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Chapter 20.2

Fu Shen set the tableware skillfully, but in contrast, Lu Ye’s were in a much worse state.

Eldest Master Lu was all over the place and even had some unknown substance on his face that he went to wash away in grief and indignation amidst Tang Zhou’s disdain and Qiao Yuan’s suppressed laughter.

Then the four of them sat down, each with a plate of dumplings in front of them. However at a glance, you could see that the dumplings in Tang Zhou and Fu Shen’s plates were noticeably more beautiful and intact than the ones in front of Lu Ye and Qiao Yuan.

“What’s so funny!” Seeing Tang Zhou’s twitching lips, Lu Ye couldn’t help but show his embarrassment, “It’s normal to be unskilled the first time.”

Qiao Yuan nodded seriously, “You’re already very good, I can’t even wrap them.”

Eating the dumplings in his bowl where the skin was separated from the meat, he was full of praise.

Lu Ye regained a bit of confidence, grunted and started eating.

After a while, Eldest Master Lu suddenly raised his head and asked Tang Zhou, “Have you finished writing your graduation thesis?”

“Ah?!” Tang Zhou was so shocked that he almost dropped his dumplings.

Graduation thesis???!!!

He had to write his graduation thesis again?!

This was something he had long forgotten after waking up from his dream.

Lu Ye, “…Tang Shen, you couldn’t have forgotten right?”

His tone was extremely sarcastic

Tang Zhou reacted quickly, saying calmly, “I’ve already typed up the draft and will be able to finish it in the next few days.”

Fu Shen snuck a glance at his ears which had turned pink.

Kind of cute.

With the thesis as a powerful killer weapon, Tang Zhou disappeared for several days, researching and writing day and night before he finally finished the first draft.

Although he was ‘Tang Shen,’ the halo of ‘Tang Shen’ couldn’t be separated from his hard work. With the experience from those years in his dream, he believed this thesis wouldn’t be too bad.

After sending the paper to his supervisor’s email successfully, Tang Zhou had a good sleep.

Deep Blue Technology had been registered successfully and he had opened a company account, depositing a substantial amount of funds into it.

The remainder of the tasks were all handed over to Fu Shen.

And Fu Shen was very efficient in his work, quickly setting up an office space.

The next step was to recruit people.

Jiang University had many top students who would be facing graduation soon and many of them were waiting to find work, so ‘utilizing local resources’ should be more convenient.

With the company up and running, Fu Shen became increasingly busy, and the time he spent with Tang Zhou became less and less as they mostly discussed company matters over the phone.

Tang Zhou usually let him make his own decisions, only offering some suggestions when Fu Shen needed help making some decisions.

The office wasn’t far from where Tang Zhou lived, just a ten minute walk away.

Whenever Fu Shen returned home after a day’s work, Tang Zhou wasn’t at home.

Although the two of them lived under the same roof, Tang Zhou seemed to be particularly busy during this period and sometimes they wouldn’t see each other for several days at a time.

Fu Shen suddenly remembered that Tang Zhou had said previously that he would move out after graduation, so their living upstairs wouldn’t have a significant impact.

He had been really confused before, asking to ‘live together’ as compensation.

The busy days passed exceptionally quickly, and before they knew it, it was Old Master Tang’s birthday.

The Tang family banquet hall was filled with celebrities. Even Old Master Du, who had once had a falling out with them, had brought Du Ruoyu along.

Although Old Master Du was very dissatisfied with Tang Zhou, but who made his beloved granddaughter like Tang Tianyang? And after all the fuss, they still had a connection with the Tang family.

When Tang Zhou appeared in the banquet hall, the crowd was filled with doubtful and scrutinizing gazes.

He snorted quietly to himself. In order to boost Tang Tianyang’s reputation, his own reputation as a ‘failure’ couldn’t be too good.

Just by playing with men, he had already lost his qualification to be the heir of the Tang family.

It wasn’t that he couldn’t play with men, but he couldn’t delay marriage because of it.

He believed that the old man wouldn’t deliberately smear him, so the only ones who would do this, apart from Tang Zhen and Tang Tianyang, he couldn’t think of anyone else.

Tang Zhou entered the room with an indifferent expression, not looking sideways.

Old Master Tang was sitting in the main seat with Tang Zhen and Tang Tianyang on either side, about to help him out to meet the guests.

The noise of the entrance startled the three of them.

When Tang Zhihua saw Tang Zhou, a flash of relief flashed in his eyes then he had said indifferently, “You’re here.”

“Grandfather, I wish you a long and healthy life.” Tang Zhou handed him the gift in his hand.

Tang Zhihua snorted, taking it himself, “You’re thoughtful.”

He was deliberately putting on an act just to kill Tang Zhou’s spirit, hoping that Tang Zhou would face reality and not give up his inheritance rights for the so-called ‘marital freedom’.

But when it came down to it, he still preferred Tang Zhou the most.

Tang Zhou had arrived late. He had been sitting here just now getting anxious, but at least this kid, despite his temper, still had him in his thoughts.

Tang Zhihua handed the gift to Uncle Fang, patted Tang Zhou’s arm and gently said, “Come with me to meet the guests.”

Tang Zhou responded with an ‘en’ and followed obediently.

He didn’t even give Tang Zhen and his son a glance throughout the entire time. Tang Zhen was able to hide his displeasure, but Tang Tianyang, being young, was so angry that his face turned blue. It wasn’t until they went out to meet the guests that he managed to put on a slight smile.

Tang Tianyang was good-looking, delicate and gentle and his smiling face looked very obedient. Compared to the cold and indifferent Tang Zhou, he was much more approachable.

Everyone understood the implications.

Since Old Master Tang was willing to bring him out, it meant Tang Tianyang had a chance to become the heir of the Tang family. No matter what these people were thinking, they all kept their faces impassive, praising Tang Tianyang so much that the corners of his mouth couldn’t go down.

This was the first time Tang Tianyang was participating in such an occasion. His heart pounded as if it was about to burst out, his desire for power putting him in a state of excitement.

He had had enough of being nameless.

Why could Tang Zhou have it, but not him?

Tang Zhou was merely taking advantage of the convenience provided by the Tang family, that was why he had managed to create a ‘genius investor’ halo. Now, because he loved men, he had lost his stable position as an heir– he was really stupid.

Obviously, there were many who shared the same idea as Tang Tianyang.

Because in the past, even if Tang Zhou was aloof, there would still be people rushing to talk to him.

But it was different tonight.

While Tang Tianyang was talking to someone else, he caught a glimpse of Tang Zhou in the corner all alone and a sense of satisfaction rose in his heart.

So what if he was Tang Shen? Without the Tang family, he was nothing!

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