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Chapter 22.2

The two of them were silent all the way. After they returned to the residential complex, Tang Zhou walked in front while Fu Shen lagged a step behind, entering the elevator one after the other.

The elevator stopped at the 16th floor.

Just as Tang Zhou stepped into the corridor, he suddenly remembered that he was now “living together” with Fu Shen and his steps slowed down unconsciously.

This “cohabitation” was the compensation Fu Shen asked for. So he couldn’t ask Fu Shen to move out, but he could move out himself.

Anyway, graduation was approaching, and he had no plans to live here permanently.

Just after crossing the corridor, Tang Zhou paused.

A young man with bangs covering his eyes, dressed very plainly and with a denim travel bag slung across his shoulder, was leaning against the door of his apartment.

Hearing the sound, he looked past Tang Zhou and his gaze fell on Fu Shen, calm and piercing.

Tang Zhou didn’t understand, but Fu Shen stepped forward and introduced, “This is our new technician, Mi Shu. Mi Shu, this is my partner, Tang Zhou.”


A little surprised, Tang Zhou looked quietly at Mi Shu.

He had heard this name in his dream. It was said that Mi Shu was one of the most experienced technicians in Deep Blue, and his technical skills were comparable to Fu Shen’s, but he was a super homebody and rarely seen.

He hadn’t expected to meet this big shot under such circumstances. He nodded, “Hello.”

Mi Shu glanced at Tang Zhou, then looked at Fu Shen, his gaze somewhat complicated.

Fu Shen cleared his throat slightly, “Mi Shu, the dormitory is upstairs, I’ll take you up first.”

Mi Shu nodded blankly.

The two of them entered the elevator.

Mi Shu stared at the elevator door, “Consider it a favor.”

“Naturally.” He owed Fu Shen a favor, which was how he had been persuaded to join the team.

“I’ll only work for three years.” Mi Shu puffed his cheeks slightly. He didn’t like being controlled by others. If he didn’t owe Fu Shen a favor, he wouldn’t have come here.

“Okay.” Fu Shen agreed simply.

After handing over a gloomy-looking Mi Shu to Pi Xiu and the others, Fu Shen was about to go downstairs, but was stopped by Mi Shu, “I’m hungry.”

Fu Shen raised his eyebrows, “Order takeout.”

“You said you’d cover food and lodging.”

“I’ll reimburse you.”

Mi Shu: “…” Damn, he felt like he’d been duped!

Pi Xiu, being savvy, was sincere about wanting to get along well with his new colleague. He said enthusiastically, “Shen Ge, we haven’t eaten either. Why don’t we invite Tang Shen to join us for dinner as well to welcome our new colleague?”

Fu Shen instinctively wanted to refuse, but when the words reached his mouth, it changed to, “I’ll go ask him.”

Going downstairs, he didn’t knock, and habitually used his fingerprint to unlock the door.

The living room was quiet, the ceiling light glaringly bright. A familiar suit jacket was casually thrown on the sofa and the bedroom door to Tang Zhou’s private space was tightly closed.

Fu Shen walked to the bedroom door, knocked, but got no response.

There was a faint sound of water from inside, probably a shower.

So, he sent a message in the group.

[Fu Shen]: Tang Zhou and I have something to do. You guys go eat on your own.

[Pi Xiu]: Shock! Shen Ge, what are you and Tang Shen doing behind our backs?!

[Li Fengyu]: What nonsense are you saying…. Hehehe.

[Liang Chen]: Got it.

[Fu Shen]: Help take care of the new colleague.

[Li Fengyu]: Don’t worry! But where did you dig him up from, he looks really sharp.

[Liang Chen]: We can have a technical exchange after dinner.

[Fu Shen]: You guys handle it.

[Pi Xiu]: Wow, Shen Ge, you’re not taking care of the person you dug up yourself.

When Fu Shen heard the sound of water stopping in the bedroom, he didn’t continue to banter. Putting his phone on the table, he opened the fridge to see what ingredients were left.

As the weather was getting warmer, Tang Zhou came out of the room in a set of casual home clothes after his shower. In a lead-grey cotton short-sleeved top with black shorts, he looked relaxed and casual.

Hearing the sound, Fu Shen turned around to look.

The young man who had just come out of the shower was drying his hair with a towel. His handsome cheeks were steamed pink by the moisture and water droplets from his hair rolled down from his ears, flowing along his slender and fair neck, circling in his delicate collarbone, gathering into a pool.

While drying his hair, his shoulders were tilted slightly, the wide collar slipping to one shoulder, revealing a large area of white skin that glowed with a light pink and his legs, usually wrapped tightly in trousers, were long and straight, with barely visible hair.

Fu Shen quickly looked away, an itch in his throat as he blurted out without thinking, “I’ll make noodles for you to eat 1I’ll make noodles for you to eat – In Chinese the way he said it also sounded like ‘I’ll eat your lower body 🫣.”

Tang Zhou: “…..”

It wasn’t that he had a dirty mind, but Fu Shen’s expression when he said this made it easy to misunderstand.

Fu Shen, who had just finished speaking seemed to feel something was wrong, but he still braced himself to say, “Want to eat?”

Awkwardness spread throughout the room.

Tang Zhou felt that there was something a bit inappropriate in what they had said just now, so he asked, “Have they eaten yet? If not, let’s eat together and welcome the new colleague.”

The more people there were, the less awkward it would be.

Fu Shen replied decisively, “They’ve already eaten.”

Tang Zhou blinked, “Then let’s have noodles.”

Turning, Fu Shen entered the kitchen, not noticing that his phone on the table lit up.

Tang Zhou glanced at it.

[Liang Chen]: Then we will go and eat first.

Tang Zhou: “…”

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