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Chapter 40.1

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Jiang City and Long City were quite far apart, one leaning south and the other north.

So Fu Shen’s village was inconveniently located, as it took about two hours to get to the county station.

He set off in the morning and only arrived at Jiang City Station in the evening.

Tang Zhou drove and arrived at the station early, standing at the exit, waiting.

People were bustling about at the station, and Tang Zhou, with his handsome appearance and long legs, caught the eyes of many passengers, some of which even sneaked pictures of him.

Lowering his head, he tapped on the screen of his phone.

[Tang Zhou]: I’m waiting for you at the exit.

[Fu Shen]: I’m about to get off the bus, I’ll be there soon.

Sure enough, “soon” was indeed soon.

Tang Zhou had just looked up when he saw Fu Shen on the other side of the turnstile.

He was much taller than the people around him and much more handsome too, causing Tang Zhou to be able to see him at a glance.

Their eyes met, then smiles unconsciously formed at the corners of their lips.

Tang Zhou took a few steps forward, and as soon as Fu Shen came out, he walked towards him immediately, smiling, “Let’s go out for dinner tonight, I’ve booked a table.”

He couldn’t possibly ask Fu Shen to cook after traveling so far, right? He wouldn’t be able to bear it.

What’s more they had known each other for so long yet had never dined out alone together formally.

Couples usually went to movies and dined out together, right?

Pushing the cart of his luggage with one hand, Fu Shen rested the other on Tang Zhou’s shoulder, his smile deepening, “I’ll listen to you.”

Two handsome guys walking together, both with smiles on their faces, practically radiated in the crowd.

There were even onlookers frozen in place, just to catch a glimpse of them.

Tang Zhou was chatting with Fu Shen when he suddenly saw his expression turn cold, his gaze chilling, as he whispered, “Wait for me here.”

With that, he handed his luggage to Tang Zhou and headed off to the right.

Tang Zhou hadn’t figured out what was going on when he saw Fu Shen who wasn’t far away kick a person to the ground, then grab him and said to a dazed girl a few steps away, “Check your bag.”

The girl’s bag was slung over her shoulder, and she hadn’t noticed anything while she was lost in thought. However the moment she heard Fu Shen’s words, she quickly rummaged through her bag.

Damn, her wallet was gone!

She didn’t usually take a wallet with her, however she had to today because something urgent had come up, but the result was that she ended up being targeted by a pickpocket.

She could be considered to be unlucky, however she could also be considered to be very lucky, because the person who caught the pickpocket was such a handsome guy!

A crowd gathered to watch the commotion, however Fu Shen only said calmly, “Call the police.”

The girl called the police hurriedly.

And as the police station was right next to the station, they arrived soon, figured out what happened, got the information about the wallet, then returned it to the girl.

The girl was just about to thank Fu Shen, only to see that he had already left quietly.

In the station’s parking lot, seeing that there was no one around, Tang Zhou suddenly hugged Fu Shen tightly, praising him sincerely, “You were so cool just now!”

Wrapping an arm around his back, Fu Shen asked with a smile, “Any chance of a hero award?”

“What do you want?” Tang Zhou looked at him wide-eyed, serious.

Fu Shen stared at him for a few seconds but then said, “I’m hungry.”

Tang Zhou let go of him immediately, “Then let’s hurry up and eat!”

As soon as the two arrived at the restaurant, the dishes were quickly served.

Most of them were flavors that Fu Shen liked.

After taking a bite, Fu Shen said, “I went back this time because the village might be demolished.”

The local economy wasn’t developing, making it so that attracting investment was difficult, so now that an investor was willing to build a resort, they naturally wouldn’t give up this opportunity.

If it wasn’t that the investor had backed out, the excavator might have already started its work.

There was a substantial sum of money as compensation for the demolition, which many people couldn’t earn even in a lifetime of work.

So if they had really wanted to go on with the demolishing, the obstacles wouldn’t have been significant.

Fu Shen understood these thoughts, but he couldn’t let go in his heart.

He’d thought he wouldn’t be able to salvage the situation, unexpectedly a turning point appeared.

Tang Zhou asked with concern, “What about now?”

“The investor has backed out, so there won’t be a demolishing for the time being.”

Tang Zhou breathed a sigh of relief, “That’s good, I was still planning to go there for a visit.”

A hint of a smile flickered in Fu Shen’s eyes, “There will definitely be a chance.”

Since Tang Zhou wasn’t willing to talk about it, he chose not to ask.

Fu Shen thought to himself, he was still too weak at the moment.

If before, he had worked hard to study and work to retaliate against Qiao Chengan, now he had to add another reason.

He wanted to stand shoulder to shoulder with Tang Zhou.

After they returned home, Tang Zhou quickly took a shower then carried Xiao Bai to Fu Shen’s door.

He knocked, but no one answered, so he turned the doorknob, and the door, which wasn’t locked, opened easily.

There wasn’t anyone in the bedroom, but the sound of water coming from the bathroom indicated that someone was showering.

Tang Zhou glanced at Fu Shen’s bed, then at the chair in front of the computer desk, hesitated for a few seconds, then chose to sit on the chair.

He had missed Fu Shen very much.

And even felt like he hadn’t seen him for ages. He hadn’t had much appetite for the past few days, but tonight, he definitely wanted to share a bed!

The computer on the desk was on. Tang Zhou didn’t pay attention to it at first, but then he heard the notification sound from the messaging app.

And although the window had been minimised, the constantly flashing avatar at the bottom of the computer screen’s taskbar was quite noticeable.

It was normal for many people to use the same avatar on messaging apps.

But this avatar…. seemed too coincidental.

Tang Zhou really wanted to open it to confirm his suspicion, but his sense of morality made him give up.

Even if Fu Shen was his boyfriend, he couldn’t just go through his chat history.

He turned the chair around. Out of sight, out of mind.

He pinched the kitten’s little paw, his face calm, but his mind couldn’t stop spinning.

Even if Fu Shen knew “Mouse Loves Rice”, so what?

He could find “Mouse Loves Rice”, and so could Fu Shen.

However Tang Zhou kept on feeling as if something was off, as if he had overlooked something.


Last time, Fu Shen admitted that he was the one who had made that post to retaliate against Tang Tianyang. His retaliation against Tang Tianyang must have been based on the assumption that Tang Tianyang was the mastermind behind it.

Fu Shen might be proficient in computer skills, but in terms of “detective work”, he probably couldn’t compare to “Mouse Loves Rice”.

Fu Shen had most likely done what he had done. He first looked for “Mouse Loves Rice”, then discovered that Tang Tianyang was the mastermind.

This also explained why “Mouse Loves Rice” instantly sent him the picture back then.

After all, it was all verified information.

But when he asked “Mouse Loves Rice” to find out who exposed Tang Tianyang, he directly refused to take the job.

Whether it was due to technical incompetence or another reason, Tang Zhou couldn’t make reckless assumptions.

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