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Chapter 34.1

Tang Zhou received a call from Old Master Tang.

“Ah Zhou, do you know about Tianyang’s situation?”

“I just found out.”

Tang Zhou was a bit impatient, he hadn’t replied to Fu Shen yet!

Tang Zhihua: “Do you know who he offended?”

Tang Zhou coldly replied, “With so many capable people under you, you can’t find out?”

Tang Zhihua: “…..”

He really couldn’t find out. He didn’t understand technology and only knew that his people said they couldn’t track the poster’s information.

“I heard your male… your friend is a Computer Science Major at Jiang University.”

Tang Zhou’s eyes were filled with mockery, “En.”

“Ah Zhou, no matter what, Tianyang is also a Tang—”

“Grandpa.” Tang Zhou interrupted him, “What is your basis for determining the identity of the poster?”

Tang Zhihua: “Ah Zhou…”

“This morning I received an email from a strange account, you can guess what the content was.”

Tang Zhou paused for a few seconds, then continued, “If you really want to teach Tang Tianyang, please warn him not to use these underhanded tactics again. Running a company can’t be done with these tricks. Three strikes and he should be careful.”

After all, Fu Shen was now his closest partner. Tang Tianyang had stretched his hands too far.

Luckily, Fu Shen was tough and always striked back in time.

Quickly ending the call, Tang Zhou hurried back to the messaging app, feelin his heart clench when he saw Fu Shen’s latest message.

He gave up on texting and directly made a call.

After a long wait, Fu Shen answered, his voice somewhat hoarse.

“Tang Zhou.”

Tang Zhou: “I don’t think you’re shady and despicable. I had a call come in just now.”

Fu Shen was stunned for a long time before he smiled, “Thank you.”

Just two simple words made Tang Zhou inexplicably upset.

He fiddled with the papers on his desk, trying to make conversation, “The gift you gave me, I really like it.”

“That’s good.”

“Where did you buy it?”

Fu Shen: “I forgot. I have something going on here at my side, so I’ll talk to you later.”

Hearing the call being disconnected, Tang Zhou felt a sense of loss.

On the day the crew of “I’m Not a Warrior”  started filming, Tang Zhou was invited to attend.

After the ceremony, Ai Mo came over, winking as he asked, “Tang Shen, how did you find that video last time?”

Tang Zhou lifted his eyelids slightly, “It wasn’t anything much.”

“There’s actually a lot to learn from it.” Ai Mo said with a chuckle, “It might be useful in the future.”

Tang Zhou: “….”

Useful for what? He didn’t even have a partner.

For some reason, Fu Shen’s face suddenly flashed in his mind, causing Tang Zhou’s cheeks to warm slightly. He pursed his lips quietly.

Pretending to be surprised, Ai Mo asked, “Aiya, Tang Shen, why is your face red? Is it too hot here?”

Tang Zhou, who generally didn’t mind the heat due to his cold physique, took the opportunity to agree, “En, it’s a bit stuffy. I’m going back now.”

He waved at Lu Ye and Qiao Yuan before leaving the set.

Under the summer heat, the asphalt road shimmered in the distance, and Tang Zhou drove away absentmindedly.

Passing through the new district of Jiang City, the road was lined with sparse vegetation, and the sidewalks were scorched under the sun, hot enough to cook an egg.

With wide roads and little traffic, Tang Zhou had a clear view and so quickly saw a girl looking around anxiously by the roadside.

Under the blazing sun, the girl didn’t even have an umbrella and her face was sunburnt red.

Without much thought, Tang Zhou pulled over and rolled the window down, asking, “Are you Fu Shen’s senior sister?”

The girl recognized Tang Zhou immediately and said in surprise, “Tang Shen!”

Tang Zhou nodded, “What are you doing here?”

“I came here for something.” The girl’s face turned even more red, “I didn’t expect to run into Tang Shen here.”

“Waiting for someone?”

The girl waved her hand, “No, no, I’m waiting for a ride, but it’s so remote here, I couldn’t get one.”

Tang Zhou: “I’ll give you a lift.”

The girl didn’t hesitate and got into the car gratefully.

Fortunately she met Tang Zhou, otherwise she would have suffered from heatstroke if she continued to stay under the sun.

Tang Shen was quite warm-hearted, not as aloof as she had thought before.

The car’s air conditioning hit her face, bringing a wave of coolness throughout her body. She placed her bag on her lap comfortably, holding it as she sighed inside with relief.

Tang Zhou glanced at the doll keychain on her bag, a tiny knitted white rabbit doll, very delicate and couldn’t help but say, “Your doll looks pretty nice.”

“You mean this?” The girl lifted the little white rabbit, “I made it myself. If Tang Shen likes it, I have many more, I can give you one!”

Having hitched a ride, she didn’t have much to offer in thanks, so if Tang Shen liked knitted dolls, she had plenty of them.

His thoughts having been seen through, Tang Zhou was a bit embarrassed, “No need, I just thought it looked interesting.”

“Ha ha, consider it a thank you from me.” The girl said outspokenly, “Liking dolls is normal. It’s not just you, Fu Shen likes them too. He even came to me to learn how to make them.”

Tang Zhou felt a pause in his heart, thinking he had heard wrong.

“What did you just say?”

“I said Fu Shen likes them too.”

Tang Zhou’s mind was somewhat blown as he heard himself ask in a strained voice, “The part after that.”

The girl blinked, “He came to me to learn how to make dolls. He said he wanted to improve the dexterity of his fingers.”

She thought this excuse was pretty far-fetched.

If you like it, just say so. These guys were too easily embarrassed.

Tang Zhou: “What kind of doll did he make?”

“A white cat, quite nice-looking.” The girl paused, “You two are close, if you’re curious, you can ask him.”

Tang Zhou: “En.”

He didn’t speak again during the ride. He absentmindedly dropped the girl off then pulled over and his hands trembling, he reached for his cigarette pack, held it in his palm, took a picture then sent it to Fu Shen.

[Tang Zhou]: I feel like smoking.

[Fu Shen]: En.

[Tang Zhou]: You’re not going to stop me?

[Fu Shen]: Do you want me to stop you?

[Tang Zhou]: I don’t know.

[Fu Shen]: What’s wrong?

[Tang Zhou]: Today was the start of filming at the set.

[Fu Shen]: It wasn’t fun?

[Tang Zhou]: It wasn’t fun.

[Fu Shen]: I’ll come home early tonight, what do you want to eat?

[Tang Zhou]: You’re already not an assistant anymore.

[Fu Shen]: I have to eat too.

[Tang Zhou]: Then why ask me?

Fu Shen didn’t reply for a long time.

And feeling aggrieved, Tang Zhou threw the cigarette pack back into the storage compartment and stepped on the accelerator, heading to Deep Blue.

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