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Chapter 18.2

After Ai Mo finished his noodles, Lu Ye and Qiao Yuan arrived.

Both of them looked terrible.

Lu Ye looked tired and haggard, while Qiao Yuan was completely like a frostbitten eggplant, wilting completely.

“Who is he?” Lu Ye asked when he saw the obediently sitting Ai Mo, and when he saw Fu Shen coming out of the kitchen, his face changed again, “Why is he here?”

Tang Zhou leaned on the sofa, not caring about his surprise and said calmly, “Let’s talk about my matter first.”

Lu Ye: “….” Are you sure you want to discuss the matter of violently beating your own father in front of two strangers?

He thought Tang Zhou wanted to discuss this matter with him, but heard Tang Zhou say, “Your family owns a film and television company, can you make decisions for it?”

Lu Ye nodded, “I can.”

He was the only heir of the Lu family, so he definitely had some clout.

“I want to cooperate with you.” Tang Zhou looked at the stunned Qiao Yuan. “You should understand his situation now. You are the heir to the Lu family, you do have weight, but whether people will accept it depends on your merit and performance.”

Lu Ye’s expression gradually became serious. “What do you want to cooperate on?”

“Invest in a film.” Tang Zhou introduced, “This is the scriptwriter Ai Mo. His script is pretty good and worth a try.”

“I trust your judgment.” Lu Ye was puzzled, “but why do you want to cooperate with me?”

After all, Tang Zhou didn’t lack money at all.

Tang Zhou smiled, “The film and television circle is complex, making a film isn’t just about money. A film and television company is professional, I only need to fund and share the profits.”

As for matters like the crew, publicity and other things, he didn’t have the time to deal with them.

Lu Ye was eager to take control now, so he wouldn’t miss this opportunity, “I need to see the script first.”


In a few words, the cooperation was settled. Ai Mo was both shocked and delighted. He didn’t care how much money he could get, as long as his script could make it onto the big screen, he would be satisfied.

Just as he was daydreaming about the future, he was suddenly slapped on the back of his head.

Ai Mo turned his head, “Huh?”

Tang Zhou withdrew his hand, “What are you daydreaming about? You said last night that your landlord kicked you out, where are your personal belongings?”

The delicate looking young man said sheepishly, “The landlord did kick me out, but I haven’t moved yet.”

“I’ll advance you some money, go back first, leave your number and we’ll contact you later.” Tang Zhou exchanged contact information with him and transferred some money over with his phone.

Ai Mo’s eyes immediately reddened.

Although he appeared nonchalant on the surface, he was actually very sensitive. Having struggled on his own for so long, this was the first time he had received kindness.

While he did have a vested interest with Tang Zhou, Tang Zhou had stopped him from committing suicide last night out of pure kindness. And when everyone else was mocking his script, only Tang Zhou supported him.

Ai Mo wasn’t pretentious. He openly accepted Tang Zhou’s kindness, sniffled and flashed a bright smile, “I’ll revise the script!”

He would not let down Tang Zhou’s expectations!

When Ai Mo disappeared outside the door, Tang Zhou gestured towards Qiao Yuan, “What’s wrong with him?”

Lu Ye glanced at Fu Shen, who knew Fu Shen wasn’t even looking at him.

“He is like this, I guess it has something to do with President Qiao.” Seeing that Lu Ye didn’t refute, Tang Zhou knew that he hadn’t guessed wrong and continued, “Since it has something to do with President Qiao, Fu Shen is not an outsider.”

He had considered It. There was no deep hatred between Lu Ye, Qiao Yuan and Fu Shen, just a difference in stance.

And disputes of stance could be resolved.

They had a common enemy – Qiao Cheng’an.

In the dream, Fu Shen’s actions were characterized by desperate courage. He had no companions, no allies, only single-minded bravery. If it weren’t for his strong measures, he would probably have been suppressed by Qiao Cheng’an long ago.

Tang Zhou admired him from the bottom of his heart, but at the same time, he didn’t want to see Lu Ye and Qiao Yuan make the same mistakes.

Some problems were better solved sooner than later.

After struggling for a while, Lu Ye finally didn’t refuse. He sat down on the sofa and said dejectedly, “After seeing President Qiao and his secretary last night, Xiao Yuan has been like this. We rushed back overnight.”

“So why did you come to me?”

Lu Ye said helplessly, “No matter how I try to comfort him, it’s useless. I thought I would come and talk to you.”

He really had no other options and he didn’t dare let Qiao Yuan go home like this.

Tang Zhou’s gaze fell on Qiao Yuan’s delicate and fair face. The former shiny chestnut short hair now drooped listlessly on both sides of his cheeks, as if he had lost his spirit.

“What did you tell him?” He asked Lu Ye.

Lu Ye looked blank. “What else could I say?”

Other than comforting words, what else could he say?

Tang Zhou thought for a moment and decided to be blunt.

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