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Chapter 5.2

At six o’clock in the evening, Tang Zhou arrived at Juxiang Pavilion on time.

Before he got out of the car, he received a call from Tang Zhihua.

“You didn’t go to the Du family today.”

Tang Zhou kicked a straight ball: “Du Ruoyu and Tang Tianyang are a couple. I don’t want to get involved.”

Tang Zhihua: “…”

“I have other things to do, I’ll hang up first.”

At the same time, Old Master Du looked at several pictures on his desk, his brows furrowed deeply.

“Who sent these?”

The housekeeper replied respectfully, “I don’t know. They were shoved in from outside the courtyard.”

He secretly glanced at the pictures, thinking: So it turns out that the young miss likes that illegitimate child of the Tang family. What should they do?

In the pictures, the young boy and girl were wearing school uniforms, hugging each other, and looking very intimate.

Old Master Du snorted coldly, “Call the young miss over.”

If Xiao Yu really liked that Tang Tianyang kid, it wouldn’t be impossible. After all, both of them were from the Tang family, and Tang Zhou looked like he was taking the dry road. In the future, it was still uncertain who would end up in control of the Tang family.

In the private room of Juxiang Pavilion.

Fu Shen and the other three arrived early and were playing with their phones while seated.

Suddenly, the door to the private room was pushed open and everyone looked up at the same time.

A young man stood at the door, wearing a bamboo green hooded sweater, which accentuated his fair, slender neck. Further up, his lips were cherry red, his nose was high and straight and his eyes were deep and clear under his long eyelashes. His entire body was perfect and exquisite in every way.

Except for Fu Shen, the other three had never seen the legendary Tang Zhou in person. Now that they had, they felt that the rumors were not false.

Damn, how could someone look like this? How were they supposed to live?

Fu Shen’s gaze swept over the young man’s neck, where the marks from last night’s choking had disappeared.

He stood up and said calmly, “Senior Tang.”

Tang Zhou entered the private room, closed the door and nodded slightly. With a faint expression, he said, “Hello everyone.”

Liang Chen was the first to react, reaching out his slender hand, “Tang Xuechang, my name is Liang Chen. Nice to meet you.”

Tang Zhou shook Liang Chen’s hand lightly, “Nice to meet you.”

The other two came to their senses and introduced themselves one after another.

“Tang Shen, my name is Pi Xiu.”

Tang Zhou’s eyes were filled with a smile, “Nice to meet you.”

Pi Xiu was a mythical creature that was said to bring wealth and fortune. It only allowed money to flow in but not out, truly a good name.

“Tang Shen, my name is Li Fengyu and my nickname is Fatty, hehe.”

Tang Zhou nodded, “Nice to meet you, Li Fengyu.”

Unexpectedly, this seemingly tough junior had such a refined and elegant name.

Everyone sat down one after another and Pi Xiu and Fatty were still a little excited, completely forgetting the purpose of today’s dinner.

Dishes were served one after another. With Pi Xiu and Fatty making jokes, the atmosphere in the private room was lively.

But they were too embarrassed to bring up the main topic.

Halfway through the meal, Tang Zhou took the initiative to speak up, “Let’s talk about the shares.”

Pi Xiu and Fatty fell silent immediately.

Liang Chen glanced at Fu Shen, adjusted his glasses, and said solemnly, “Senior Tang, we are very grateful for your generosity, but forty percent is too high for us.”

Tang Zhou leaned back in his chair, looking serious, “As far as I know, developing a game project requires hundreds of millions in funding to produce a high quality product. Don’t you think that much capital is worth forty percent? Besides, you are just first-year students, not senior game researchers. The risk I’m taking is extremely high.”

Fatty and Pi Xiu lowered their heads, feeling that Tang Shen’s words were quite reasonable. Although they were confident in developing the game well, in the eyes of others, they were just amateurs.

They had approached so many people, and in the end, only Tang Zhou was willing to invest. Weren’t they content with that?

Fu Shen was not swayed by Tang Zhou’s words. He calmly said, “Senior, you are a well-known golden touch in the industry. Many people are closely watching your investment moves. If they know you are interested in this project, even if they didn’t agree to invest before, they might reconsider afterwards.”

If that were the case, whether Tang Zhou invested or not wouldn’t matter much to them.

Maybe some people couldn’t match Tang Zhou’s substantial capital, but what about ten or twenty people combined? A more dispersed shareholding situation would be easier to control than one person dominating.

Tang Zhou was taken aback for a moment. No wonder Fu Shen was able to support such a large project in his dream with just a five million investment from him.

After staring at Fu Shen for a few seconds, Tang Zhou suddenly stood up, “I need to go to the restroom.”

Fu Shen received the signal and stood up to leave as well.

The three remaining in the private room looked at each other with wide eyes.

Pi Xiu scratched his head, “What are they going to do in the restroom?”

Fatty: “Are they going to fight?”

Liang Chen pushed up his slipping glasses, “Maybe they’ll both compromise.”

The other two leaned in, “What do you mean?”

Liang Chen coughed lightly and said jokingly, “Selling his body one more time?”

Pi Xiu & Fatty: “…..”

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