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Chapter 25.2

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Qiao Yuan was naturally lively. When he saw the goofy title, it piqued his interest. He asked Ai Mo politely, “Can I take a look?”

With a smile, Ai Mo nodded. “Of course you can!”

He could tell that Qiao Yuan had a good relationship with Boss Lu. Especially the way Boss Lu looked at Qiao Yuan – it was something else.

If he declined, Boss Lu would probably just toss the script aside, not giving a single ounce of face.

Lu Ye and Qiao Yuan leaned in together to read the script and with nothing to do, Ai Mo went to Tang Zhou. “Boss, any suggestions for revisions?”

Usually, screenwriters didn’t like others meddling with their scripts, but Tang Zhou’s suggestions last time had really helped Ai Mo, so he had a lot of trust in him.

The young man had a neat and tidy appearance, his messy hair trimmed sharply. There was no more heartache in his eyes like he had had by the riverside. Instead, they showed determination.

Tang Zhou was glad he went to the riverside that night. Otherwise, it might have taken years for such an outstanding script to appear.

He wondered what kind of life Ai Mo had lived during those “missing” years.

Or perhaps, back then, the one presenting the script wasn’t even Ai Mo himself.

“Your revisions are great, no–“

“Hahaha!” Qiao Yuan couldn’t hold back and burst out laughing, quickly covering his mouth.

He glanced apologetically at Tang Zhou who had been interrupted then glued himself back to the script.

Lu Ye also thought the script was pretty good, but his mind was more focused on Qiao Yuan. The script was just decent before, but when he saw Qiao Yuan laughing heartily, the importance of the script suddenly shot up.

He immediately decided that it had to be filmed!

Perhaps with the addition of a filter, the more Lu Ye looked at it, the more amusing he found it and he even found himself laughing involuntarily.

Qiao Yuan was even more exaggerated, laughing and collapsing into Lu Ye’s arms. Lu Ye gently held him, a clear sense of delight on his face.

Seeing his creative work being so well-received, Ai Mo couldn’t help but feel happy, his smile never fading.

But Tang Zhou was affected.

Seeing Lu Ye and Qiao Yuan laughing together, the image of him resting his head on Fu Shen’s neck from last night suddenly appeared in his mind.

He had dampened Fu Shen’s collarbone and his shirt.

Then…. he fell asleep.

He didn’t understand.

Why, after adjusting his mood outside, did he suddenly feel like crying the moment he stepped in?

Why did Fu Shen’s smile seem to magnify the grievances in his heart?

Why, was it that when he smelled the faint fragrance on Fu Shen, he felt a sense of calm and warmth?

He was a bit scared.

Tang Zhou pressed his warm chest and snapped back to reality, saying in a calm tone, “The script doesn’t need any more changes.”

Ai Mo nodded like a chicken pecking rice, “Mhmm.”

After Lu Ye finished reading the script, he quickly decided to collaborate with them.

A smile lingered in his eyes, “It’s quite interesting. It should turn out great when filmed.”

Even the conceited Young master Lu was saying this, so it showed that the movie was promising.

Qiao Yuan also agreed, nodding in agreement, “It’s indeed very appealing! Can I visit the set when filming starts?”

Lu Ye stroked his small head, “I’ll accompany you.”

At first he hadn’t figured out what to do after graduation, but now he had a goal. Why not take this movie as his first post-graduation blueprint for life?

Lu Ye and Tang Zhou discussed the collaboration details carefully and by the time they finalized the contract, it was already lunchtime.

“Let’s go out to eat together.” Lu Ye suggested. “My treat today.”

The other three had no reason to refuse.

Lu Ye picked Fragrance Restaurant, the place they often went to.

“After graduation, we will have even less time to gather and have meals together.” Lu Ye finished ordering the dishes and sighed, “This is probably the last time we can come to Fragrance Restaurant.”

Qiao Yuan also felt a bit sad, “It will be just me from now on.”

Ai Mo, who had a similar personality to Qiao Yuan quickly became bonded with him and joked, “Boss Tang lives nearby, so there are still plenty of chances.”

Tang Zhou: “I’m moving.”

“To where?” Lu Ye asked.

Tapping his index finger lightly on the cup’s rim, Tang Zhou lowered his eyes, “The Northern District.”

Lu Ye was surprised, “That far away?”


According to Tang Zhou’s thoughts, the Northern District was the farthest from Jiang University and wasn’t that close to the Tang family either, so it was good in a way.

“Zhou Ge, are you moving after graduation?” Qiao Yuan’s eyes widened slightly.

Tang Zhou shook his head, “I plan to move today.”

Since everything was ready in the house in the Northern District, he didn’t have much to bring along, so it would be convenient driving there.

“So urgent?” Lu Ye’s brows furrowed, “Don’t you still need to come back to school for your defense and attend the graduation ceremony? It’s quite a hassle going back and forth.”

Tang Zhou was about to speak when Qiao Yuan said, “Ye Ge has a basketball game the day after tomorrow and I was thinking of asking if you wanted to come along, but since you’re moving so far away, let’s forget it.'”

A basketball game?

Tang Zhou searched his memories. It seemed that Lu Ye did participate in a basketball game before graduation. He had invited him to go along then, but Tang Zhou was already caught up in the Tang family’s business and so didn’t have the extra time to spare.

Now that he had time, not going to watch the game would indeed be a regret.

