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Chapter 6.2

After the meal, Tang Zhou led Fu Shen to the car.

He glanced at the person who had climbed into the passenger seat as if it was the most natural thing in the world and asked, “Do you have a driver’s license?”

Fu Shen: “….I do.”

Tang Zhou started the car, “From tomorrow onwards, carry your license with you.”

The boss was driving and the assistant was sitting, this wasn’t reasonable. Remembering the days in his dream when he was Fu someone’s driver, Tang Zhou felt stifled.

He could afford a driver, yet he had wanted him to drive.

Fu Shen responded very smoothly, “Alright.”

There wasn’t the slightest reluctance.

Tang Zhou felt a bit frustrated in his heart because he hadn’t managed to abuse him. Little did he know that these things were child’s play to Fu Shen.

They drove in silence until they reached the residential area.

As soon as Tang Zhou got out of the car, his sharp senses caught a sneak photographer not far away.

He remained calm and took the hand of the person beside him naturally.

Startled, Fu Shen was about to pull away instinctively when Tang Zhou’s gaze held him, “An assistant’s duty is to share his boss’s worries.”

Fu Shen: “….” What else could he do but bear it?

The young man’s fingers were slender. His skin as fine as white porcelain and as smooth as mutton fat jade, it felt like cold jade in his hand.

Fu Shen didn’t like being close to people, so this was his first intimate holding of hands.

It wasn’t as repulsive as he had imagined, in fact, when their fingers parted, he felt a faint sense of loss.

Perhaps it was normal that the first time for everything would always leave ripples in one’s heart.

Fu Shen comforted himself.

Entering the elevator, Tang Zhou noticed his strange expression and said lightly, “Someone was taking sneaky photos just now, sorry.”

In reality, he was far from as composed as he appeared.

Being the heir of the Tang family, he had been taught to be reserved and proper since childhood, so he had never been this close to someone before.

That moment when he instinctively grabbed Fu Shen’s hand was merely to provide the sneak photographer with a clearer picture. After all, not leaving things half done but going all the way in acting was his style.

However he hadn’t expected Fu Shen’s palm to be so warm. From getting out of the car to entering the building, in such a short span of time, he was sweating slightly from the heat.

Tang Zhou’s constitution was naturally cold, especially in the winter, his hands and feet would often be chilly. Now that the spring was still cold, his hand being cool was normal.

He had never thought that someone could be a furnace in themselves.

So warm it made him a bit uncomfortable.

Fu Shen looked up, his long dense lashes hid a fleeting depth in his eyes as he said calmly, “Regarding the scope of the ‘personal assistant’s’ duties, I think we should have a detailed discussion.”

He could be a shield, but why should he do something without any benefits?

Tang Zhou rebutted, “We agreed last night. You cooperate with me and I can discuss collaboration.”

“It was a one-time thing.”

Fu Shen smiled at him, “I’ll charge for anything extra.”

Tang Zhou: “….” This man really was all about the money.

He changed the subject quickly, “If you don’t mind, we can go take a look at the future employee dormitory now.”

Fu Shen was surprised as he pressed the button for the seventeenth floor.

If he remembered correctly, Tang Zhou lived on the sixteenth floor.

The elevator stopped and Tang Zhou stepped out first, walked a short distance down the corridor, and stopped in front of a door.

  1. Right below was Tang Zhou’s residence.

After unlocking the door with his fingerprint, Tang Zhou went in and turned on the light.

Fu Shen’s first impression was that it was very empty.

The room was bare, without any decor and a layer of dust covered the marble floor. Clearly, it hadn’t been cleaned in a long time.

“This is?” He asked.

Tang Zhou explained, “When I first moved in, I was worried about noise from upstairs, so I bought this floor as well. The space here is big enough for you all to live comfortably.”

The project timeline wasn’t short, and they’d have to stay over the summer break when the school dormitory wouldn’t be available, so they’d have to live off-campus. Moreover, the school dormitory had lights out early thing, so according to Tang Zhou’s thinking, they could move out of the campus now.

As for the office space, it wasn’t a problem for Tang Zhou.

Fu Shen had no objections to this, but, “If we move in, will it affect your rest?”

Tang Zhou: “I bought the house here for the convenience of going to school. I’ll graduate in a few months, so it won’t affect me much.”

“Then there’s no problem.”

Tang Zhou was very decisive, “Okay, when the time comes, make a list of what you need and I’ll have people set it up.”

He was so considerate that Fu Shen couldn’t help but be a little moved.

After visiting the future staff dormitory, the two returned downstairs to discuss the details.

Under Fu Shen’s explanation, Tang Zhou gained a further understanding of the project’s development. Plus, having been Fu Shen’s assistant for a while in his dream, he had a certain understanding of the future Deep Blue and so in some ways was even more forward thinking than Fu Shen, offering many constructive suggestions.

Intrigued, Fu Shen’s eyes shone and he unknowingly shared many genius ideas with Tang Zhou.

It seemed like they both wished they had met each other sooner, as they lost track of time as they chatted.

It wasn’t until Tang Zhou’s throat was dry and his eyelids were fighting to stay open that they finally separated from the bliss of their deep conversation. He glanced at the time. It was 2:30 in the morning.

Hearing that Tang Zhou’s voice was slightly hoarse, Fu Shen got up to get some water from the dispenser. He filled a cup with cold water, but remembering the chill when their hands touched earlier, he unconsciously poured some out and added some hot water, making the water temperature just right.

When he brought the cup back to the sofa, he was about to call Tang Zhou, but found that the young man had already fallen asleep on the sofa.

His bamboo green hoodie had ridden up, revealing a small section of his waistline.

It was delicate and white like porcelain, like tender buds on early spring branches, fragile and unable to withstand the strength of the wind, seemingly able to be broken with a single grasp.

Fu Shen stood still for a few seconds then put the cup down without making noise.

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