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Chapter 11.2

Tang Zhou was cold and his shoes and socks were soaked through. The cold air crept up from his feet and his pants, drenched by the rain, clung to his legs, making him feel chilly and uninterested in doing anything extra.

Once they were inside the room, Fu Shen put the luggage by the bed.

“You go take a shower first.”

Tang Zhou didn’t refuse and grabbed his clean clothes and towel, heading towards the bathroom, but was stopped by Fu Shen.

“Senior, did you not want to stay with me?”

The tall man stood by the bed and looked at him expressionlessly, his tone devoid of any ups or downs.

Tang Zhou’s eyebrows furrowed.

This emotionless Fu Shen reminded him of the Fu Shen in his dreams who never showed any emotions, making him feel a bit uncomfortable.

“Why do you ask?”

Fu Shen walked a few steps closer. “Just now in the hallway, it seemed like you had something to say.”

Tang Zhou was a bit confused.

Then he recalled the scene just now and finally understood what Fu Shen meant.

“I just wanted to yawn.”

After sitting in the car for half a day and getting soaked in the rain, it was normal to feel tired.

Fu Shen froze, then laughed, looking like a different person from just a moment ago.

As Tang Zhou closed the bathroom door, Fu Shen sighed to himself.

Actually he didn’t need to ask, as he had never cared about what others thought of him.

He didn’t know why he had been pretending just now.

Hearing a knock on the door, Fu Shen got up to answer it.

“Senior, do you need something?”

A cheerful male voice sounded from outside the door. “The competition is over and just now, Senior Lu and Qiao Yuan invited us to go hiking together if it doesn’t rain tomorrow. Are you interested?”

In this competition, Fu Shen’s abilities were obvious to everyone. They initially thought it was reckless for their teacher to let a freshman participate in the competition, but facts proved that Fu Shen was no worse than them and might even be better.

So he genuinely wanted to befriend him.

Fu Shen was naturally more of a loner and didn’t like to be in groups so he didn’t want to participate, however he swallowed back the words of refusal.


“Then it’s settled. But Senior Lu and Qiao Yuan are really unlucky; their shoes are all wet. I wonder if they will be dry by tomorrow.”

Fu Shen turned his head unconsciously and looked at the shoes by the bathroom door.

They were indeed a bit wet, with some mud on them. He could only imagine how uncomfortable it must have been for Tang Zhou wearing them just now.

After the senior left, Fu Shen sat on the couch and scrolled through his phone. The sound of the water in the bathroom suddenly sounded then suddenly stopped, making one feel a bit uneasy inside.

Perhaps it was because his solitary space had been invaded that the sound of another person’s movements made him feel uncomfortable.

Unable to play on his phone anymore, Fu Shen didn’t want to do anything else so he turned on the TV out of boredom.

“I love you— can you hear me? I-love-you—”

In pouring rain, a man was drenched all over, his hair in disarray as he shouted loudly at the sky.

Then the camera panned to a window where a girl was holding onto the frame with one hand while covering her mouth with the other, crying and laughing at the same time.

Fu Shen: ….

Suddenly feeling that something was off, he turned to the bathroom and saw Tang Zhou standing at the bathroom door, looking at the TV with an extremely complex expression then at him.

Fu Shen: “…..” Was it too late to explain now?

But Tang Zhou didn’t say anything and shifted his gaze away naturally.

Even if Fu Shen felt depressed, he couldn’t hurry to explain as it would only make things worse.

Pretending to be calm, he put the remote control down, stood up and said, “I’m going out to buy something. If you’re bored, you can watch TV.”

Tang Zhou glanced at the screen again.

The heroine was running towards the embrace of the hero, her hair and clothes drenched by the rain then the two wet chicks finally kissed.

It was earth-shattering.

Having personally experienced the feeling of being soaked by the rain, Tang Zhou couldn’t help but admire the actors’ dedication to their craft.

He nodded seriously.



After a while, Fu Shen came back.

There was only one room card and the room needed electricity, so he couldn’t bring it out, therefore he could only knock on the door when he returned.

Tang Zhou, wearing the hotel’s cheap flip-flops, walked over to open the door, feeling uncomfortable.

Coming in with a mist of rain, Fu Shen handed him something.

“What’s this?”

“A shoe dryer. It should dry your shoes overnight.”

Tang Zhou hesitated, “How do I use it?”

Fu Shen raised an eyebrow, feeling that Tang Zhou was trying to trick him.

Given that Tang Zhou was renting a room off-campus without hiring any housekeeping, he shouldn’t be this much of an idiot.

“There are instructions.”

Tang Zhou: “Oh.”

Opening the box, he took out the shoe dryer from inside then said suddenly, “Assistant Fu.”

Fu Shen had a bad feeling about this.

“I never thought that Assistant Fu likes to watch romance idol dramas.”

Tang Zhou looked at him calmly, as if he had the upper hand.

Fu Shen chuckled inwardly.

By not using his name or addressing him as ‘junior’ but rather ‘assistant’, Tang Zhou was hoping to get him to help him. Using such childish and clumsy words to threaten him was unnecessary.

If he didn’t help, would everyone know tomorrow that he ‘loved watching’ idol dramas?

He took the shoe dryer unhurriedly, saying as Tang Zhou looked at him with a hint of smugness in his eyes.

“I never thought Tang Shen likes dolls.”

Tang Zhou: “……”

Alright, since the words were already out, there was nothing he could do. Besides, Fu Shen had seen through him in real life and in his dreams so he wasn’t embarrassed at all.

“Assistant Fu, thank you for your help the other day and I’m grateful today as well. How much did it cost for the claw machine toy and the shoe dryer? I’ll reimburse you.”

The young man looked calm, no longer distant like before, causing Fu Shen to inexplicably breath a sigh of relief, the frustration in his heart dissipating by more than half.

“It’s okay.”

He bent down, deftly placed the shoe dryer inside the shoes and connected it to the socket.

“Consider it respecting the old and cherishing the young.”

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