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Chapter 32.1

The restaurant wasn’t far from their residence, so it was only a short fifteen-minute walk.

Fu Shen carried Tang Zhou on his back, secretly wishing the path would be longer.

“So shaky.” Tang Zhou pressed his cheek against Fu Shen’s neck, muttering.

Fu Shen stopped. “We’re almost home.”

“Then hurry, there’s a gift at home!” Tang Zhou suddenly straightened up enthusiastically that if it wasn’t because Fu Shen reacted quickly, he might have fallen.

Whenever he got drunk, he would turn into Tang three years old. It was strangely cute.

Back in the housing complex, Fu Shen took the elevator upstairs, and just as he passed the corridor, he saw two people standing in front of the door.

One of them looked familiar, the assistant to Ms. Zheng. The other was a stranger.

Both were holding gift boxes.

As Fu Shen approached, seeing them about to speak, he immediately raised his index finger to his lips and whispered, “Don’t disturb him.”

Ms. Zheng’s assistant looked calm, lowering his voice, “This is the graduation gift from Ms. Zheng to Young Master Tang.”

Fu Shen looked at the other person.

The person scrutinized him with a touch of arrogance and said, “The Old Master sent me to deliver a gift to Young Master Tang. You are Young Master Tang’s…”

He intentionally didn’t lower his voice, so when Tang Zhou, in his half-awake state, caught the words “gift”, he immediately raised his head, “We’re home? Where’s the gift?”

Fu Shen was straightforward, “Your mother and grandfather have both sent gifts. What should we do?”

Even though Tang Zhou was drunk, his logical thinking aspect was still intact.

“I don’t want them, send them away.”

The two people: “….” Awkward.

Fu Shen smiled unkindly.


Then he once again put on his cold façade when he faced the two visitors, “He doesn’t want them, so you guys can leave.”

Ms. Zheng’s assistant, unflinching, placed the gift box by the door, “If Young Master Tang doesn’t want them, you can just throw it away.”

The Old Master’s assistant copied him, but had a less friendly tone, “Young Master Tang doesn’t recognize people when he’s drunk, so when he wakes up, make sure to explain to him.”

The Old Master’s assistant looked at Fu Shen with disdain, thinking of him as someone trying to seduce Tang Zhou.

Ms. Zheng’s assistant was more direct, “I’ll head back now, Mr. Fu, goodbye.”

Fu Shen nodded slightly, completely ignoring the other person.

Having received a cold shoulder, the assistant was very upset, so when he went back to report, he said a lot of negative things about Fu Shen, such as being arrogant due to being favored, looking down on others, and so on.

And although Fu Shen didn’t know, he deliberately tarnished his image. However even if Fu Shen knew, he wouldn’t care.

Entering the house, Fu Shen placed Tang Zhou on the sofa, planning to bring in the two gifts from outside, but Tang Zhou grabbed his wrist.

The young man lay on the couch, with drunken, misty eyes, as if a haze was about to seep out, staring at him fixedly.

“Gift, I want the gift.”

Fu Shen squatted in front of him, his voice low and soft.

“Don’t you want to see their gifts?”

“I don’t want to.” Tang Zhou’s brow showed some impatience.

Fu Shen said solemnly, “My gift isn’t expensive at all. It’s very ordinary and not beautiful. Do you still want it?”

Tang Zhou stared at him for a few seconds, then grunted, “Long-winded.”

However even though he scolded Fu Shen verbally, his face was filled with anticipation.

In Fu Shen’s mind, the word “tsundere” suddenly came to mind.

He chuckled suddenly then got up, “I’ll go get it.”

But just as he turned around, Tang Zhou climbed off the sofa, grabbed his shoulder, and insisted on jumping onto his back.

Fu Shen quickly turned to hold him, “Be careful.”

Tang Zhou, taking the opportunity, threw himself into Fu Shen’s arms, burying his face in the crook of his shoulder and his hands clasped tightly around Fu Shen’s waist, he said stubbornly, “Together.”

A delicate fragrance, mixed with a faint scent of alcohol, enveloped all of Fu Shen’s senses. He gently cradled the young man in his arms, and for a moment, he held his breath.

Soft strands of hair brushed against his collarbone, a slight tickle that seeped through his skin and reached his heart, creating ripples that reverberated in his chest.

“Tang Zhou…”

He suddenly tightened his arms, hugged his entire person, took several deep breaths, and whispered by his ear, “I’ll carry you over.”

Tang Zhou raised his head, a smile on his lips, his eyes and voice incredibly soft, “Okay.”

It was simply too sweet.

Not hesitating anymore, Fu Shen, in this position, lifted Tang Zhou from the sofa.

As his feet left the couch, the sensation of weightlessness caused Tang Zhou to instinctively circle his arms around Fu Shen’s neck, his legs crossing in a tangle, all his weight resting on Fu Shen.

The bedroom was just a few steps away from the living room, but Fu Shen walked as if it were a challenging journey. It wasn’t because of the weight, but because the heavy desire deep inside in his heart made him want to go slower, even slower.

But Tang Zhou became anxious, patting his shoulder lightly, “Hurry up.”

Fu Shen: “…”

Sometimes, he really wasn’t sure if Tang Zhou was really drunk or just pretending.

Under Tang Zhou’s urging, Fu Shen stopped dawdling and entered the bedroom, putting him down.

Tang Zhou immediately caught a glimpse of the stuffed toy sitting alone on the bed.

He looked at Fu Shen, “Is it this one?”

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