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Chapter 19.1

Before dropping the bombshell, Tang Zhou shot Fu Shen a questioning glance.

Fu Shen instantly got it, raised his eyebrow and leaned in close to him, “In exchange for a compensation?”

His soft breath brushed against Tang Zhou’s neck, tickling him. Unable to resist, he shrank his neck a little, his pale earlobes blushing slightly.

He muttered, “You tell me.”

Fu Shen’s gaze dropped slightly, the smile in his eyes deepening.

“You’ll owe me one.”

Tang Zhou nodded, his gaze shifting to the wilted Qiao Yuan, getting straight to the point.

“Xiao Yuan, Fu Shen is your half brother, sharing the same father.”


Qiao Yuan finally reacted.

He slowly raised his head, his face void of any emotion, his bloodshot eyes fixed on Fu Shen. There was no happiness like before when he saw Fu Shen, just suspicion and curiosity.

This wasn’t typical for Qiao Yuan, but only Lu Ye amongst the three present was worried sick.

Fu Shen couldn’t care less and Tang Zhou wasn’t bothered because he had already seen an even crazier Qiao Yuan.

Qiao Yuan in his dreams had been in much more pain than now. At least now Lu Ye could accompany him openly.

People often changed dramatically after a major blow.

For nearly twenty years, Qiao Yuan was “innocently sweet”. He always thought he lived in a beautiful, clean world devoid of darkness and strife. His family was perfect, his friends and relatives accompanied him and nothing troubled him except for not wanting to inherit the family business.

But later, heartbroken over love and shattered by family, Qiao Yuan, in his disillusionment, left the country. Lu Ye waited for years before he saw a completely new Qiao Yuan.

After hr returned, Qiao Yuan was silent, sensitive and no longer trusted people easily.

Tang Zhou didn’t see his and Lu Ye’s ending, but he had seen enough of their pain.

Thinking about this, Tang Zhou’s expression softened a bit.

He handed over his phone, displaying Fu Shen’s biography.

Lu Ye touched his nose, feeling somewhat embarrassed. Exposing private investigations in front of the person involved, Tang Zhou didn’t care, but he felt a bit uneasy.

It was one thing for both to know about it, another to bring it out into the open.

What he didn’t know was that his friend, Tang Shen, had already exposed so much in front of Fu Shen that he was left with nothing hidden.

Tang Zhou knew Fu Shen didn’t mind these things and besides, even before he and Lu Ye started investigating Fu Shen, Fu Shen probably had them thoroughly investigated.

To deal with Qiao Chengan, he would have surely conducted a thorough investigation of Qiao Chengan’s social relations first. Qiao Yuan was Qiao Chengan’s son, and Lu Ye and Tang Zhou were Qiao Yuan’s friends, none of them could escape.

But a private investigation was one thing, bringing it out into the open was another.

This was precisely why Tang Zhou had sought Fu Shen’s consent a moment ago, promising him a compensation.

At an agonizingly slow pace, Qiao Yuan skimmed through the document, the black words against the white screen stinging his eyes deeply.

For a moment, he didn’t know whether to feel aggrieved for his mother who had been lied to or to feel sorry for Fu Shen.

The father he admired the most turned out to be such a repulsive scumbag!

A tear fell onto the screen. Qiao Yuan put down the phone and buried his face in his knees, weeping like an aggrieved child.

Lu Ye was distressed, but he didn’t know how to comfort him, so he could only pat Qiao Yuan’s thin back helplessly, his eyes filled with pity.

Tang Zhou sighed quietly, at least he can cry.

Unlike him, not even knowing who to cry to.

After a bout of catharsis, Qiao Yuan finally remembered he was in someone else’s house. Ashamed and remorseful, he dried his tears, his face flushed, “I’m sorry, Zhou Ge. And Fu… Fu Ge, I’m really sorry.”

While he was enjoying a privileged life and was pampered, Fu Shen’s family was broken and he had to work hard to earn money.

Although he wasn’t the main culprit, he was upset.

Fu Shen didn’t mind, “What do you have to apologize to me for?”

“I, I….” Qiao Yuan stuttered, unable to give a clear explanation.

He felt that words were too flat.

Tang Zhou’s expression was indifferent, “Alright, there’s nothing to apologize for. What you need to consider now is what to do next.”

Because of the Sheng family’s excessive trust in Qiao Chengan, he had almost taken control of most of the Sheng family’s industry, deeply rooted in the center of power.

Trying to bring him down, while not shaking the foundation of the Sheng family, would be hard.

This was what Tang Zhou was thinking about, but clearly Qiao Yuan wasn’t focused on that at the moment.

His nose was reddish, and like a startled bunny, he asked cautiously, “Should I tell mom?”

Lu Ye looked at Tang Zhou. When it came to matters involving Qiao Yuan, he was really at a loss.

“What do you think?” Tang Zhou countered unceremoniously.

Qiao Yuan pressed his lips together, “I’m afraid it will upset her.”

Tang Zhou’s gaze turned cold, “Being kept in the dark is quite pitiful too.”

“I, I want to wait a bit.” Qiao Yuan hesitated, his lips turning white from biting.

Tang Zhou showed a hint of sarcasm, “You want to keep him for the New Year?”

Seeing Qiao Yuan’s head lower after being reprimanded, Tang Zhou softened his tone, “When Auntie Sheng was young, she made a name for herself in the industry and even your grandfather was confident enough to hand over the entire family business to her. If she hadn’t met Qiao Chengan, she might already be a director everyone admires.”

Tang Zhou lowered his voice, “Qiao Yuan, she’s not as fragile as you think.”

After all, she was the successor personally groomed by Mr. Sheng. How could she possibly lack the ability to withstand blows? Even Fu Shen in his dreams had suffered losses at her hands.

Qiao Yuan’s eyes widened, “Really?”

He had always thought his mother was gentle, artistic and a true young lady of a big family. He hadn’t expected her to be so prominent when she was young.

He suddenly felt a bit regretful.

Tang Zhou didn’t say anything more. Whether to believe it or not was up to Qiao Yuan. He usually didn’t talk so much, if he didn’t feel bad, he wouldn’t bother with these things.

And Tang Zhou also hoped that Fu Shen wouldn’t be bothered by these mundane things. All he needed to do was to quietly make money by making games.

All those things he did in his dream definitely dragged Deep Blue down.

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