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Chapter 5.1

Back at his place, Tang Zhou opened the chat app and contacted someone with the username “mouse loves rice”.

[Porridge Tang]: Taking on a task?

Tang Zhou sent him two pictures, explained the requirements, and asked: Is tomorrow morning possible?

Mouse loves rice: No problem, but pay a deposit first.

[Porridge Tang]: I have another order.

After sending the pictures and requirements, there was no reply from the other side for quite a while.

Just as Tang Zhou was about to ask, a message popped up in the chat.

Mouse loves rice: This is about something from 20 years ago. It’s difficult. I can’t make it tomorrow morning. The price will be higher than before.

[Porridge Tang]: This order has a one-week deadline. Money isn’t an issue.

Mouse loves rice: Fine then.

The two ended their conversation, and Tang Zhou closed the chat app, feeling that something wasn’t quite right. However, considering the reputation of “mouse loves rice” in the industry, he dismissed his uneasiness.

At Jiang City University’s male dormitory.

After taking a shower, Fu Shen was surrounded by two roommates.

“I heard Liang Cheng say that Tang Shen agreed to talk with us again?” The chubby guy asked with an excited look on his face.

“Yeah, tomorrow evening at six. We’ll go together.”

“Great, I need to figure out what to wear tomorrow!” Another guy pulled out a sweatshirt with a Pikachu printed on it, asking the others, “What about this one?”

The chubby guy looked disdainful. “Too childish. It screams unreliable. What if Tang Shen dislikes it and refuses to cooperate?”

“How is it childish?” The guy with the Pikachu on his shirt retorted indignantly. “You’re the unreliable one!”

Seeing that the two were about to start arguing again, Fu Shen casually said, “No need to be too formal. Tang Zhou… probably won’t care about these things.”

Liang Cheng, who was reading a book, glanced at him and pushed his glasses up.

A message notification sound rang out. Fu Shen casually tapped on it and suddenly stopped.

Comfortable rice: Is this a picture of you?

Fu Shen: Yes, it’s me. What’s up?

Comfortable rice: Someone is investigating you.

Comfortable rice: According to the rules, I can’t disclose that.

Fu Shen: What if you break the rules?

Comfortable Rice: I owe you three favors. Do you want this one to count?

Fu Shen hesitated for a few seconds, then replied: No need.

With a serious expression, Fu Shen put down his phone. Under the astonished gaze of the three roommates, he opened his laptop and rapidly typed on the keyboard.

Liang Cheng took a glance and then turned away.

The other two, intimidated by the situation, immediately became as quiet as chickens.

The sound of the keyboard clicking, like continuous, unbroken notes, echoed in the quiet dormitory. In an instant, they converged into a final answer.

Fu Shen’s eyebrows slightly raised, and he leaned back in his chair, letting his hands rest on his lap with his fingers tapping lightly.

The familiar IP address was somewhat surprising yet also within reason.

The next morning, after washing up and eating some bread, Tang Zhou opened his email.

There was a new message from “mouse loves rice”.

After reading through it, he couldn’t help but sigh in his heart.

Tang Zhou only knew that Du Ruoyu and Tang Tianyang were connected, but he wasn’t aware that their relationship had been so explosive in high school.

His illegitimate younger brother was the most popular guy at school during high school. With good grades and a charming way of speaking, it was no surprise he attracted several beautiful girls.

At the time, Du Ruoyu was just a young girl. Under Tang Tianyang’s influence, she believed that Tang Tianyang and his mother had always been oppressed and bullied by Tang Zhou. She thought that Tang Zhou’s achievements were merely due to him monopolizing all of the Tang family’s resources, some of which should have belonged to Tang Tianyang.

The idea of a strong man protecting a vulnerable girl was an unbeatable weapon to trigger a young girl’s affection in this era.

As Tang Zhou read on, he couldn’t help but laugh.

First of all, he had never even spoken to Tang Tianyang, so how could he possibly have bullied him? And as for the Tang family’s resources, didn’t Tang Zhen invest a lot of time and effort on Tang Tianyang as well?

What a delicate little white flower who was oppressed yet remained unyielding.

Tang Zhou now acted solely based on his feelings. If someone upset him, he felt compelled to retaliate.

Suddenly, his phone rang and he answered it casually.

“Tang Zhou, I heard that last night… is it true?” Lu Ye’s tone was somewhat subtle.

Tang Zhou replied nonchalantly, “Are you discriminating?”

“Of course not!” Lu Ye hurriedly clarified. “I just find it a bit unbelievable. I always thought you had nothing to do with these things.”

Tang Zhou thought to himself: That previous identity was nothing more than a mask worn by the Tang family’s heir.

“What happened to you guys last night?” Although Tang Zhou dreamt that he was a character in a book, he only had his own perspective in the dream and didn’t know the details of the other characters. “Do you need my help?”

Lu Ye: “It’s nothing. We just ran into some small-time hooligans. I beat them up and then we went to the police station to make a statement.”

Tang Zhou sighed inwardly. The current Lu Ye was still a passionate young man, not the gloomy and cold President Lu from his dream.

Tang Zhou felt a bit sorry for him and asked, “Lu Ye, what are your plans after graduation?”

“Xiao Yuan said he wants to travel around the world, so I’ll accompany him.” There was a hint of foolishness in his words.

Tang Zhou: “You’re the only child in your family. Don’t you care about your family’s affairs?”

“I’m really not interested in those businesses.” Lu Ye said with some impatience. “I want to do what I love.”

Being favored often leads to a sense of security. Sometimes, Tang Zhou was really envious of him.

“What if Xiao Yuan encounters some problems and you can’t help him?”

“What could happen to Xiao Yuan?” After Lu Ye finished speaking, it seemed as if he had thought of something and he thought for a moment, “Are you saying that Fu Shen would harm Xiao Yuan? If he dares, I will not let him off easily!”

Tang Zhou was speechless. In his dream, Lu Ye and Xiao Yuan were turned upside down by Fu Shen’s manipulation.

He rubbed his temples, “Lu Ye, don’t underestimate him.”

Lu Ye was quite puzzled, “Tang Zhou, what’s wrong with you? What’s so special about him? He’s just a poor student. How can he compare with us?”

It was because Fu Shen single-handedly founded Deep Blue Technology, defeated Qiao Cheng’an and became a rising star in the business world.

However, Tang Zhou couldn’t say that now.

“Lu Ye, if you love Xiao Yuan, you must face the obstacles in the future.” Tang Zhou left it at that.

He had no doubt about Lu Ye’s feelings for Xiao Yuan, but if Lu Ye didn’t have any say in the Lu family, they would still be forced to separate under the control of the Lu family, just like in the dream and suffer for years.

Lu Ye was so shocked that he jumped up, “What do you mean ‘love’? Tang Zhou, don’t talk nonsense! Xiao Yuan and I are just friends! On the other hand, you know Fu Shen might harm Xiao Yuan, but you still provided him with funding. If you didn’t give it to him, where would he get the ability?”

“Lu Ye, I invest in any project because of its potential for profit. As long as it’s not illegal or criminal, I don’t care.”

He could suppress Fu Shen, but rather than suppressing him, he would prefer to cooperate with him. He was an investor, not a world-saving hero.

Instead of stifling the potential growth of a future dark horse, it would be better to become a co-helmsman of that dark horse.

Unable to argue with him, Lu Ye could only hang up the phone.

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