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Chapter 20.1

It wasn’t that Tang Zhou had never bought groceries before.

In the dream, he often found himself being dragged by Fu Shen to the supermarket, which led him to becoming familiar with all sorts of vegetables he didn’t know before.

It was just that he couldn’t wrap his head around why President Fu, someone with a net worth in the billions, couldn’t hire a housekeeper and insisted on him cooking.

“Do you have something to say to me?”

Fu Shen took the initiative to ask, noticing Tang Zhou’s hesitation.

Tang Zhou nodded, “When are you guys moving upstairs?”

Working on projects in the dormitory was definitely inconvenient. Tang Zhou naturally hoped they could all move off-campus. After all, the place was close to the school and wouldn’t interfere with their classes.

Fu Shen, with a hint of a smile in his eyes said, “I’ve discussed it with them. How about this weekend?”

“Okay.” Tang Zhou pursed his lips, “What compensation do you want?”

“Anything?” Fu Shen asked.

Tang Zhuo responded coolly, “Don’t even think about murder or arson.”

“We’ll talk about it when I think of something.” Fu Shen pulled into a parking spot, “Let’s go shopping first.”

Tang Zhou followed him into the store.

The stalls inside were neat and clean, with a full range of ingredients and as Tang Zhou looked around, his eyes lit up.

Catching a glimpse of this out of the corner of his eye, the smile on Fu Shen’s lips deepened. He turned his head to ask, “Is there any dish you’d like to eat? I can make it for dinner.”

Tang Zhou hesitated, shaking his head.

Although Fu Shen was indeed his life assistant at the moment, Tang Zhou had already started to see him as a partner.

In his eyes, Fu Shen’s value wasn’t in cooking, but in gaming.

So both publicly and privately, he didn’t want Fu Shen to continue as an assistant.

“Fu Shen, let’s cancel the five-year assistant agreement.” He said seriously.

Fu Shen paused, the smile in his eyes fading. “Why?”

Tang Zhou explained, “This won’t affect my investment, so you don’t need to worry.”

“That’s not what I’m worried about.” Fu Shen blurted out.

“Then what are you worried about?” Tang Zhou asked, puzzled.

Fu Shen pinched his fingers, “…Nothing.”

The two didn’t say anything more, bought some dumpling skins and meat, and return to the car.

The silence continued on the way home.

Tang Zhou himself wasn’t someone who would find something to say when there was nothing to say, and with Fu Shen remaining silent, the atmosphere in the car was rather strange.

It wasn’t until they had driven into the garage that Fu Shen casually said, “The four rooms upstairs might not be enough.”

Tang Zhou: “You want to hire more people?”


Fu Shen turned off the engine and in the dim light of the garage, he looked at Tang Zhou and said in a low voice, “I know a friend who is pretty skilled.”

Tang Zhou nodded. “Then…”

“I don’t like crowds.” Fu Shen cut him off. “I want to stay in the guest room downstairs. Take it as today’s compensation. Is that okay?”

Tang Zhou was stunned for a few seconds before nodding. “Okay.”

He had originally planned to offer other accommodations, but since Fu Shen had mentioned compensation, he really couldn’t refuse.

Although he didn’t see how this could be counted as compensation.

When he entered the house, Lu Ye and Qiao Yuan were sitting on the couch with their phones in their hands, each doing their own thing.

There were also been messy take-out boxes on the table.

With a cold expression, Tang Zhou urged, “Eldest Master Lu, clean up.”

When had Lu Ye done this before? He asked unwillingly, “Why don’t you hire a maid?”

“Hurry up.” Tang Zhou didn’t bother wasting words with him.

Qiao Yuan, on the other hand was quite obedient. He immediately got up to clean up. He hadn’t thought of it before, but he was one to listen when others spoke.

Lu Ye, not wanting to let Qiao Yuan do the work, had no choice but to put on a stern face and chase him away, taking on the cleaning himself.

Tang Zhou glanced at him. He knows how to care for people.

Earlier, Lu Ye had mentioned that they should make dumplings together, so Fu Shen wasn’t polite with him. After the meat had been cut, he dragged Lu Ye over to mince the meat filling.

It was a good thing Lu Ye liked to work out, because his arm muscles were strong. Otherwise he might not have been able to keep up.

Tang Zhou and Qiao Yuan had wanted to help, but were chased out of the kitchen by the two and so could only sit on the couch like couch potatoes.

“Zhou Ge, I’ve decided to tell my mother.” Qiao Yuan had thought about it.

“En, it’s best not to startle the snake yet. Listen to Auntie Sheng.” Tang Zhou advised. He wasn’t worried that Sheng Ling would collapse.

She was much calmer than everyone thought.

If it hadn’t been for Fu Shen’s indiscriminate attacks in her dream, Sheng Ling wouldn’t have had to engage in a battle of wits with Fu Shen, giving Qiao Chengan a chance to catch his breath.

Now that Qiao Yuan had witnessed Qiao Chengan’s infidelity in advance, it had given Tang Zhou the opportunity to clear up the misunderstandings between Fu Shen and them.

At least for now, Fu Shen hadn’t had the chance to take action against the Sheng family, and Sheng Ling didn’t need to deal with him.

Everything was moving in a positive direction, except for some jumping grasshoppers.

The butler, Uncle Fang had sent him a message, saying that the old man was preparing to invite some influential people in the industry to a banquet for his birthday.

Before this, the old man hadn’t planned to have a big celebration. Doing this now, wasn’t it just to introduce Tang Tianyang and get him into the circle?

Tang Zhou felt a chill in his heart and his mood became somewhat low until the dumplings were served, lifting his spirits a bit.

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