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Chapter 3.2

As soon as Tang Zhen left, Tang Zhou’s phone rang. It was Lu Ye.

“Tang Zhou, did you go to the Du family banquet?”

“En.” Tang Zhou placed one hand on the arm of the couch casually, “Why aren’t you and Qiao Yuan here?”

“We have something that’s keeping us busy and Xiao Yuan is with me.” Lu Ye changed the subject, “I heard you and Miss Du…”

“No.” Tang Zhou looked at the people coming and going in the banquet hall without any purpose then his gaze suddenly froze and he told Lu Ye, “I have something to do, let’s talk later.”

He hung up, stood up and followed the familiar figure he saw earlier.

The person in front of him was so tall and leggy that he walked with big strides. Tang Zhou almost didn’t catch up, so he had to quicken his pace.

The figure disappeared around the corner and Tang Zhou glanced at the sign. This way led to the restroom, so he didn’t think much and turned straight.

As soon as he turned the corner, a hand suddenly came at him, quickly grabbing him by the throat and pressing him against the wall.

The person had great strength, causing Tang Zhou’s forehead to furrow in pain, “Let go!”

“It’s you.” The attacker’s voice was low and revealed surprise.

He released his grip and his tall figure covered Tang Zhou completely, half-blocking the light of the corridor as the light and shadow intertwined, making the sharp edges of his face even more charming.

Tang Zhou’s skin was extremely white and had the delicate quality of a spoiled kid who had been raised up in a wealthy family. The strike just now left a faint mark on his pale neck, as if he had been humiliated.

Fu Shen averted his gaze, seemingly a bit apologetic.

Rubbing his neck, Tang Zhou looked at him with a cold gaze, “What are you doing here?”

Fu Shen stepped back slightly and exposed to the light, the mark on Tang Zhou’s neck became even more visible.

He knew he was in the wrong, “I’m sorry, I thought someone was following me.”

He pointed to his waiter’s uniform, “I’m working here to earn money.”

Tang Zhou: “…”

The waiters here were all professionally trained so how Fu Shen managed to blend in he didn’t know.

However this had nothing to do with him.

“It’s seems sorry has no use.” Tang Zhou walked into the bathroom and pointed to the red marks on his neck in front of the mirror, “I can’t go back like this.”

Standing behind him, there was a visible look of chagrin on Fu Shen’s youthful and handsome face: “I’ll go find something to cover it up.”

Tang Zhou looked at him in the mirror, “No need.”

Hearing footsteps outside the bathroom, Tang Zhou’s heart moved.

He pushed Fu Shen against the wall, his slender and cool hand gripping his jaw, the other hand resting near his ear, his light brown eyes filled with an irresistible depth as he approached slowly.

“Cooperate with me.”

His soft breath fanning against his face, Fu Shen could smell a bamboo leaf-like scent.

They were too close to each other.

The door to the restroom was pushed open and Tang Zhou quickly leaned in towards Fu Shen’s lips, hovering close but not quite touching.

Fu Shen unconsciously held his breath. He didn’t know what Tang Zhou’s intentions were, but he didn’t care what other people thought and, since he had offended Tang Zhou just now, he didn’t have the heart to resist.

Being so close, he could clearly see the fine hairs on Tang Zhou’s cheeks.

As the person entered the room, he saw two men in what appeared to be a kiss, but before they could react, one of the men looked up with a cold gaze.

He was startled. Wasn’t this Tang Zhou!

Tang Zhou actually liked men! And was in a relationship with a waiter! Dmn, dmn, d*mn!

His mind in a whirlwind, he even forgot why he had come to the restroom in the first place. He said quickly, “You guys continue! You guys continue!” and then closed the door behind him thoughtfully.

Holding his pounding heart, he felt like he had wings on his feet as he stumbled back to the banquet hall. As soon as he saw his friends, he immediately shared the gossip ‘quietly’.

As for whether Tang Zhou would retaliate against him later on, he didn’t care at all.

Gossip was king.

After the person left, Tang Zhou moved away from Fu Shen immediately.

Fu Shen straightened his collar calmly and asked, “Did you do that on purpose just to avoid the blind date?”

“It doesn’t concern you.”

Fu Shen’s smile didn’t reach his eyes, “You used my body, of course it concerns me.”

Tang Zhou raised an eyebrow, “I’ll pay you for usage fee.”

“Senior, if you want to rent long term, I have no problem with it.” Fu Shen paused, “But regarding the investment project, perhaps we can talk again. They want to invite you to dinner, can you make an appearance?”

Taken aback, Tang Zhou looked at him through the mirror.

He was dressed in a form-fitting work uniform, a white shirt, a black tie, and a slim-fitting vest that outlined the perfect curves of his broad shoulders and a narrow waist. His legs were long and straight.

Even if Tang Zhou didn’t lust after beauty, he had to admit that Fu Shen’s appearance was enough to make someone’s fancy run wild.

His actions just now were not just to avoid the blind date, he also wanted to confirm whether if the news ‘he liked men’ spread, if his grandfather would reject all his previous efforts and the value of his existence like he had in his dream.

And if he wanted to confirm the ‘he liked men’ news, it had to be said that Fu Shen was indeed the most suitable collaborator.

Although the method was crude, if it was effective, that was all that mattered.

Besides, he was originally waiting for Fu Shen to invite him to negotiate again, so now there was no reason to refuse.

“I can.”

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