He asked, “You’ve already left the basketball club, so why are you still playing?”

“I have no choice, those brats from the basketball club aren’t performing well. The people from Gong University are quite tough, and came to me crying. I can’t refuse right?” Lu Ye had an expression of hating iron for not becoming steel on his face, “We can’t let Jiang University lose to Gong University before I graduate, right?”

Tang Zhou understood, “Alright then, I’ll move after your game.”

Otherwise moving back and forth for two days would be quite a hassle.

Qiao Yuan suddenly said, “Shen Ge seems to be in the basketball club too, I wonder if he’ll participate.”

Lu Ye raised an eyebrow, a hint of jealousy in his tone when Qiao Yuan mentioned Fu Shen, “Definitely not.”


Tang Zhou couldn’t help but ask, “Why has he joined so many clubs?”

Travel club, basketball club, wasn’t it troublesome?

Qiao Yuan’s face froze slightly, “Probably for a scholarship. Being involved in many activities boosts the overall assessment score.”

“Tang Zhou: “….” Given Fu Shen’s family background, he really needed a scholarship.

But participating in computer competitions and winning awards could also earn quite a few points.

It was likely that Fu Shen hadn’t been to those two clubs he joined in a while.

Seeing Qiao Yuan’s face clouding up again, Lu Ye quickly changed the subject, “Just remember to bring me water when the time comes.”

Qiao Yuan glared at him, “Get it yourself!”

Jiang University’s male dormitory.

Although Fu Shen and the others had moved off-campus, they still chose to rest in the dormitory at noon.

Pi Xiu saw Fu Shen studying diligently even in the middle of the day and felt admiration. He whispered to Li Fengyu, “Shen Ge seems to be working hard recently.”

Li Fengyu replied, “Probably not in a good mood.”

“What’s wrong?” Pi Xiu couldn’t discern anything unusual from Fu Shen’s usually gentle face.

“I don’t know, but the air pressure around him seems a bit low.” Li Fengyu shook his head, “How about you ask Liang Cheng? He might know something.”

The result, Liang Cheng calmly adjusted his glasses, “Final exams are approaching, so he’s probably reviewing.”

Pi Xiu: “…Isn’t it too early for the final exams?”

Liang Cheng couldn’t find the right words, “… Probably clumsy birds have to start flying early.”

Li Fengyu: “…. Then what kind of bird am I?”

Pi Xiu burst into laughter, “A super clumsy bird.”

During the afternoon class break, as Pi Xiu and Li Fengyu went to the convenience store to buy drinks, Liang Cheng casually chatted with Fu Shen, “You seem a bit anxious lately.”

Knowing he couldn’t hide it from him, Fu Shen smiled, “I want to finish the project early.”

“You’ve said before that you want to aim for perfection.” Liang Cheng’s gaze remained calm, “Chasing speed blindly might not be worth it.”

Fu Shen’s eyes landed on a couple holding hands not far away, “Sorry, I’ll adjust.”

He wasn’t oblivious to this lesson.

He just wanted to complete the project quickly, develop Deep Blue as soon as possible, and become an undeniable presence in someone’s eyes.

Liang Cheng nodded, then unexpectedly comforted him, “Don’t belittle yourself.”

Fu Shen chuckled.

He had always respected Liang Cheng’s insight.

Pi Xiu and Li Fengyu caught up with the two, chattering about fresh news.

Pi Xiu suddenly said, “Shen Ge, I just saw a promotional poster. Our school’s basketball club is going to compete against Gong University and it’s rumoured that Senior Lu Ye will also participate. Many people are talking about going to watch. We’re both members of the basketball club, when it’s time, should we go?”

Just as Fu Shen was about to say no, he received a message on his phone from the basketball club’s publicity department.

[Dear basketball club members: Jiang University Basketball Club and Gong University Basketball Club will organize a friendly basketball match this Sunday. Please come to the basketball court to cheer for our basketball players! The club will organize attendance, and participants can earn extra points~]

Pi Xiu received the message too.

“We can earn points!” His eyes lit up, “Let’s go!”

Fu Shen: “Don’t forget we still need to work on the project.”

“We have to work on the project on the weekend too?” Pi Xiu had been tormented by intense studying and work during this period, and he said pitifully, “How about I ask Tang Shen?”

Before Fu Shen could stop him, he sent the message eagerly.

[Pi Xiu]: Tang Shen, Tang Shen, can we go watch the basketball game this weekend? You can earn extra points for signing up!

[Tang Zhou]: Why not?

[Pi Xiu]: We need to work on the project.

[Tang Zhou]: You guys don’t rest on the weekends?

Tang Zhou couldn’t be blamed; Fu Shen managed these matters, so he really didn’t know that they didn’t have weekends off.

[Pi Xiu]: Shen Ge said that not working one less day is like wasting money QAQ.

[Tang Zhou]: Work-life balance.

[Pi Xiu]: Wu wu wu, Tang Shen is too awesome!

He showed the conversation to Fu Shen excitedly, “Tang Shen has spoken, let’s combine work and rest, so the cows can work and eat grass.”

The corners of Fu Shen’s lips curved up, “En. When you guys go watch the game, I won’t go.”

“Workaholic!” Pi Xiu couldn’t help but scold.

If Tang Zhou were here, he would definitely scold with him. After all, Fu Shen was really a workaholic, and there were very few who could handle his assistant work.

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