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Chapter 24.2

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Sitting back in the car, Tang Zhou leaned back and let out a deep sigh.

He felt like smoking again.

However as his hand reached the storage compartment, Fu Shen’s words came to mind, and he subconsciously withdrew it.

He didn’t understand. After leaving him alone for so many years, why was she coming to him now? Was it just about finding an heir?

But the soft light in Zheng Qiuyi’s eyes and the warmth in her tone didn’t seem fake. It didn’t match the image of his mother in his memory at all, yet….. it held an unparalleled attraction.

The long-lost sourness surging in his heart, Tang Zhou covered his eyes with his hand, attempting to hide the hint of tears in the corners of his eyes.

He started scolding himself. Wasn’t it just a show of false concern? There was no need to care about it.

It really wasn’t worth caring about.

He sat quietly in the tranquil carriage for ten minutes before regaining his composure and driving back to his residence.

After entering, the soft light from the living room lamps greeted his eyes and a warm feeling flowed into his cold heart.

Fu Shen was sitting on the sofa, attending to matters and hearing movement, he turned his head. His amber eyes immediately lit up with a smile and he stood up and walked over, retrieving slippers from the shoe cabinet. He asked, “Have you eaten?”

The tall and handsome young man, with his thick eyebrows and deep, enigmatic eyes, was focused on one person. The reflection of that person in his pupils gazed blankly at the cool slippers on the ground, not saying a word.

Fu Shen sensed that he was in a bad mood and asked gently, “What’s wrong?”

Tang Zhou changed into slippers and looked up at him, his eyes slightly red and his voice soft.

“I want to smoke.”

Fu Shen lifted an eyebrow. “….. No.”

Tang Zhou sniffed, his voice hoarse. “I just want to.”

He originally didn’t feel the sadness so strongly, but in that instant just after entering the house, as he saw the warm and harmonious atmosphere, as he saw Fu Shen’s smiling appearance approaching to greet him, the grievance in his heart poured out.

Since he was a child, he hadn’t cried. Even when his heart was chilled to the core in his dream, he never cried.

But now, he felt his nose getting sour and his throat parched. He couldn’t control it at all, yet he tried to suppress it, wanting to vent it out by smoking.

Seeing the misty water in those light brown eyes, attempting to retreat but failing, Fu Shen’s heart softened and mixed with a hint of sourness.

Holding Tang Zhou’s wrist, he led him to sit down on the couch. “Drinking is better than smoking.”

Tang Zhou looked up at him, his eyes unblinking. “But I don’t know how to drink.”

Fu Shen smiled and turned to the fridge, fetching two cans of beer. He opened one and handed it to Tang Zhou. “Try it.”

The young man hesitated with a sense of grievance, but took the can. Seeing Fu Shen take a sip first, he also took a small sip.

It was icy cold on his lips, but after a short while, his face and body started to feel warm.

His alcohol tolerance was really low, because just half a can and he was already feeling dizzy. His eyes were hazy as he looked at the person in front of him and asked, “Why are there two Fu Shens…”

Fu Shen stood up and moved to take the drink from his hand, “You’re drunk, don’t drink again.”

“No!” Tang Zhou pushed away his hand stubbornly, “I want to drink.”

‘Gulp gulp gulp’, he gulped down a few more sips.

A small amount of the liquid trailed down the corner of his lips, followed down the graceful line of his jaw, flowed down over his slender and fair neck, and settled on his collarbone, rolling playfully as if tempting someone to lick it.

Fu Shen’s gaze suddenly deepened, and he pulled out a tissue to wipe it away, removing the pale yellow liquid meticulously to reveal the smooth skin underneath.

His touch was so gentle that Tang Zhou felt ticklish. He reached out to push his hand away in his drowsy state, his eyes red and aggrieved, “Why are you bullying me?”

Fu Shen clenched the soft tissue, his gaze focused and deep.

“I’m bullying you?”

Tang Zhou covered his neck with his hand, tears glistening in his eyes, however they didn’t fall.

“You’re making me ticklish.”

Fu Shen sighed inside. He was clearly already on the verge of tears, yet he was still trying so hard to hold them back. If it wasn’t because of the alcohol he had taken, he would probably suppress his emotions again tonight.

“You’ve got something there, I’m helping you wipe it off.” Fu Shen said patiently.

Tang Zhou stared at him for a few seconds, then snorted coldly and turned his head away, refusing to look at him.

“Okay, okay, okay, it’s my fault. I made you ticklish. I’m sorry, don’t be angry.” Fu Shen crouched in front of him, tugging at the edge of his clothes in amusement.

Seeing that he had apologized, of course Tang Zhou chose to forgive him. However when he turned around, a glistening tear rolled down his cheek.

Shocked, he wiped it away gently with his fingertip, murmuring, “Why is this happening?”

Just as Fu Shen was about to console him, he saw Tang Zhou suddenly stand up and rush into his bedroom unsteadily. Concerned, he hurriedly followed.

But just as he entered, he froze in place.

The wardrobe doors were wide open, and Tang Zhou was sitting on the edge of the bed with his back turned, cradling a large teddy bear in his arms, unmoving.

Fu Shen stood at the doorway for a while, and it wasn’t until he heard faint sobs that he came back to his senses.

The ache in his chest stifled him to the point of pain as he walked to him.

The young man’s entire face was buried in the fur of the teddy bear as his thin shoulders trembled slightly.

Even crying, he was restraining himself from making a sound, so obedient that it made one’s hearts ache.

Fu Shen knew he should give him space to vent, but he was really worried that Tang Zhou would be suffocated by the teddy bear, so he whispered softly, “Like this, the bear won’t be able to breathe properly.”

The young man holding the bear paused and slowly lifted half of his face. His eyes red from crying, he looked at Fu Shen pitifully. “Then what should I do?”

“I don’t know what to do.”

Teardrops hang on Tang Zhou’s eyelashes, confused by his words

Fu Shen took the teddy bear away and drew him into his arms.

“I won’t suffocate.”

A warm and gentle breath enveloped Tang Zhou, and the man’s embrace felt like a harbor sheltering from the wind and rain, and his heart immediately calmed down.

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