed an impressive image of a son fighting for justice for his mother.

The onlookers believed they had figured out the cause and effect, and couldn’t bring themselves to dislike Tang Zhou, but they had a newfound aversion to Tang Zhen.

Anyone with empathy would not have a favorable impression of a domestic abuser.

However they couldn’t help but sigh. With Tang Zhou causing such a scene, there might be a rift between father and son, which could affect the position of the heir.

Security guards dispersed the employees, while they awkwardly stayed in the office, waiting for instructions.

Tang Zhen’s face was already swollen like a pig’s head, and his gaze at Tang Zhou was filled with resentment.

Tang Zhou ignored his venomous stare, scoffed coldly, and turned to leave.

“Lunatic! Lunatic!” Tang Zhen slammed the table with a loud bang, but he didn’t dare touch Tang Zhou.

Tang Zhou could afford to be shameless, but he couldn’t.

Under the watchful eyes of the employees, Tang Zhou stepped out of the company.

The sunlight pierced through the dark clouds, casting a brilliant glow.

He had never beaten anyone before, and he didn’t expect it to be so exhilarating. If he had known, he would have hit Tang Zhen a few more times in his dreams, so he wouldn’t have to work so hard without any gratification.

The knuckles on his right hand were aching slightly, probably because he had hit Tang Zhen too hard earlier.

The phone in his pocket buzzed relentlessly like a death knell, and Tang Zhou hung up without hesitation.

It must be the old man. He didn’t want to be scolded just yet.

Aimlessly walking along the street, the early spring sunlight carried warmth, but it only made his heart ache.

He had nowhere to go; no place felt like home.

His phone rang again, and just as he was about to turn it off, he caught a glimpse of the caller ID and involuntarily answered the call.

“Are you still at the hospital?”


Fu Shen seemed to detect a hint of choked emotion, paused for a moment, and his voice became even gentler.

“Going home?”


Tang Zhou raised his hand to wipe the corner of his eyes. The sun was so glaring.

“Where are you? I’ll come pick you up.”

Tang Zhou spoke with a hoarse voice.

“Nanjing Road.”

Fu Shen’s voice came through the receiver, exceptionally solemn.

“Wait for me.”

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