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Chapter 14.1

After notifying Lu Ye by phone, Tang Zhou and Fu Shen headed back to the hotel first. They sent the half-human-sized stuffed bear via express delivery to Jiang City and left with their luggage.

With the high-speed rail connecting Jiang City and Fan City, they arrived at Jiang City Station quickly.

Tang Zhou needed to go to the hospital and pushing a suitcase would be inconvenient, so he said, “Assistant Fu, could you please take this back for me?”

Fu Shen looked at him with a smile, “No rest even on non-working days?”

“Double pay.”

Fu Shen didn’t make things difficult for him and took the suitcase handle. Casually, he asked, “What do you feel like eating tonight?”

“Eh?” Tang Zhou was puzzled.

Fu Shen was helpless, “I’ll cook.”

Tang Zhou suddenly remembered that during the time he had asked Fu Shen to be his assistant, he indeed enjoyed many meals cooked by Fu Shen.

Time had passed like a dream, and he had almost forgotten.

Thinking about it, when he was Fu Shen’s assistant, his life was much easier than Fu Shen’s current one as his assistant. At least, he didn’t have to cook and often enjoyed feasts prepared by his ‘sponsor’.

Feeling a bit guilty, Tang Zhou looked at him gently and said, “No need.”

The two parted ways, with Tang Zhou taking a taxi to the hospital.

His maternal grandparents’ family name was Zheng, and his mother Zheng Qiuyi was the youngest girl in her generation. Born prematurely with a weak constitution, she had been pampered since childhood. However, even with all the love and care, she couldn’t escape the fate of marrying someone.

At first, Zheng Qiuyi held some expectations for her marriage. After all, Tang Zhen was the only child of the Tang family, and with his good looks, he seemed to be a desirable partner on the surface.

But married life didn’t turn out as she had hoped.

Zheng Qiuyi, who had never experienced any hardship, was on the verge of collapse when faced with Tang Zhen’s coldness and infidelity.

And Tang Zhou was born under these circumstances.

Giving the Tang family an heir was a heavy burden on her shoulders, and she had no choice but to do it. Through the intense reactions during pregnancy and the excruciating pain of childbirth, she lost any attachment to the Tang family.

Her innate maternal instincts made her anticipate the arrival of her little child, but Tang Zhou, raised by Tang Zhihua to be excessively calm and indifferent, didn’t even feel close to his own mother. With her heart growing cold, she gave up completely.

Tang Zhou rarely saw her while growing up, only appearing together during some formal occasions that required the whole family’s attendance.

He stood outside her hospital room, hesitating for a long time without knocking.

In truth, he didn’t know how to interact with Zheng Qiuyi.

Suddenly, the hospital room door was pulled open, and a thirteen or fourteen year old girl peeked her head out. Her eyes lit up when she saw Tang Zhou, but she quickly averted her gaze as if considering something. Lowering her head, she said softly, “You… come in.”

Tang Zhou’s expression stiffened.

“I won’t go in.”

The young girl pursed her lips, “Then, then I’ll come out.”

She closed the door behind her carefully and lowered her head, not daring to look at Tang Zhou.

Tang Zhou wasn’t the type to be petty with a little girl. He asked, “What happened?”

The young girl sneaked a glance at him and honestly replied, “Mom… she had an argument with Uncle Tang, and he pushed her, causing her to hit her head.”

“What did the doctor say?”

“A mild concussion. She just needs some rest.” The girl turned her head away, her lips pulling down at the corners, looking quite wronged.

Tang Zhou observed her silently, “What was the argument about?”

The girl lowered her eyes, “It seems to be about Grandpa Tang’s birthday.”

What did this have to do with the old man’s birthday? Tang Zhou thought for a moment and quickly understood.

He was silent for a moment before saying softly, “I’ll go in and check on her.”

The girl’s eyes lit up, “En!”

Tang Zhou: “…”

He remembered this girl’s name was Zheng Xue. She was adopted by Zheng Qiuyi from an orphanage and was treated very affectionately, like her own daughter.

He used to be envious of Zheng Xue, but now he didn’t care much about it.

Zheng Xue obediently followed behind him, and her round, almond-shaped eyes revealed a mix of joy and admiration where Tang Zhou couldn’t see.

Tang Zhou stood by the bedside, looking down at the sleeping Zheng Qiuyi.

This woman in her forties had taken good care of herself, showing no wrinkles on her face. Her head was wrapped in a layer of gauze, and her complexion was somewhat pale.

As a child, he couldn’t understand why his gentle and beautiful mother was so cold towards him.

As he grew up, he understood her situation but still felt somewhat unresigned.

Zheng Qiuyi never cared about any aspect of his life, except for the Tang family’s inheritance.

It seemed that in her eyes, since she had gone through so much pain to give birth to this ‘tool’, this ‘tool’ had to fulfill his purpose; otherwise, it would not justify her years of endurance.

This time, the argument with Tang Zhen was likely due to the old man’s intention to accept Tang Tianyang.

Perhaps because he didn’t sleep well last night, Tang Zhou’s eyes suddenly felt sore, and his voice was hoarse, “Take good care of her. I’m going back first.”

He turned and left the hospital room but then hesitated.

“In the future, don’t bother informing me about such matters.”

His thin figure disappeared from the room, and Zheng Xue was left stunned, her eyes turning red. She subconsciously looked at the person on the bed and saw that Zheng Qiuyi had already opened her eyes.

“Mom, you’re awake.” She hurried over, asking, “Are you still in pain? I’ll call the doctor.”

“No need.” Zheng Qiuyi stopped her, her gaze falling on the corridor outside the door.

Tang Zhou left the hospital with a gloomy face, his pace quickening, and a burning rage inside him that seemed to make his internal organs boil.

Ever since waking up from the dream, he had been suppressing all his anger, resentment, and anxiety, burying them deep within his heart.

He always thought he was rational, but damn it, could rationality feed him?

Zheng Qiuyi, lying on the hospital bed, seemed like a matchstick that instantly ignited all the emotions in his heart, causing them to swell and clamor to break free from his chest.

He hailed a taxi and dialed a number, suppressing his voice and asking, “Is Tang Zhen at the company?”

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