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Chapter 22.1

After the banquet was over, Tang Zhou drove away from the Tang house and at an intersection, he saw Fu Shen dressed in his usual attire, so he pulled over next to him and rolled down his window.

“Get in.”

This was an upscale residential area, far away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The traffic was sparse, and the neon lights were dim.

Under the dim yellow streetlight, Fu Shen stood with his elongated shadow cast on the ground. He stared at Tang Zhou for a moment, a hint of a smile in his eyes.

“I thought you would be angry.”

He hadn’t been able to resist teasing Tang Zhou at the banquet, but someone had seen them, so he did feel somewhat regretful. He had assumed that Tang Zhou would blame him, but instead he was still willing to give him a ride.

Such a soft heart.

The longer they spent together, the more Fu Shen was able to see past the cold exterior of Tang Shen to the gentle soul beneath.

With a stern face, Tang Zhou repeated, “Get in.”

Fu Shen complied readily.

He sat in the passenger seat, and under the faint light, he traced Tang Zhou’s exquisitely chiseled profile with his gaze.

Tang Zhou’s lips were pressed tightly together, looking rather displeased. But in truth, seeing Tang Tianyang and his group rendered speechless by Fu Shen, as if they had been choked, was quite satisfying.

“What do you want to eat tonight?” Fu Shen asked.

There wasn’t much to eat at the banquet, so Tang Zhou was indeed a bit hungry, but he didn’t say anything.

Fu Shen was surprised. Was he…. sulking?

He carefully observed Tang Zhou who was driving and saw his brows slightly furrowed, his eyes focused on the road ahead and his lips tightened subtly, causing his cheeks to puff out slightly.

He was too cute.

The door to his heart was smashed to pieces instantly and a chaotic surge of emotions rushed in, sweet and tender, slowly spreading through his chest.

It was like a sudden explosion of warmth, a boisterous surge of heat.

Fu Shen stared at his profile, his voice hoarse and husky, “Don’t be angry anymore.”

Tang Zhou: “I’m not angry.”

“I was wrong. I shouldn’t have said those things.”

Fu Shen understood that he and Tang Zhou were different. The person in front of him, who seemed aloof and indifferent, actually had a softer heart than anyone else. He shouldn’t have said those things to stir up Tang Zhou’s ambitions towards the Tang family.

Through this period of time, he had seen clearly that Tang Zhou was trying to force Old Master Tang to give up on him willingly.

But Fu Shen felt it was unjust for him, so he couldn’t help but say those things.

Tang Zhou’s brows furrowed even tighter and he turned to glare at Fu Shen. He couldn’t tell where his frustration was coming from, but it was all stuck in his throat, wanting to be expressed but unable to be spat out.

He didn’t want to admit that when Fu Shen leaned closer to him, lowering his voice to tease him, his first reaction wasn’t to resist, but that his heartbeat quickened.

Moreover, when had he ever let someone touch his head? But when Fu Shen was stroking his hair, he surprisingly didn’t think to dodge!

He hadn’t considered all these things at the time. It was after the banquet ended that he remembered everything at once, making him feel even more restless and even a bit timid.

Emotions were the forbidden zone he didn’t dare touch. So when there was the slightest hint of them, Tang Zhou was extraordinarily upset.

Being upset was one thing, but Fu Shen was even saying that he shouldn’t have said those things!

He knew Fu Shen was trying to untie his knots, but because of this, his mind was in chaos. Tang Zhou couldn’t help but look down on himself even more.

Stepping on the brake, he parked the car at the side of the road, took out a pack of cigarettes from the storage compartment and was about to light one when a hand stopped him.

Tang Zhou looked over coolly.

Fu Shen’s eyes were full of disapproval, “Don’t smoke.”

“What do you care.”

“Can’t an assistant advise?”

Tang Zhou slanted his eyes to look at Fu Shen, his bright eyes illuminating the gloomy car. His eyes held a faint trace of melancholy, adding a touch of charm.

His pale lips slightly parted, spitting out two words filled with sadness and complaint: “No.”

Besides, the assistant contract had already been cancelled.

Fu Shen’s Adam’s apple bobbed slightly, his fingertips itched to touch the corner of his clothes, the ink color in his eyes roiling. In the end, he suppressed it and said softly, “Smoking is bad for you.”

Tang Zhou opened the car window and turned his head to look outside, ignoring him.

He also didn’t light up his cigarette.

Silence spread in the quiet night, the cool night breeze wafted in, but it couldn’t blow away the complex thoughts in his mind.

Tang Zhou closed his eyes and thought for a long time. In the end, he put the cigarette back into the box, and said calmly, “I was wrong before.”

Fu Shen: ?

“I shouldn’t have used you as a shield.” Tang Zhou thought it over and over, feeling that it was his fault, and said frankly, “From now on, you just focus on the project, no need to get involved in these matters.”

He had figured it out. Regardless of whether he liked men or not, the thing that mattered most to the old man was the Tang family’s business. As for him and Tang Zhen, Tang Tianyang, they were just tools to promote the Tang family’s business.

There was no right or wrong, it was all a matter of choice.

He had been stubborn before, insisting on determining who was superior and who was inferior, which was really unnecessary.

Fu Shen’s brows furrowed, a trace of unease appearing.

“Why are you suddenly saying this?”

Tang Zhou looked at him seriously. “You woke me up tonight. I have indeed done unnecessary things.”

Fu Shen: “…”

He just didn’t want Tang Zhou to be burdened by so-called family ties, but he didn’t think about distancing himself from Tang Zhou.

In Fu Shen’s view, Tang Zhou didn’t need to give Tang Tianyang any chance to take advantage of the situation. Such a person should be crushed from the start to prevent him from causing chaos everywhere.

He indeed wanted to wake Tang Zhou up and didn’t want him to continue restricting himself. However, when truly facing the moment of “shield failure”, he still felt a bit reluctant deep down.

Realizing Tang Zhou’s intention, Fu Shen subconsciously wanted to stop him.

He said before Tang Zhou could, “There are some issues with the project that need to be discussed, can we have a meeting together tomorrow?”

Tang Zhou nodded, put the cigarette box back into the storage compartment, and started the car. “I’ll be busier after graduation, so you can take care of the project.”

He believed in Fu Shen’s capabilities. Too much interference would be a burden to Deep Blue.

Fu Shen pinched his fingertips, sighing subtly.

Right now, he had accomplished nothing, so how was he qualified?

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