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Chapter 16.2

On the drive back home, Tang Zhou had calmed down.

As he was about to get out of the car, he was stopped.

“Young Master Tang, the chairman asks that you return home.”

It was one of his grandfather’s men.

Tang Zhou had expected this, so he didn’t refuse, “Understood.”

He got back in the car and headed towards the Tang family home.

Tang Zhen was crying and complaining to Tang Zhihua, his face swollen and full of pain, his eyes full of grief and injustice.

“Dad! Look at what Tang Zhou has become! He’s even hitting his own father, and in the company no less! He has ruined our family’s reputation!”

Tang Zhihua leaned back in his chair, glancing at his stupid son who resembled a swollen pig, his mind a whirl of confusion.

He couldn’t understand what was happening to Tang Zhou. It was as if he’d suddenly hit a rebellious phase.

But even in rebellion, he shouldn’t have beaten his father in public. What about their reputation!

“What did you do to anger him like this?” Tang Zhihua felt he knew the grandson he had raised himself well. Tang Zhou wasn’t one to hit someone for no reason.

The mention of this made Tang Zhen furious.

“I didn’t do anything! He suddenly burst into my office, not only hit me, but also accused me of cheating and domstic vilence. I’ve been having affairs for years and he hasn’t made a peep. And as for domstic vilence, I barely see Zheng Qiuyi a few times in a year, where did the domstic vilence come from?!”

Tang Zhihua: “….” This son of his was really a clear scum.

That might be his only merit.

“I checked. Zheng Qiuyi was hospitalized for a concussion. You pushed her.”

Tang Zhen: “….”

Blinking, he was dumbfounded, “She was being unreasonable and arguing with me, so I pushed her a little. Who knew it would lead to a concussion? Is this called domstic vilence?”

Moreover, when did Tang Zhou become so close with his mother? It was clearly just an excuse to hit him, d*mn it!

Tang Zhihua, with half-closed eyes, “Regardless of whether it’s domstic vilence, you laid hands on her.”

“But she–“

“Chairman, the young master is back.” The butler Uncle Fang interrupted Tang Zhen’s words.

Tang Zhen immediately shut up, glaring angrily at the entrance.

Tang Zhou’s tall and elegant figure appeared in their line of sight. Tang Zhen sneered. Putting aside their father-son discord, he had to admit, Tang Zhou was undoubtedly the most suitable successor for the Tang family.

“Grandfather.” Tang Zhou greeted, standing in front of Tang Zhihua, not even sparing a glance at Tang Zhen.

Tang Zhen was so angry he nearly rolled his eyes.

Tang Zhihua sighed softly, “Explain.”

Tang Zhou: “I find him annoying.”



Tang Zhihua and Tang Zhen were speechless. After a long while, Tang Zhihua frowned and said, “You’ve become increasingly wilful lately.”

“Which incident are you referring to?”

Tang Zhihua stared at Tang Zhou, “Are you still involved with that young man?”

Tang Zhou raised an eyebrow, “You’re not planning to use millions to tempt him to leave me, or resort to threats and intimidation, are you?”

Tang Zhihua: “….”

Where did he get such weird ideas? Was he that stupid? As long as Tang Zhou still liked men, wouldn’t it be the same no matter who it was? There was no need for him to worry about that young man and he didn’t even know the boy’s name.

“Tang Zhou.” Tang Zhihua no longer wanted to argue with him. He said solemnly, “Let’s clear things up tonight. What exactly do you want by doing all this?”

Tang Zhou suddenly became serious: “Grandfather, I won’t marry.”

Tang Zhihua sighed, “If you don’t marry, where will an heir come from?”

“I won’t know anything after I die, so why bother about it?” Tang Zhou said nonchalantly.

Tang Zhihua knew Tang Zhou’s character well. He knew Tang Zhou wasn’t joking, but it was precisely because of this that he found it hard to decide.

He was reluctant to give up Tang Zhou as an heir, and he was also reluctant to let the Tang family business fall into the hands of others in the future.

“I’ve raised you for so long, not to hear you say these words.” Tang Zhihua finally became stern.

He felt chilled to the bone.

Tang Zhou felt guilty, but still firmly said: “Grandfather, all I can say is, if the Tang Group is handed over to me, I won’t let down your years of cultivation. As for the rest, I can’t promise.”

He was confident that he could bring glory to the Tang Group before his life ended. As for what happened after death, he couldn’t control that.

He could devote himself to the Tang Group, but he wasn’t willing to lose his freedom.

After a bout of extreme anger, Tang Zhihua calmed down. His gaze was sharp, “What if I ask you to assist Tang Tianyang?”

Tang Zhou could remain unmarried and not be the heir, but he had to become a support for the Tang Group.

Tang Zhihua didn’t think there was anything wrong with his decision.

Sadly, Tang Zhou didn’t appreciate it.

“Grandfather, I don’t like wiping other people’s asses.” He said very seriously, “Either I’m in charge, or I don’t care at all.”

Tang Zhihua slapped the table in anger, “Tang Zhou! Are you trying to anger me to death? Did I teach you for so many years only for you to abandon the family business?!”

Tang Zhen joined in, “Tang Zhou, are you really going to be a white eyed wolf? If you don’t want to manage the family business, just say it. Do you really have to anger your grandfather to death?”

The noise of the three generations echoed outside the room and the butler Uncle Fang sighed helplessly.

Then they heard Tang Zhou say calmly, “The Tang family prospers for another fifty years, or the Tang family declines in Tang Zhen’s hands, Grandfather, you choose one.”

If his dream didn’t involve Tang Zhen and Tang Tianyang messing things up, Tang Zhou was confident he could expand the family business several times over.

If in his dream, after cleaning up the mess for Tang Zhen and Tang Tianyang, his grandfather handed the Tang Group over to him, he was still confident that he could revive the Tang family.

Unfortunately, his grandfather would rather have the so-called “future heir” and didn’t give him any opportunity.

Now he was giving his grandfather a choice.

The study was silent. After a long while, an old and weak voice came out.

“Tell Tang Tianyang to move in tomorrow.”

Tang Zhihua didn’t believe that if he could cultivate a Tang Zhou, he couldn’t cultivate a second one.

Tang Zhen’s pig-like face turned red with excitement.

Tang Zhou’s heart sank suddenly and rapidly fell into a dark abyss.

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