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Chapter 15.2

[Fu Shen]: Was the snack stall open last night?

He was worried that the snack stall might not be open on weekends, so he asked specifically.

[Liang Cheng]: It was open, why?

[Fu Shen]: Nothing. How are those two doing with hiding their smelly socks?

Just as the message was sent, a voice came, “Have you seen the new news story?”

Fu Shen stopped walking, “Hmm?”

Tang Zhou had just looked back and seen Fu Shen lowering his head to send messages, even showing an unconscious smile that looked like he was in love. He couldn’t help but interrupt him.

He knew that Fu Shen hadn’t been in a relationship since becoming the boss, but he didn’t know if he had been in one before that.

“A girl was playing with her phone while walking and got her leg stuck in a drain.”

Fu Shen: “…..My legs aren’t that thin.”

Tang Zhou subconsciously glanced at his legs which were long, straight and had smooth lines. The loose pants made them look quite slender.

It was mainly because the shape of his legs was attractive, with well proportioned bones and flesh.

Tang Zhou turned around, “Don’t play with your phone while walking.”

Smiling, Fu Shen put his phone in his pocket.

“En, I won’t play with it anymore.”

Thinking about the feeling of helping Tang Zhou with his numb legs, Fu Shen’s gaze couldn’t help but fall on Tang Zhou’s legs, which were much thinner than his own.

Fu Shen’s dorm was on the fifth floor, and both of them were physically fit, so climbing five floors was a piece of cake.

This was Tang Zhou’s first time visiting someone else’s dorm, especially a freshman’s. He found it somewhat novel.

The dormitory door was wide open.

“Tang Shen!” A boy wearing a Pikachu sweatshirt stood at the door, welcoming excitedly, “Welcome, welcome!”

Tang Zhou: “…..”

He had never met someone so enthusiastic.

The obvious cluelessness on Tang Zhou’s face made Fu Shen’s eyes brim with laughter. Holding Tang Zhou’s delicate wrist, he whispered, “Let’s go in.”

Tang Zhou stepped into the male dormitory and looked around. It was cleaner and tidier than he had imagined.

The door closed behind them, isolating them from the empty hallway, leaving only the narrow and lively space in front of them.

There were upper beds and lower desks, with four simple chairs arranged around them. On each desk, was a laptop.

The chubby boy emerged from the bathroom with a stainless steel food container filled with freshly washed grapes. He brought it over eagerly and handed it to Tang Zhou, “Tang Shen, have some grapes!”

Tang Zhou: “….”

Under Li Fengyu’s expectant gaze, he took one and said gently, “Thank you.”

Noticing Tang Zhou’s discomfort, Fu Shen took the grapes from Li Fengyu and casually placed them on the table. He asked the three, “Have you had dinner yet?”

“No.” Liang Cheng suggested, “How about we wait for the night market to open and go together?”

“Sounds great! Tang Shen, let’s have barbecue together later!” Pi Xiu chimed in immediately.

Li Fengyu nodded, “It’s been a long time since we had barbecue. Let’s get some beer too.”

Fu Shen had no objection, so all four of them looked at Tang Zhou.

Because of his status, Tang Zhou had never eaten barbecue or drunk alcohol at a street stall before. However seeing that they were excited, he was influenced by the atmosphere and couldn’t help but feel a little excited, “Okay, let’s have barbecue together.”

Pi Xiu clapped his hands, “I’ll buy some cans of beer later.”

Fu Shen shook his head, “Buy less. Senior Tang’s driving, so he won’t drink.”

Thinking of Tang Zhou’s alcohol tolerance, Fu Shen wouldn’t dare let him drink again, otherwise Tang Shen’s reputation would be ruined by alcohol.

Tang Zhou also remembered his embarrassing state after getting drunk and smiled, “En, I won’t drink.”

No one insisted.

Since it was still early before the night market opened, Liang Cheng suggested, “Why don’t we all discuss the project together?”

Everyone looked at Tang Zhou again.

Tang Zhou said seriously, “I have discussed this with Fu Shen before. Let him explain.”

To be honest, the development of Deep Blue Future was greatly attributed to Fu Shen’s efforts. Tang Zhou knew his limitations– he didn’t understand games or the player market, so there was no need for him to get involved in these matters.

Fu Shen didn’t refuse and spoke eloquently. The game project had been conceived in his mind for several years and his ideas for the project were quite mature, so he could discuss it without hesitation.

Tang Zhou couldn’t fully understand some professional aspects of the game structure, but Fu Shen and the others would patiently explain to him, although the explanations didn’t have much significant effect.

Nevertheless, he found it interesting.

From childhood to adulthood, his grandfather had always taught him not to indulge in playthings. He was never given toys to play with, let alone online games.

Without exposure to them, he had never developed an interest. Now that he had been exposed, he was actually curious to try.

“Are games really that fun?” He asked.

Seeing his interest in the game, Pi Xiu immediately became enthusiastic, “Tang Shen, you’ll know once you try it. Whether it’s fun or not depends on the person. Why don’t you give it a try?”

As he spoke, he opened the laptop and entered the game client.

Tang Zhou caught sight of the words ‘Chivalrous Fate’

Pi Xiu talked nonstop, introducing the game to him and even controlling his own character to slay monsters, level up, and complete quests.

This was a virtual world, free from the interference of the real world. It was indeed a good place to relax and unwind.

Tang Zhou became more and more interested, even attempting to control the game character himself, performing various actions.

Li Fengyu also joined in the fun and the three of them played together happily.

Fu Shen’s chair was occupied by Tang Zhou, so he leaned against the wardrobe, his gaze falling on Tang Zhou’s profile.

His skin was very fair and his eyes sparkled.

Very handsome.

Liang Cheng walked over and patted Fu Shen on the shoulder, “Let’s go out and talk?”

Fu Shen followed him out into the hallway.

“What’s the matter?”

Liang Cheng asked with a serious expression, “Brother Shen, I’ve been wanting to ask, are the pictures on the forum real?”

“What pictures?”

Liang Cheng cleared his throat, “The ones with you and Senior Tang.”

Fu Shen was slightly stunned, “What are you trying to say?”

“We’re worried that you might be….. with him for the sake of the company shares…..”

Fu Shen: “….You’re overthinking it.”

Regardless of whether he was willing or not, Tang Zhou would never use money to deal with such matters. At most, he would let Fu Shen act as a shield.

Thinking of the word ‘shield’, Fu Shen felt a strange sense of suffocation in his heart.

Shaking off the messy emotions, he said seriously, “I’m just his personal assistant. Clear out the nonsense in your heads.”

Liang Cheng breathed a sigh of relief, not asking why they were holding hands in the picture. Since Fu Shen had already denied it, there was no need for him to say more.

“Okay, I’ll make sure they clear it up.”

Fu Shen knew they were concerned about him, so he didn’t dwell on the topic any longer. Hearing the passionate battle sounds coming from inside, he said, “The night market should be open soon. Let’s all go together.”

Otherwise, someone would be ‘led astray’.

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