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Chapter 2.2

With a bone-chilling cold, Tang Zhou woke up from his nightmare.

The cold sweat drenched his clothes, sticking to his body like a sheet of ice.

He shivered uncontrollably.

Even now, he still couldn’t bring himself to believe that he was just a cannon fodder in a novel.

To make the protagonist gong suffer through difficulties created by the villain, he, the cannon fodder, had to be sacrificed first.

Since he had received a warning in his dream, he wouldn’t make the same mistakes again.

He didn’t want to be a puppet of the Tang family anymore. He just wanted to live for himself.

Back in his dorm room, Fu Shen tapped his roommates’ bed frames gently to wake them up.

A chubby guy turned over, peeking at him through the gap in the bed guardrail and asked sleepily, “Shen ge, what’s the matter so early in the morning? Let us sleep a little longer.”

The other two people were still.

“Is Tang Zhou withdrawing his investment a big deal?” Fu Shen turned his chair and sat down.

There was a moment of silence in the dorm room then the other two people suddenly sat up from their beds while the other sat up slowly.

“Withdrawing his investment?!”

Fu Shen leaned back, resting his elbow on the desk. “Are you awake now?”

The chubby guy quickly slid off the bed and pulled his chair over. “I’m awake. Hurry up and tell us what’s going on!” Despite his weight, he was more agile than the other two.

One of the other two climbed out of bed as he asked, “Why is Tang Shen withdrawing his investment?”

“I was just teasing you earlier.” Fu Shen explained as everyone sat down. “He put forward a condition this morning, saying he wants 40 percent of the shares. Do you agree or not?”

“Didn’t we agree on this before?” The chubby guy started sweating profusely, anxious. “Tang Shen can’t go back on his word, can he?”

They had really had no other choice when they discussed having Fu Shen go to their schoolmate Tang Zhou for cooperation and Fu Shen brought back good news, saying that Tang Zhou agreed to invest 5 million within half a year, but now it had only been a month. How had things changed?

The boy in Pikachu pajamas looked at his calendar on his phone and said hesitantly said: “Today is April Fools’ Day, maybe Tang Shen is just joking.”

The other boy, skinny with black-rimmed glasses, adjusted his glasses and said expressionlessly: “As far as I know, Tang Zhou never jokes.”

Tang Zhou was a prominent figure at their university, coming from a wealthy background, he had never scored lower than first place in his life, had won many awards and had even managed to make fortune by investing. He was considered a legend in the eyes of many.

He was widely known as ‘Tang Shen’.

This ’Tang Shen’ was aloof; his only friend was Lu Ye, the heir to the Lu family and he would only appear when absolutely necessary, preferring to maintain a low profile.

Many people tried to get close to him, but most were never able to meet him face-to-face.

When they had initially gone to Tang Zhou for cooperation, it was a spur-of-the-moment decision. They never imagined that they would actually be able to establish this relationship.

But now that Fu Shen had brought back this bad news, the group was at a loss for words.

The guy wearing the pikachu pajamas furrowed his brows, “Tang Shen is not a person who goes back on his word. Could it be an April Fool’s joke? I’m telling you, some people who look aloof might be pranksters inside. “

“Even if he were a prankster, it doesn’t fit with his character.” The chubby guy tousled his hair, “but we can ask again tomorrow?”

The guy wearing the glasses thought for a few seconds and looked at Fu Shen, “According to my data analysis, Tang Zhou’s investments usually don’t change halfway. If he suddenly changes his mind, is there a possibility for further negotiation?”

Fu Shen thought for a moment, “It’s possible.”

This was either a request for a higher price, a subtle rejection, or a way to give them some psychological expectations before negotiation.

The guy wearing the pikachu pajamas exclaimed, “Tang Shen wouldn’t be so boring. If you ask me, let’s negotiate again. The four of us can go together, find a restaurant and pour him a few bottles of alcohol and we can say whatever we want and he’ll agree.”

“That’s a terrible idea.” The chubby guy punched him, “That’s taking advantage of someone’s difficulties.”

“It’s not that terrible of an idea.” The guy wearing the glasses took out a few coupons from the drawer, “This is a restaurant that Tang Zhou, Lu Ye and Qiao Yuan often go to. It’s the most high-end in the area near our university. It’s a bit expensive, but we have coupons. We can sincerely invite him there to negotiate.”

“Wow, where did you get these?” The chubby guy snatched the coupons to look at them, “I haven’t been there yet, I’m looking forward to trying it out.”

The guy wearing the pikachu pajamas patted his fat belly, “If you continue eating, you won’t be able to find a girlfriend.”

The chubby guy glared at him, “You deal with ’01’ all day, you’ll never find a girlfriend.”

“Hahaha, then you should find a boyfriend!”

“Go die!”

Ignoring their bickering, the guy wearing the glasses asked Fu Shen, “Does Tang Zhou’s sudden change of mind have something to do with you?”

Fu Shen laughed, “Do I have that kind of face?”

He remembered the scene this morning when he walked in through the door. He could tell that something must have happened last night, but it should not have anything to do with him.

The guy wearing the glasses patted his shoulder, his handsome face filled with seriousness, “Shen Ge, you’ve worked hard these past few days.”

Fu Shen was startled, “You know?”

He had been keeping his work as Tang Zhou’s assistant a secret from his three friends. He didn’t expect Liang Chen to find out.

No wonder over the past month, whenever he came back to the dorm, he found that the water in his water bottle was always full and his desk was always neatly arranged. He had never been in charge of cleaning duty. When he asked them about it, they said they had lost a bet and had to do it.

Liang Chen nodded.

Fu Shen looked towards the two people fighting, “And them?”

“They lost a bet with me.” Liang Chen replied.

Laughing, Fu Shen patted his arm, “Thanks.”

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