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Chapter 15.1

When Fu Shen found Tang Zhou, the young man was squatting by the wall, looking like a homeless stray cat. His light brown eyes stared blankly at the camphor tree by the roadside, showing a bit of confusion.

Fu Shen’s heart softened a little.

He walked over to Tang Zhou, his tall figure blocking the sunlight. His expression seemed gentle, perhaps because the spring sun was so warm.

“Get in the car.”

Tang Zhou leaned on his knees to stand up, took a step forward and felt a sudden wave of soreness and numbness in his calves. Staggering forward, he almost fell.

Luckily, Fu Shen was quick and caught him in his arms.

With no feeling in his legs, Tang Zhou could only cling to Fu Shen to avoid falling to the ground.

Sighing, Fu Shen hugged his waist, “How long have you been squatting?”

“I don’t know.”

Tang Zhou’s eyebrows furrowed because of the sudden numbness and unable to bear it, he leaned on Fu Shen with one hand and massaged his calf with the other.

Passersby cast ambiguous glances at them, but Fu Shen ignored it all.

He led Tang Zhou to the camphor tree, letting him lean against the trunk. Then he squatted down and grabbed Tang Zhou’s calf.

“What are you doing!”

Tang Zhou was startled but couldn’t move because of the numbness in his legs. He could only stare at Fu Shen with surprised eyes.

Fu Shen didn’t say anything and pressed down firmly.


Tang Zhou gasped for breath, it felt so sour and refreshing.

Fu Shen paused for a moment then continued to relieve him.

Through his thin pants, Fu Shen’s warm palm outlined Tang Zhou’s slender and symmetrical leg shape.

Leaning against the tree trunk, he could only see the back of Fu Shen’s head and his wheat-colored neck. Fu Shen’s long, powerful hands holding his leg conveyed a reliable warmth.

He had experienced numb legs before, but never like this, with such care from another person.

As his legs gradually recovered, Tang Zhou remained silent.

Estimating that it was almost okay, Fu Shen looked up and asked, “Can you walk now?”

Golden sunlight filtered through the gaps in the leaves, casting a glittering glow in his amber eyes. It was as if a dazzling meteor had streaked across the sky– beautiful but brief.

Snapping back to his senses, Tang Zhou replied softly, “En, thank you.”

The two got into the car.

“What happened to your hand?” Fu Shen turned his head to look at Tang Zhou’s red knuckles.

Tang Zhou fastened his seatbelt and said casually, “I punched a scumbag.”

He didn’t want to talk about it, so Fu Shen didn’t ask further and started the car, merging into traffic.

Not far from here was the Tang Group. If Fu Shen guessed correctly, Tang Zhou had probably gone to the company earlier. As for who he had punched, it wouldn’t be a secret, so it should be easy to find out.

However, Tang Zhou didn’t seem like such an impulsive person.

Seeing that he was in a bad mood, Fu Shen didn’t push him and changed the subject: “What do you want to eat tonight?”

Tang Zhou didn’t have much of an appetite, but he felt good being with Fu Shen. A thought suddenly flashed through his mind and his lips couldn’t help but curve.

“It’s almost evening.”

He said out of the blue, then continued, “Sweet osmanthus glutinous rice balls sound good.”

Fu Shen paused, then a smile filled his eyes.

“Let’s go to the school then.”

When they arrived at Jiang University, the snack stalls outside hadn’t been set up yet.

The two couldn’t just wait in the car, so Fu Shen suggested, “Why don’t we go to the dorm first and chat with Liang Cheng and the others about the project?”

Tang Zhou nodded in agreement.

It took about ten minutes to walk from the school gate to the male dormitory building.

It was the weekend and there weren’t as many students in the school as usual, but they still encountered dozens along the way.

As the school’s top heartthrob, Tang Zhou always attracted attention.

Compared to him, Fu Shen wasn’t bad either. They were both good looking in different styles, so it was hard to say who was better.

However, Fu Shen’s poor background meant he didn’t attract as much attention as Tang Zhou.

Lost in thought, Tang Zhou didn’t notice the gazes from those around him.

Fu Shen was texting in the group chat, and so was also unconcerned about the sneaky glances.

[Fu Shen]: Tang Shen is coming soon, so those with smelly socks better hide them.

[Pi Xiu]: D*mn! How much longer?!!!

[Fu Shen]: Five minutes.

[Li Fengyu]: Holy sh*t!

Liang Cheng: Why is he coming over all of a sudden?

Because of the project, none of them had gone home or out to have fun. They were living a hair pulling life before they even graduated.

[Fu Shen]: President Tang is inspecting the progress.

The corner of Fu Shen’s lips lifted and he glanced at Tang Zhou, who seemed lost in his thoughts then lowered his head to send another message.

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