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Chapter 2.1

Fu Shen walked away very abruptly.

The cigarette in the ashtray wasn’t fully extinguished and the coffee table was a mess.

Tang Zhou didn’t get much sleep the night before, so with his eyes drooping, he fell asleep on the couch, surrounded by the smell of smoke.

He entered a dream again and the world in the dream was bizarre and chaotic.

A young boy was hiding in a corner, holding a destroyed doll and secretly wiping his tears, crying until his nose was running.

Tang Zhou stood in front of him, expressionless and asked, “Why are you crying?”

The young boy was startled, tears falling faster and he looked up with a confused expression, “Who are you?”

The face was a smaller version of Tang Zhou’s.

Tang Zhou crouched down and looked him in the eye, “What’s there to cry about?”

“The doll is destroyed.” The young boy held the destroyed arm of the doll with pain in his heart, “They won’t let me play with the doll, they broke it.”

Tang Zhou’s chest throbbed with pain. He stared intently at the doll then said coldly, “If they won’t let you play, we can play by ourselves.”

“But I don’t have any money and they won’t buy me any.” The boy pouted, feeling wronged.

He couldn’t understand why other kids could cuddle with their mothers, ride on their fathers’ back, get rewarded for good grades and be consoled when they were sad, but he had nothing.

His father and mother were never home, his grandfather always told him that he was the heir to the Tang family and that he couldn’t play with dolls, speak out of turn or go to the playground. He had to study tirelessly and take on the responsibilities of an heir.

He didn’t really understand these teachings.

Tang Zhou reached out and touched his head, “Then earn your own money so that when you have it, you can have as many dolls as you want and do whatever you want.”

The little boy’s eyes brightened and he eagerly asked, “So, do you have a lot of dolls now?”

Tang Zhou hesitated, meeting the boy’s eager gaze. After a moment, he replied, “Yes, I can have a lot now.”

He could have them, but he no longer needed them.

Tang Zhou mocked himself inside. As the heir of the Tang family, such a hobby wasn’t considered respectable in the eyes of others and of course, he could not reveal it to the public.

The shadows of his childhood had always been etched in his heart. From the time his grandfather had ordered the servants to throw his dolls into the trash, to the time he had failed to protect them, he was no longer worthy of owning them.

But in the end, the person who had thrown away the dolls and abandoned him, was also the one who had given up on him.

The scene changed and Tang Zhou saw a rugged, wrinkled face in front of him.

“Ah Zhou, your father did indeed do something wrong, but you are also a part of the Tang family. You can’t just stand by and watch the company go bankrupt.”

“Grandfather, what do you want me to do to save it?”

“For so many years, I have not interfered with your personal investments, but I heard that your investments are all…”

“You want me to sell those shares and use the money to fill in the gap he has created?”

“Ah Zhou, he is your father, you are the heir of the Tang family, are you going to watch the Tang family perish right in front of your eyes?”

Tang Zhou laughed. He could trade those shares for a lot of money, but in an emergency, the money he could exchange those shares for would be greatly discounted.

But, given the current situation of the Tang family and his grandfather’s request, he had no choice.

He resolutely sold all of his shares and as he had expected, the money he could get for those shares was squeezed by almost half.

“President Tang, the CEO of Deep Blue Technology, Mr. Fu, expressed that he is willing to buy your shares at market price.”

Tang Zhou was startled, “Market price?”

With Deep Blue Technology’s current influence, the market price of 5% of the shares was truly astronomical.

Under the circumstances where everyone else was getting a big discount, why was Fu Shen going against the grain?

Tang Zhou definitely didn’t think that Fu Shen was being kindhearted, so he called him decisively.

“President Fu, tell me what your terms are.”

Fu Shen’s laughter was low, “I hope Mr. Tang can humble himself and be my personal assistant for half a year.”

As expected, there was retribution in life.

Tang Zhou had to agree, because he truly needed the money.

The gap that his father had created was truly too large, and even though Tang Zhou did his best, the money was still not enough.

Although Lu Ye and Qiao Yuan wanted to help him, they were also helpless.

With no other option, Tang Zhou could only go to Fu Shen.

Fu Shen seemed to have been waiting for this. He sat in his high and spacious office, looking like he was holding the winning card, “I can lend you the money, but with a condition.”

Tang Zhou wasn’t surprised. He asked calmly, “What is it?”

“Five years.” Fu Shen leaned forward slightly, examining Tang Zhou’s expression closely, “You work for me as an assistant for another five years.”

Tang Zhou thought, these five years would be his way of repaying the Tang family for raising him. Five years was short, it would pass by in a blink of an eye.

Tang Zhou managed to turn the tide, and the Tang family rose from the ashes.

But just as he was getting ready to completely take over the Tang family’s business, a seemingly ambiguous photo brought him down from his pedestal in an instant.

Old man Tang’s face was dark as he threw the photo in front of Tang Zhou, “What is this about?”

The photo showed Tang Zhou being hugged by Fu Shen, with Fu Shen’s face pressed against him and from the angle of the photographer, it seemed as though the two of them were kissing.

However it was nothing more than Fu Shen getting drunk and him having to perform his duty as an assistant and carry him home.

Tang Zhou’s face was expressionless, “It’s false.”

“What exactly is your relationship with him?” Old Master Tang showed the strength of the head of the family, “Why did he buy your shares in Deep Blue at the market price back then?”

Tang Zhou’s heart went cold all of a sudden.

Cold to the core, he laughed unbridledly instead, “Grandfather, this statement, why didn’t you ask me when he acquired it in the first place?”

These words touched the majesty of the head of the family, who flung the photo at him, “You are a member of the Tang family, you can’t disgrace the Tang family.”

Tang Zhou was disheartened, “Even if I like men, Tang Zhen disgraces the family more than I do.”

He knew this wasn’t a coincidence, it was a conspiracy.

He had sold all of his shares to fill the hole that was created by Tang Zhen’s scheming and now he had nothing.

If he were to be labeled as gay right now, the seat of power in the Tang family would easily fall into the hands of his illegitimate brother.

He, Tang Zhou, no longer held any value.

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