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Chapter 4.3

Tempted by the fragrance and having not eaten much all day, Tang Zhou’s cravings couldn’t be contained any longer. He took the bowl and took a bite.

The sweet and fragrant taste went straight to Tang Zhou’s heart, warm and sweet, accompanied by a soft and glutinous texture, giving him an overwhelming sense of happiness. He couldn’t help himself and silently ate several in a row. As his hunger gradually subsided, he reluctantly stopped, taking a sip of the soup to moisten his throat.

The pale pink of the young man’s lips was coated with a layer of sparkling soup. With each bite, his thin cheeks were filled with rice balls, puffing out into a big bulge. It completely diluted his usual cold demeanor, and from Fu Shen’s perspective, it even seemed a bit adorable.

A smile flickered in the corner of Fu Shen’s eyes. Seeing that Tang Zhou did not continue eating, he tactfully said, “I’ll head back to school now.” He got out of the car and left swiftly.

With no one else around, Tang Zhou let himself go, finishing the entire bowl of rice balls with a sigh.

They really were delicious.

He could only pursue spiritual growth after he was full and satisfied. Thinking of the enraged grandfather he would have to face later, Tang Zhou squinted his eyes, his fighting spirit surging. He had no interest in the corrupt Tang family’s internal affairs, and if his grandfather decided to keep him away from the center of power within the Tang family because of this, he would be more than happy to oblige.

Whoever wanted to deal with those messy affairs could have them.

Driving to the Tang family mansion, the butler, Uncle Fang was already waiting at the entrance. He personally opened the car door for Tang Zhou and earnestly warned, “Young Master, the Chairman is very angry. Be careful.”

Tang Zhou nodded lightly, changed his shoes in the foyer, and headed to the study.

After making his fortune, the old man became attached to elegance. The study was filled with various precious ornaments and calligraphy and paintings. The scent of ink was sparse, but the smell of money was quite strong.

As soon as Tang Zhou entered the room, he was met with the old man’s roar, “You little brat, you’ve grown too bold! You dare to fool around with a man in that kind of situation! If you’re not afraid of losing face I am!”

The old man, who was nearly seventy sat on a cushioned mahogany chair, glaring at Tang Zhou with wide eyes, his face filled with the expression of ‘hating iron for not becoming steel’.

With a calm expression, Tang Zhou let the old man rant and rave for a while before finally speaking, “I don’t want to get married.”

He was the product of a failed marriage and had no interest in marriage at all. It would be better not to get married in the first place than to suffer separately after marriage.

The old man Tang regained his composure, his sharp gaze bore into Tang Zhou, and his tone left no room for doubt, “I don’t care if you like men or women, you must get married.”


These three words were something Tang Zhou had longed to ask even in his dream. He wanted to know why, no matter how much effort he put in, the old man only cared about those empty reputations.

Could those intangible things really be more important than the bond they had built over so many years?

Tang Zhihua sighed slightly, “Ah Zhou, you are the heir to the Tang family. It is your undeniable responsibility.”

Tang Zhou looked up, locking eyes with him for a few seconds, and nonchalantly replied, “What if I just don’t get married?”

Tang Zhihua frowned, “Ah Zhou, don’t throw a tantrum.”

“I’m not.”

Tang Zhihua obviously didn’t want to continue the conversation, “I’m tired. Let’s end it here for today. Remember to go to the Du family tomorrow to apologize.”

Tang Zhou walked out of the study, his eyes full of indifference.

Du Ruoyu had already been involved with Tang Tianyang, and they had concealed their relationship. It was impossible for him to apologize.

He had just left the mansion when he received a message.

[Fu Shen]: Tomorrow night at 6 pm, Juxiang Pavilion. Are you free?

Tang Zhou’s lips curled slightly, and he quickly replied: Sure.

Finally, something that wasn’t a mood killer.

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