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Chapter 17.2

It wasn’t until Tang Zhou took the young scriptwriter home that he realized what he had done tonight.

He had never imagined that a simple riverside stroll could lead to him picking up a dark horse screenwriter.

Even Tang Zhou, who had little interest in the movie industry, had heard of ‘I’m Not a Hero’ in his dream.

A low-budget movie that became the unexpected hit of the year, bringing in billions at the box office. If it weren’t for the actors, who were made famous by this movie, endorsing Deep Blue’s game advertisement, Tang Zhou wouldn’t have noticed.

But that was a movie from several years in the future. To think that the script would appear this early— if the young scriptwriter wasn’t lying, then he had really stumbled upon a treasure.

Following this movie, this young scriptwriter had several more box office hits.

This wasn’t just about billions at the box office anymore; even Tang Zhou couldn’t help but be tempted.

Ai Mo, comfortably fresh after taking a shower and wearing an ill fitting pajamas, walked nervously into the living room and sat across Tang Zhou, lowering his head shyly.

Tang Zhou’s tone was light, “Weren’t you quite eloquent just now?”

Ai Mo said straightforwardly, “I couldn’t see clearly by the river, I didn’t expect boss to look like this.”

Tang Zhou: “…” He had almost forgotten that this man had an ex-boyfriend.

“Just call me by my name. Let’s talk about the script.”

Ai Mo was a straightforward person and lacking in cunning, otherwise he wouldn’t have been scammed so badly. Opening his mouth, he started explaining the basic plot of the script to Tang Zhou without hesitation or pause.

Considering the movie’s popularity, Tang Zhou had had the chance in his dreams to receive an invitation from Fu Shen to watch it together.

The general plot matched with what Ai Mo was saying, but there were some differences in the details.

However this was understandable, because with a gap of a few years, the finished product was bound to have undergone modifications.

After Ai Mo finished speaking, Tang Zhou made a few pertinent suggestions and hearing them, Ai Mo’s eyes widened in surprise, the spark in them almost blinding Tang Zhou.

“I knew you were my kindred spirit!” Ai Mo’s face reddened with excitement, “I will definitely make it perfect!”

Tang Zhou: “…” No, your kindred spirit is actually you yourself a few years later.

“It’s too late today, you can stay in the guest room for now. Once your script is truly complete, we can discuss cooperation further.”


Having experienced so much in one day, Tang Zhou was utterly exhausted, falling asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow.

The next day, Fu Shen woke up early and the first thing he did was to check his phone.

Comfortable rice had already sent the information he had found. It turned out the person Tang Zhou had beaten up yesterday was Tang Zhen.

In front of the company employees, he had beaten up his own father. What exactly was Tang Zhou trying to do?

Fu Shen couldn’t help but frown, feeling vaguely worried.

With such an incident, the Tang family was bound to be in turmoil. He wondered how Tang Zhou was doing now.

Unable to sleep, after tossing and turning in bed, he thought, given that he was Tang Zhou’s life assistant, he might as well check on him under the pretext of making breakfast.

It was at this moment he realized how useful the title of assistant was.

Without disturbing his sleeping roommates, Fu Shen left the dormitory quietly and cycled the shared bike to Tang Zhou’s place.

By this time, it was broad daylight.

He had the fingerprint access to enter the house, and so worried about disturbing Tang Zhou, he opened the door himself and entered the foyer.

As soon as he walked in, he noticed that something was off.

Two pairs of shoes lay messily at the entrance, one pair he was familiar with, but the other he wasn’t quite familiar with.

Suddenly, the door of the guest room opened and Fu Shen looked up subconsciously.

A young man with delicate features, wearing an ill fitting pajamas, leaned against the door while yawning.

Fu Shen’s eyes sunk.

If he wasn’t mistaken, those pajamas belonged to Tang Zhou.

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