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Chapter 33.2

Editor: Jodi

After the meeting ended, back in his office, Tang Zhou finally had time to think about the email he had received this morning.

Regardless of whether its content was true or false, the sender’s intention was clearly malicious.

Thinking about who might want to sabotage his relationship with Fu Shen….

Tang Zhou came up with three possibilities:
Tang Tianyang, the old man, Mrs. Zheng.

But for such dirty tactics, Tang Tianyang seemed the most likely.

Tang Zhou returned to the school forum to look for the post.

He still couldn’t find the post from the sender’s screenshot, but he saw another post about Fu Shen.

[The computer science department’s heartthrob is awesome!]

Main post: Does anyone remember last night’s post? I refreshed and it was gone. The heartthrob’s tech skills are impressive.

1L: Maybe it’s because he’s feeling guilty.

2L: Can’t people discuss their professional skills? OP seems jealous.

3L: What’s there to be jealous about? That girl isn’t even the belle of the school.


57L: Why are you still focused on Fu Shen? Don’t you know another post has exploded?

58L: Are you talking about that one upstairs? It’s really sensational.

59L: The guy in that post, I remember he appeared before and was also close to several girls, but this time it’s more explosive, heh heh.

Reading this, Tang Zhou had a hunch. He scrolled through the day’s hot posts and easily found the explosive one, clicking on it.

It was a picture of Tang Tianyang kissing several different girls.

Although the girls’ faces were blurred, the shapes of their ears and chins made it easy to tell they weren’t the same girl.

Tang Zhou clearly remembered a post mocking him for being gay not long ago, and the poster, for some unknown reason, uploaded pictures of Tang Tianyang with several girls, angrily denouncing him as a scumbag.

This incident blew up so much that the old man even called Tang Zhen and him home to lecture them.

But those pictures then weren’t as explicit. They were mostly just shoulder touches and hand-holding, so they didn’t cause much of a stir.

But this time it was different.

Kissing went beyond the bounds of ordinary friendship.

But who would hold such a grudge against Tang Tianyang to use this method to deal with him?

Tang Zhou thought about the relationships involved carefully.

He had been mocked for being gay, then Tang Tianyang was exposed as a scumbag through pictures.

He received a screenshot about Fu Shen’s supposed romance, and again, Tang Tianyang had been exposed as a scumbag through pictures.

In the first incident, the involved parties were him, Fu Shen and Tang Tianyang.

He had asked Fu Shen about it, but Fu Shen had evaded with, “Am I that capable?”

In this latest incident, the people involved were still the three of them, plus Fu Shen’s Senior sister.

Fu Shen had advanced computer skills, and so did that Senior sister.

But combining this with the first incident, Tang Zhou was convinced that it was Fu Shen who was messing with Tang Tianyang!

He initially planned to ask Fu Shen directly, but remembering the “late-night meeting” post, his heart felt a little uncomfortable so he abandoned the idea and went to “Mouse Loves Rice” instead.

Porridge Tang: Investigate this poster’s identity and any recent unusual activities.”

Porridge Tang: Hard to check?”

Porridge Tang: …. so fast.

The first image was a student ID of a male student. The second was a picture of this student in private contact with Tang Tianyang. The third was the student’s previous spending records, and the fourth showed his high spending in the last few days.

Porridge Tang: How much for this service?

Mouse Loves Rice: No charge.

Porridge Tang: Then can you find out who posted this post? [Link]

Mouse Loves Rice: The other party’s skills are better than mine, I won’t take it.

Tang Zhou had no choice but to give up.

Meanwhile, Fu Shen received a message.

[Mi Shu]: He asked me.

[Mi Shu]: You really won’t tell him?

Fu Shen: Not for now.

He didn’t want Tang Zhou to know that he too, was capable of actually using underhanded methods.

He was afraid of seeing disappointment and disgust on Tang Zhou’s face.

But then immediately after, a message caught his eye.

Porridge Tang: Are you in a relationship?

His heart skipped a beat.

Fu Shen’s breath lightened considerably and fiddling with his phone for a while, he asked an ambiguous question.

Fu Shen: Tang Zhou, if I hid something from you, would you blame me?

Porridge Tang: You have to tell me first, then I’ll know whether I’ll blame you or not.

Porridge Tang: Then let me ask you this, was it you who leaked the thing about Tang Tianyang?

Fu Shen: It was me.

He hesitated for a long while but decided to tell the truth.

Fu Shen had a feeling that if he continued to brush it off as he had before, it might lead to even worse consequences.

Unable to hold back, he chose to ask directly.

Fu Shen: Do you think I’m shady and despicable?

After sending the message, Tang Zhou didn’t reply for a long time, causing Fu Shen’s heart to tighten with pain.

Holding his phone, he waited anxiously, unable to focus on work.

This was the first time he cared so much about someone’s opinion.

And because he cared, he had always hesitated to take that step.

He was cunning and vengeful, never a righteous or kind person, but he had the fortune to encounter a sweet piece of sugar cake.

But just now, it seems he had lost him.

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