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Chapter 21.1

Tang Zhou didn’t feel alone. He even wished for nothing more than to be left undisturbed.

But in the eyes of others, after this banquet, the race for the Tang family’s heir would escalate intensely.

With an illegitimate son appearing unexpectedly and Old Master Tang’s stance remaining unclear, everyone was speculating privately about who would eventually control the Tang family.

Tang Zhihua was personally entertaining several old friends and Old Master Du was also present.

He wasn’t sure what Tang Zhihua was thinking, but that didn’t stop him from supporting Tang Tianyang for the top spot. Who made Tang Zhou hurt his precious granddaughter, and who made his precious granddaughter like Tang Tianyang?

Besides, compared to Tang Zhou, Tang Tianyang was obviously easier to control. If the two families were to form a marriage alliance, maybe if Tang Tianyang became the Tang family’s heir, their Du family could possibly…

“Old Tang, what exactly are you planning?” Someone asked, puzzled. “You haven’t shown so much interest in Tianyang for the past twenty years, so why the sudden change of heart?”

Tang Zhihua grunted unhappily, “Giving kids a chance isn’t a bad thing.”

The crowd: “…..” Who would believe that!

Seeing that Tang Zhihua didn’t want to reveal more, they didn’t push further.

In the banquet hall corner, Tang Zhou planned to ask Lu Ye about the situation on his side.

Old Master Tang was celebrating his birthday and Lu Ye was supposed to be there, but so far, there was no sign of him.

It took a good while before the phone was answered.

“Lu Ye, did something come up?”

Lu Ye’s mood was noticeably down, his voice scratchy. “Sorry, Tang Zhou, Auntie Sheng fell ill, so Xiao Yuan and I are with her right now.”

Hearing this, Tang Zhou paused briefly, then asked with concern, “Is she okay?”

“Mm.” Lu Ye responded, his voice a bit muffled, “Don’t worry about it. I’m sorry for tonight, can you apologize to the old man for me?”

“No problem.”

After ending the call, Tang Zhou looked out towards the floor-to-ceiling window, sighing slightly.

After all, he was her husband of nearly twenty years. She wouldn’t be shattered, but she would definitely feel sad. There was nothing outsiders could do in this situation, it was something Auntie Sheng had to weather on her own.

“Sir, would you like a drink?”

A voice suddenly came from beside him, an arm extending before his face, a glass on a tray catching his eye.

Tang Zhou turned, “I don’t drink–” Then his eyes widened a bit, “What are you doing here!”

The handsome young man was dressed in a sharp uniform, a black and white shirt and vest accentuating his perfect body proportions.

Fu Shen revealed a perfect smile, “Just bringing you a drink.”

Tang Zhou: “…..”

It seemed that last time hadn’t cost him his job.

Tang Zhou couldn’t be bothered to ask how Fu Shen managed to get in, simply saying, “Qiao Chengan isn’t here today.”

“En.” Fu Shen moved the tray slightly closer, “How about a drink?”

In the clear glass, a nearly orange liquid shimmered with a beautiful gloss.

Tang Zhou raised an eyebrow, “You know I can’t handle my liquor.”

“Just try it.” Fu Shen said with a smile in his eyes.

Tang Zhou sensed something was off and hesitantly picked up the glass, sniffed and was surprised, “It doesn’t smell like alcohol.”

Unsure of Fu Shen’s intentions, he brought the glass to his lips and took a small sip.


It was actually iced tea!

“Where did you get this?” All the beverages at the banquet were gotten through special channels, they wouldn’t allow unknown liquids to be brought in.

Fu Shen simply smiled, not saying anything.

He looked at the glamorous and bustling hall where Tang Tianyang was navigating through the crowd of socialites and businessmen, a fitting smile on his face but with concealed pride and ambition in his eyes.

Disgusted, Fu Shen looked back and asked Tang Zhou, “Are you really willing?”

In his opinion, Tang Zhou was the nailed-on heir, there was no need to stir up something like “liking men”.

Even if he didn’t want to marry, once he fully controlled the Tang Group, who would dare to say a word against him?

Tang Zhou finished his iced tea and put the empty glass back, “A bit sweet.”

Fu Shen: “Sorry, I’ll switch to green tea next time.”

Tang Zhou: “…” That color would be too obvious.

He clearly didn’t want to answer the previous question, but Fu Shen, seemingly oblivious, asked again, “Are you willing?”

Tang Zhou turned towards the floor-to-ceiling window, his expression hidden in the shadows, unclear.

After a long while, he sighed softly, “It’s suffocating me.”

If the mission of the Tang family heir was to be discarded, what necessity was there for him to acquire it?

Fu Shen didn’t agree.

“You’re suffocating because you’re bound by the rules set by others.”

He always felt that Tang Zhou had entered a dead end and that if he couldn’t break through, Tang Zhou would always be trapped.

It looked like he didn’t care anymore, but deep down, he was still struggling. Otherwise, what was the point of testing with the so-called “liking the same-sex”?

“Do you have to control the Tang family only through a marriage alliance?”

Fu Shen leaned in close to his ear, his voice barely a whisper, yet it resounded deafeningly, “Tang Zhen is Tang Zhen, you are you.”

Tang Zhen married a woman he didn’t love because he was powerless, he couldn’t fight against fate.

Tang Zhou’s pupils trembled slightly.

It was as if a bolt of lightning had struck his head, rendering him almost speechless.

He looked at Fu Shen in a daze. It took him a while to finally say, “But once I take over, I have to bear the responsibility…”

“What responsibility?” Fu Shen’s eyes were slightly sarcastic, “The responsibility of continuing the lineage?”

“A dynasty lasts at most a few hundred years, does your Tang family intend to last for all eternity?”

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