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Chapter 19.2

The sound of a growling stomach echoed in the living room. Lu Ye rubbed his starving stomach, asking, “Do you have anything to eat?”

Tang Zhou was cold and ruthless, “Either cook some noodles yourself, go out to buy, or order takeout.”

Lu Ye: “….”

He decisively took out his phone to order takeout, and kindly asked Qiao Yuan what he wanted to eat.

After ordering takeout, Lu Ye leaned back on the sofa to rest and suddenly thinking of something, sat up straight.

“Tang Zhou, you haven’t talked about you beating up your dad!”

Fu Shen also looked at Tang Zhou. He had come early in the morning to ask about this.

Qiao Yuan was still in a daze, but that didn’t stop him from listening to the gossip.

People who were familiar with Tang Zhou knew that he really hated Tang Zhen, and he didn’t even acknowledge Tang Tianyang.

It was thought that Tang Zhou would continue to ignore these two, but who knew that Tang Zhou would strike so surprisingly, even people who weren’t aware of the Tang family’s situation now knew about their discord.

Lu Ye really couldn’t figure out the purpose of Tang Zhou’s move.

“What do you want to ask?” Tang Zhou leaned lazily on the sofa, naturally accepting the cup of water passed to him by Fu Shen.

Lu Ye licked his dry lips, “I also want to drink water.”

Tang Zhou glared at him, “Pour it yourself.”

“Oh.” He obediently poured two cups over, handing one to Qiao Yuan.

After taking a few sips, he continued, “Didn’t your old man scold you?”

Tang Zhou crossed his legs on the sofa and said nonchalantly, “He didn’t scold me. It’s just that Tang Tianyang moved in today.”

“What?!” Lu Ye was so surprised that he almost smashed the water cup.

Qiao Yuan also looked at him with concern.

“Is he trying to groom another you?” Fu Shen’s tone was relaxed, a slight hint of sarcasm at the corner of his mouth.

Lu Ye was speechless, “What is the old man thinking? Does he really think that with a bit of coaching, Tang Tianyang can replace you?”

Tang Zhou smiled, “At least I was trained by him from childhood.”

“Even with the same teacher, there are still good students and bad students.” Lu Ye shook his head, “The old man is confused. But why are you opposing him in the first place?”

“I don’t want to get married.” Tang Zhou didn’t hide it, “It’s quite normal for him to be disappointed in me.”

Although he was disheartened, he could understand.

Lu Ye sighed lightly.

His own family was harmonious, so he couldn’t empathize with Tang Zhou’s situation, but he could see that Tang Zhou wasn’t unwilling to get married, he just had a shadow because of it.

Fu Shen lowered his gaze, thinking of Tang Shen who solemnly placed the doll into the cabinet, three year old Tang who called him “big brother” when he was drunk and the cold Tang Zhou who crawled into his arms when he felt cold in the middle of the night. His heart felt sour.

He couldn’t help but change the subject, “What do you want to eat for lunch?”

“Huh?” Tang Zhou turned to him in confusion. Why had the topic jumped this fast?

His light brown eyes were wide open and coupled with his fluffy hair, he looked like a cat waiting for its owner’s petting, making one’s fingertips itch.

Fu Shen lightly pinched his fingers, asking with a gentle smile, “How about dumplings?”

Tang Zhou was a bit stunned for a moment.

The boy in front of him was tall and handsome, and those usually deep and sharp eyes were showing a hint of warmth.

Being used to the cold and brooding Mr. Fu, this kind of Fu Shen was rare.

But it wasn’t that he had never seen it.

Once in the dream, it was Fu Shen’s birthday. Seeing that the other secretaries and assistants all gave gifts, Tang Zhou followed the crowd and picked a not so expensive tie to give to Fu Shen.

Maybe because it was his birthday, Fu Shen was in an especially good mood that day, so his eyes were full of warmth.

Tang Zhou blinked, clearing his mind of unnecessary thoughts and replied, “Okay.”

Lu Ye shyly said, “I want to eat too.”

Qiao Yuan also looked eager.

Tang Zhou said impatiently, “Eat your takeout.”

“The takeout is breakfast and the dumplings are lunch.” Lu Ye glanced at Fu Shen and said apologetically, “I misunderstood you before, I’m sorry. How about this time we all make dumplings together and eat them together as a meal to settle our grievances?”

This was the first time that Young Master Lu had apologized so seriously. It was awkward, but who could he blame when he had made the mistake?

Qiao Yuan was still out of the loop, “What did you misunderstand about Fu Ge before?”

“Cough, it’s nothing, it’s all in the past.” Lu Ye touched his nose and asked again, “Can I get a definite answer?”

Tang Zhou was leisurely watching the show.

“Alright, but there’s a condition.” Fu Shen never made a losing deal. Even if he lost at the moment, he would definitely make up for it in the future.

Lu Ye said generously, “Go ahead.”

“I haven’t thought about it yet.” Fu Shen revealed his cunning businessman nature, then put on his gentle mask again, “I’ll go out and buy some ingredients first.”

Lu Ye said, “Alright.”

Tang Zhou happened to have something to discuss with Fu Shen, but since Lu Ye and Qiao Yuan were here, he said, “I’ll go with you.”

Fu Shen’s lips curled up in a smile, his eyes gentle as he said, “Okay.”

Lu Ye: “….”

He thought to himself, Tang Zhou was becoming more and more down to earth.

After the shoe dryer incident, even grocery shopping had to be done personally.

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