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Chapter 13.1

Lu Ye personally witnessing Qiao Chengan’s infidelity was good news for Tang Zhou.

Otherwise, Tang Zhou didn’t know how much effort it would take to convince Lu Ye that Qiao Chengan was scum.

But now that Lu Ye believed it, things would be easier.

In Lu Ye’s eyes, anything or anyone that could hurt Qiao Yuan was trash.

Qiao Chengan’s infidelity had already pushed Lu Ye to the edge of fury. If Tang Zhou could prove that twenty years ago, he was only after the Sheng family’s fortune, Lu Ye would be even more on the alert.

Dealing with a cunning hypocrite like Qiao Chengan, given Lu Ye and Qiao Yuan’s current capabilities, was difficult.

With a sense of crisis, Lu Ye would do everything possible, even changing the status quo, to protect Qiao Yuan from further harm.

But as Qiao Chengan had been pretending to be a perfect father all these years, this revelation would be a significant blow to Qiao Yuan, so Lu Ye’s hesitation was understandable.

“You should go back for now, we’ll discuss it after the hiking.” Tang Zhou patted him on the shoulder.

Lu Ye’s expression was solemn, “I understand.”

The rain finally stopped at nine in the evening.

Having been exhausted from the day’s events, Tang Zhou could hardly keep his eyes open. He collapsed onto the bed and quickly fell asleep after exchanging a few words with Fu Shen, who was still sitting on the couch.

As for sharing a bed with Fu Shen, Tang Zhou didn’t mind; after all, they had slept together in his dream before.

This nonchalance of his left Fu Shen feeling a bit at a loss.

From childhood to adulthood, he had never shared a bed with someone his age, and he thought that Tang Zhou, being who he was, wouldn’t be used to sleeping with others either.

He had initially wanted to enjoy Tang Zhou’s embarrassment, but to his surprise, Tang Zhou had simply gone to sleep.

The orange wall lamp cast a warm, peaceful atmosphere. The light fell on the bed, outlining the slender and lean figure of the young man.

Lying on his side, Tang Zhou occupied only a third of the bed. If he turned over slightly, he would fall off.

The room’s temperature wasn’t low, but the young man wrapped himself tightly in the quilt and perhaps because the hotel’s quilt had a strange smell, he frowned slightly.

Fu Shen quietly observed for a while, then couldn’t help but sigh. He pulled at his collar, sniffed it, found no peculiar smell and decided to forgo taking a shower.

He didn’t want the noise of his showering to wake Tang Zhou.

After changing into a set of pajamas, Fu Shen turned off the light and lay on the other side of the bed.

With their backs facing each other, there was enough space between them for another person.

When Fu Shen lay down, the sinking of the bed disturbed Tang Zhou, making him turn over, his arm extending towards Fu Shen and touching his back.

The slight contact ignited an unbearable itch.

Fu Shen moved a little further to the edge of the bed.

The itchiness was gone, but sleepiness remained elusive.

Unable to fall asleep and maintaining the same position for an extended period, Fu Shen’s arm had become numb from the pressure. He sat up, carefully turned over, and lay down again.

The hotel’s curtains were excellent at blocking light, so he couldn’t see Tang Zhou’s face. This made him feel less self-conscious and he closed his eyes, waiting to fall asleep.

The early spring night was a bit chilly.

With Tang Zhou’s arm occupying half the bed and almost entirely exposed, he sensed the cold in his sleep and directly snatched the quilt.

Fu Shen: …

He tried to stealthily reclaim the quilt from Tang Zhou’s grip.

However, Tang Zhou held it tightly, making it impossible to pull away.

Changing his strategy, Fu Shen pinched Tang Zhou’s fingers with one hand while using the other to slowly pull the quilt out.

As he pinched, he realized Tang Zhou’s hand was quite cold.

Fu Shen couldn’t help but pause, feeling conflicted about whether to continue or not when suddenly, Tang Zhou gripped his hand and let out a sigh.

In his dream, Tang Zhou felt as if he were in a cold wind, his hands and feet freezing. Looking around, he couldn’t find any clothes to wear when suddenly, a source of warmth appeared in his hand. He clung to it eagerly, holding it tightly.

Hugged tightly by Tang Zhou, Fu Shen stared wide-eyed, utterly baffled.

Although he couldn’t see clearly, Fu Shen was well aware of Tang Zhou’s process of eagerly embracing him after following his hand.

The young man’s soft hair brushed against his neck, his forehead rested on Fu Shen’s chest, and his arm lay across his waist. The fragrance of the shower gel lingered around Fu Shen’s nose, leaving him unsure of how to react for a moment.

He felt startled, as his heartbeat suddenly accelerated.

Wouldn’t the constant pounding wake Tang Zhou up?

If Tang Zhou woke up and saw their current position, what kind of expression would he have?

Fu Shen felt a strange sense of anticipation, as if he wanted to see Tang Zhou’s face change dramatically, while also making excuses for not wanting to push him away.

Perhaps it was the shower gel’s fragrance that invited sleepiness, but Fu Shen gradually grew drowsy.

The world fell silent.

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